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Jul 25, 2004
Earth Dome
History of Nessos (originaly written by Erez)

The Foundation of Nessos
The foundation of Nessos in Latia is a great mystery and myth. The myth tells of a young men who came to live at this high hill. One day a Oracle told him his first son will kill him and take over the small farm and create the most magnifisant city the world have ever saw. The Farmer, called Dasius, was afraid and when his wife gave life to his first son, Galeion, he took the son and left him in the great northern forests for the Arkadians to kill or the animals to eat. The baby somhow survived for 2 days alone when a Farmer from the city of Pila came to the area for hunting. He saved the baby from wolves that wanted to kill him. That farmer is known as Arezius.
Galeion grew up to be a strong young man, a wariar, and when he was 16 his father told him his past. Galeion begun searching for his lost home and when he found the high hill a magnifisant villa stood on it with many farms and animals around. Just North to the villa a whole village was alive. Galeion went to the villa to meet with the people who lived there. When his mother saw him, and saw how much he looked like Dasius she took him and talled him his past. Angered at his father he broke into the house and slaughtered his own father with his hands. Amazingly the Oracle was just 2 days befor and said the son is still alive and warned Dasius but Dasius didn't listened and Galeion fulfilled the Oracle words.
Galeion moved into his father house as his mother allowed him. His father in Pila died a year later and his step brothers refused to acknowledge him as the biggest brother and he got nothing. So with his mother death he took over Nessos villa and decleared to the small village he will help push away the Arkadians and build a real city to challange even the Great Harbor city of Pila! Since then the war against the Arkadians begun, and until today 194 years later the war still rage.

Nessos expansion, A great city is built
In 112 AB (After Birth-of Galeion) thousands of new people came to live in Nessos under Galeion grand grand son Satilin. They escaped Pila that was raded by new barbarians who came from the sea called 'Mugdul'. Those barbarians came, as it seemed, only to plunder and destory. Satilin took the oppertunity and waged war against Pila as well. He conquered much of the 'Fo' river lands Pila controlled but than he met with a Mugdul army. He was defeated and Pila and Nessos had to sign an alliance to defeat the Mugdul. In the North the Arkadians did not wasted time and attacked Nessos as well stopping only at it's walls. After 10 years of small skirmishes the united Pila and Nessos armies defeated the Mugduls and pushed them away from their lands. Than the united army attacked the Arkadians conquering many lands to the north. Than the war ended when the Mugduls decleared they will not raid anymore and Pila left the war. Nessos and the Arkadians will continue to fight forever.

The end of the Monarchy, Beginning of the Republic
In 187 AB the last king of Galeion dynesty ruled. When he died he had no sons or doughters. And so the city people decided none of them could take the place of a king from the house of Galeion and so they copied the idea from Pila and installed a republic. The senate ruled supreme and the great families of Nessos begun to grow further and gain power... Now Nessos stands in it's final test. Will it continue to prossper under this Republic, and will the great families of Nessos fight each other or work toghter for the best of Nessos? Only time will tell.

Introduction and Game Mechanics
The game is set in the ancient world in a period when city states become something bigger than they ever were. The world is unknown to us and is waiting to be discovered. This NES is going to be something different from the other games. In this game all players are living in one state which they are supposed to take to the glory and might of Rome. In fact the city itself is very much like the Ancient Rome and you, players, are leaders of noble families that collect in the Senate buildings destined to guide the Republic of NESSOS through some time in its long life. Now Nessos is open to a new life that you shall forge for it. If it should consume all neighbouring city-states or fall into anarchy due to family-wars is an answer I will leave to you.

You family is your primary tool and your last line of defence. In this game you are a leader of a family of patricians in your city (Nessos). Your family recognises you as the unquestioned ruler and entrusted you the task of representing her in the country’s senate. Apart from you there are many members in your family and each member is not sitting idly but is doing his or her duty. Some serve in army, some collect crops, some manufacture goods. Your family controls some of the share of overall production in the city and that is represented in the city stats. You as a leader can control general actions of your family and control the state as a public figure.

Example of a family record:

Name of Family/Player: Fabius /Gelion
Men: 437
Gold: 12400
Wealth: 2400 luxuries, 300 weaponry
Other: golden banner awarded, 300 clients

Name of Family/player – easy. Make up your family name and join
Men – male members of your family that can work and fight
Gold - amount of money you have in coins
Wealth - goods that a family possesses (measured in gold equivalent)
Other - there could be family awards by the state or number of people loyal and fed by the family. This parameter is reserved for anything that might be worth recording.

A family could have clients (dependant people from plebs). Those could also play a role in game. As a family leader you can give orders to your family and be in charge of the total wealth of the family. You could spend it all to care for wounded soldiers and win popularity, but your family will be ruined. In your orders you could say what area of production would you like expanded or would you like to see more children (grow population). These orders are not different than in other NESes.

Interestingly if you get killed as a leader you can revive this same turn as some other member of your family who took over leadership.

Orders – should consist of 2 parts: family orders and state orders if you occupy a government post and can issue orders.

Timeline – each update is two years.

The Government and Other Positions of Power
The Government

The government is made up of 3 branches: executive, legislative and juridical. Legislative is made up of the Senate (for now only the senate). Juridical is represented by 2 judges and executive by the consuls or a dictator. Their functions may change during gameplay so below are only initial explanations.

The Senate
The senate is made up of all heads of families. It is nominally the representative of the people of Nessos. Its main function is to pass legislation and to represent Nessos with foreign ambassadors. The Senators can agree or disagree with the decisions of the consuls, but the consuls are the heads of state, even though the Senate is representing the people. The Senate can pass laws and withdraw already passed laws. Laws pass with 60% majority and can be withdrawn with 80% majority. Any senator can propose a law, but please be sensible. Some talking before the law is put forward is appreciated. This also means that you can persuade the senators to agree to accept the law before it was out up to save the Senates time. But only official voting counts. The senate has a right to propose to elect a “dictator” if the situation calls for it. The consuls must obey and choose a dictator from one of the players. He can rule for 1/2 term period. No player can be excluded from the senate unless the family and the player “move” to another state.

Consuls and Dictators
These are the executive branch of the government. The consuls are nominated and elected by the Senate for a 4 year period. A dictator can be elected for a year period if the need arises (i.e. if the consuls ran the country into disaster). All 3 have the power of Kings, but are limited by common sense and the fact that they can be accountable once they finish their terms. Neither of them can be taken to court while they are in power. PCs playing any of them should give orders to the whole state as they would for a family. Consuls are expected to cooperate with each other and present one set of orders for their term (i.e. 2 people present 1 list of orders for the state). The main function of all 3 is to lead armies in times of war. Thus they have to be good generals and write good battle plans. They also have to deal with internal problems should the need arise and obviously govern Nessos. Consuls for now are elected by a simple majority.

Judges and the juridical system
There are two judges in game. Both are elected for a 6 year (6 turns) period so choose wisely. For simplicity’s sake there are no defenders or accusers – the players would have to do the job for those two. Any player can take any other player to court for any action save when the defender is a consul or a dictator. The accuser must say what he’s accusing the other player of and present the evidence. After he was accused, the defender can choose 1 judge out of 2 and say he will be handling the case. The judge must take all facts into account and make a verdict with accordance to facts and his conscience. If the accuser was found to be wrong he pays a huge fine. One player must loose in such a battle, keep this in mind. Also any player can say (save for the judge) “this person (PC) can take my place in court”. This means that the first player gave the second player a possibility to defend or attack in the name of the first player’s family in court. This was done to eliminate the need for 2 more governmental posts (there are too many), but still enable people to defend/attack someone else if they want to. Judges are elected in the same way as consuls.

Religion and The Priest
Nessos is a religious state. And one person must perform religious duties. In game this position was added to represent the influence of religion in ancient states. The priest’s main function is to explain the “will of the Gods” to the people on current events. His say is very important in crucial times and declarations of big wars. Not to make this job wanted a lot, the Priest is the only Player who has to write a small story per every update. The power of the priest is not limited by anyone (i.e. there are no checks to what he does) so these small stories represent the ceremonies he has to perform every year. The priest is elected by the senate for life.

City and City Stats
Our state is a city-state with all resources concentrated in one place, at least at the beginning. All the resources that the government possesses are in Nessos itself. In theory later some other cities might help us, but even then everything should be concentrated in the capital. Other than this all cities have the same stats and functions. Non-Nessos or NPCs states (and tribes) are organised in the same way as PC-nation.

City-state Example:
Name: Nola
Population: 34500 Nolans
Treasury: 234000 gold, 4000 worth of military goods
Peasantry: 1200 annual income/ 93% city, 5% Nessos city, 2% Crassius family
Winemaking: 1200 annual income/ 50% city, 25% Cornius Family, 25% Crassius family
Military Production: etc
Trade Income: 3400 coins (not a production, but still Industry)
Garrison: 2300 noble horsemen, 6700 legionnaires/ 25 triremes 300 seamen
Other Possessions: 2300 slaves? 20 trade ships

Population – city population able to fight (men), excluding the family members. This stat also contains nationality of inhabitants.

Treasury – amount of coins in city treasury. This stat can also contain other goods in city.
Garrison and various industries are explained below:

Production and Industries:
Here’s the new bit. It’s easier to invent than explain. Technically a city produces lots of things: war goods, food, wood, ships etc. All those goods will be very difficult to have in game and manage properly. Instead we introduce the money equivalent. For example Nessos could produce 25000 –wroth of food (in coins). With me? Ok so now we can use this in barter like change 20000 worth of foods for the same worth of military weaponry. (I of course assume that the relative prices are always the same). This way we can exchange goods without actually having a stat for each and every needed good. Now. Who produces all this? Of course it the city. But with time influential families might buy (own) some of production. Some buy land and therefore buy “peasant business”. These are represented in %, like shares in a company. For example Crassius family could buy 3% of the city’s farms and get the revenue from it each turn (3% of the total “farms” or “peasant business”). Of course buying it would be very expensive. Of course production can decrease and increase depending if you pour money to its development or not. Wars and economic booms also could affect production.
% of production merely means that X% are working for a specific owner. For example: 45% city, 13% Crassuis family, 12% Nessos City 30% Tarion family means that 45% of people are working for the city, 13% for one family, 12 for Nessos city (i.e. “shares” of one city owned by another city) and so on.
Again there is a great number of different industries that provide different goods: Peasantry and farming, mines, military production, smiting, pottery, construction, commodity warehouses, winery, shipbuilding, cattle-raising and many other. Some cities would not have all “industries” as only prominent industries are shown in stats. Except for shipbuilding cities would not give actual production; everything will be measured in coin equivalent. All coins go to their respective owners. I hope you are still with me. I’ve decided that industries consist of “annual income” and “owner’s %”. If you want to increase the income pour money and people into it.

Cities can own part of other cities production too. Slaves can be owned by cities or private families and add to the production in a city. Trade is also a source of income. It varies with time, does not depend on anything, but trade agreements or numbers of trade ships.

City Orders –
City can be managed the same way as a country. Mind that if you take people away from one part of city industry and put them into the other, the first industry will shrink. It is generally better to put newcomers or newborn to the new industries. You could order increasing some of the industries for the budget or order people to live happily. The only rule that must be followed 100 citizens can survive on 1 gold worth of food per turn . Do not lower the peasantry below the needed level.

This NES is about people. Everything is made up of them. Ships have seamen; ballistas have men who serve them. This should not be forgotten and used in game. So when building triremes remember that they need man also.

Army and Fleet
Both require equipment and people. Ships can be built as well as weapons but they can also be bought in times of war. Once you get the weapons and armour you can recruit people into the army. A price list is available below the rules so that players Army does not require food in this NES, but they like to plunder cities (reward for service). Men are requited into the army from city population.

Fleet Example
Fleet Name: Crassius Fleet
Ships: 143 Triremes
Seamen: 3501 seamen/ 150 sea legionnaires
Cargo: 3000 troopers, 12000 coins

Army Example
Army Name: Crassius Army/1st Consul Army
Men: 400 heavy troopers, 300 light, 300 cavalry (all Romans)
Commander(s): Crassius
Army storage: 3000 worth of luxuries 2400 Latin Slaves

Former camps and armies could appear on the main map. As well as fleets. Commanders (be they consuls or dictators) issue orders for the whole army just like in other NESes. The mod can provide initial environment and enemy power for the commanders to decide on the orders so that they know who they are fighting. Tactical battle maps will be sometimes included too.

NOTES before we start:
This NES is largely an experiment and I do not know how it will work. Let us hope Nessos will live. Before you join I ask you to confirm two things to yourself and me. By joining you mean that you “shall not do unrealistic stuff that you would not do if you weren’t playing a game, but living it”. Or more or less that. And secondly but more importantly “by joining I am making a serious commitment to the city of Nessos its life and other families”. Please do not join just to reserve a comfortable spot – there’ll be places for everyone. I want serious commitment from all players that join and honestly I hope there will be around 10-15 of you :). If I can handle more I will invite more people. Now, thank you for reading it and let’s start!
Nessos, Turn 1
Spoiler NB :
The map is big and yet there are few cities. Nessians will discover more lands, nations and towns once we get everything going. Maybe even uncover the birthplace of treacherous Mugduls.

Here's the full-scale map:
Biggus Dicchus/ Dicchus Family/ BananaLee
Men: 190
Gold: 140
Wealth: 40 Gold Worth of luxury goods
Other: holds large winemaking industries and some parts of hotel and blacksmithing business, this family does not come from Nessos originally, but however is very integrated in daily life of the community

Darion Darius/ Darius / Naziassbandit
Men: 310
Gold: 80
Wealth: 20 Gold worth of luxuries
Other: holds a few shares in the salt mines business as well as a few farms, tries to make the ends meet in trade. Shady reputation acquired not long ago can be a plus or a minus depending on what course they take.

Caius Antonius / Familia Antonia /Grandmaster
Men: 280
Gold: 70
Wealth: 30 Gold worth of Military Goods
Other: a small part of the lands once given to their ancestors still exists, however the family has proven time and again to be true soldiers of Nessos

Ergotimos Family / Texas Toast
Men: 40
Gold: 140
Wealth: 20 Gold worth of Luxuries
Other: holds the only legalised gambling institution which is frowned upon by the community, nevertheless the family is quite popular and known among the aristocracy and the plebs. Also owns a small farm.

Lucius Junius Brutus/ House Brutii /Kal’thzar
Men: 320
Gold: 130
Other: the family in general has interest in architecture and building as well as a few farms on the outskirts of Nessos. The still remembered “night of the knives” is yet to be digested by most of the community

Pyronicus Vo / The Family of Vo/ blackheart
Men: 280
Gold: 110
Wealth: none yet apart from businesses
Other: the family members are recognized by their darker (brown) skin and tattoos and have a lot of invested interest in trade whatever form it takes

Marcus Tullius Catiline/ Catilii/ Dachspmg
Men: 280
Gold: 100
Wealth: none yet apart from businesses
Other: The Catilii family members are in the law enforcement, dabble in trading in olive oil, architecture, and guarding shipments.

Marius Ytterbaen /House Ytterbaenii /North King
Men: 390
Gold: 70
Wealth: 20 Gold worth of Luxuries and 40 Gold worth of Military Goods
Other: a true militaristic family who believes in the power of a sword and is able to field a great number of men

Feraurius Neomannis/ Neomannis / Fe3333au
Men: 250
Gold: 160
Wealth: none yet apart from businesses
Other: The Neomannis family is strongly cultured skilled in arts that cannot be learned on the streets and are proficient in many of them. Architecture remains their primary source of income however Neomannis can take up any skilled jobs with few prior training.

Lucius Letius Nero / The Nero Family/ Stormbringer
Men: 210
Gold: 180
Wealth: Luxuries worth 40 Gold and a huge library with all sorts of sacred texts
Other: A very old and traditional family living on a grand villa outside Nessos who tend to stay secluded and isolated from most other families. Its main sources of income are nearby farms and donations from the believers. Some say that it is not enough to cover their expenses.

Constantinus Fortii/Fortii/Contempt
Men: 220
Gold: 100
Wealth: 50 Gold worth of Luxuries
Other: a family of warriors who’s main income lies in hard won lands

Nicholaous Paelogeous /Paeologii Family/ Insane Panda
Men: 340
Gold: 210
Wealth: 50 Gold worth Luxuries
Other: one of the oldest and most respected families in Nessos, Paeologii enjoy great respect among the public. Their wealth comes for huge family estates.

Alexis Commenus/ Commenus Family/ alex994
Men: 180
Gold: 180
Wealth: sword of the last of Gaelions dynasty
Other: a family with plebeian background that was picked up from the lower class by the ancient kings for the unbelievable: “non military service to the nation that helped win the war”. Currently the family controls part of Nessos Iron ore mines as well as some farms in the countryside and minor businesses.

Antonius Nicasius /House of Nicasius /Azale
Men: 290
Gold: 90
Other: a House consisting of Nicasius family members and close friends united by their professional interests. House Nicasius offers some of the best lawyers not only in town, but in known lands. Apart from its main business it also owns a few farms that provide for the living.

Julius Conaesus/ The House of Conaesus/ Conhead
Men: 280
Gold: 110
Wealth: 20 luxuries
Other: one of the oldest in Nessos House Conaesus profits from its farms and winemaking business. However it looks forward to expanding in other areas including new forms of business.

William Aeb Culaz/ Family Culaz /human-slaughter
Men: 180
Gold: 90
Other: Most of their wealth comes from agriculture. Military service plays an important role in their life.
Name: Republic of Nessos
Population: 43,300
Treasury: 1200 Gold
Agriculture: 610 Gold per turn/ 74% Nessos, 1% Darius Family, 2% Familia Antonia, 1% Ergotimos Family, 2% House Brutii, 2% House Ytterbaenii, 3% Nero Family, 4% Fortii Family, 6% Paeologii Family, 1% Commenus Family, 1% House of Nicasius,1% The House of Conaesus, 2% Family Culaz
Iron Mines: 30 Gold/ 20% Commenus Family
Legalized Gambling: 10 Gold/ 40% Ergotimos Family
Salt mines: 15 Gold/ 40%Darius Family
Blacksmithing: 40 Gold/ 5 Dicchus Family
Wine making: 60 Gold/ 20% Dicchus Family, 15% The House of Conaesus
Architecture(building): 40 Gold/ 20% House Brutii, 10% Catilii Family, 20% Neomannis Family
Financing (lawyers, banking, etc): 15 Gold 10% House of Nicasius, 5% The House of Conaesus
Believers Donations: 10 Gold/ 100% Nero Family
Military Forges: 50 Gold per turn/ 100% Nessos
More industries to be added later.
Trade Income: 70 Gold, 2% Darius Family, 8% Family of Vo, 5% Catilii Family
Garrison: Nessos 1st Consular Army
Other Possessions: none so far….

Other Cities (NPCs)

Name: Republic of Pila
Population: 35,400
Treasury: 3400 Gold
Agriculture: 430 Gold per turn/ 100% Pila
Military Forges: 120 Gold per turn/ 100% Pila
Shipyard: 20 ships per year on average 100% Pila
Trade Income: 150 Gold
Garrison: Pilan First Army
Other Possessions: none so far….

Name: City State of Ida
Population: 25,600
Treasury: 1800 Gold
Agriculture: 370 Gold per turn/ 100% Ida
Military Forges: 80 Gold per turn/ 100% Ida
Trade Income: 80 Gold
Garrison: Ida White Army
Other Possessions: none so far….

Name: Tyranny of Esos
Population: 56,700
Treasury: 4800 Gold
Agriculture: 670 Gold per turn/ 100% Esos
Military Forges: 260 Gold per turn/ 100% Esos
Trade Income: 160 Gold
Garrison: Esos Army I
Other Possessions: none so far….

Name: Republic of Arza
Population: 46,000
Agriculture: 500 Gold per turn/ 100% Arza
Military Forges: 180 Gold per turn/ 100% Arza
Trade Income: 60 Gold
Garrison: Arzian Army
Other Possessions: none so far….

Name: Jasonites Olygarchy
Population: 33,900
Treasury: 1100 Gold
Agriculture: 460 Gold per turn/ 100% Jasonites
Military Forges: 110 Gold per turn/ 100% Jasonites
Trade Income: 90 Gold
Garrison: Jasonites Army I
Other Possessions: none so far….

Name: Siran
Population: 42,000
Treasury: 1800 Gold
Agriculture: 450 Gold per turn/ 100% Siran
Military Forges: 90 Gold per turn/ 100% Siran
Trade Income: 60 Gold
Garrison: Siranian Army
Other Possessions: none so far….

Tribes (NPCs)

Name: Arkadians
Population: 56,000
Treasury: 1800 Gold
Military: 4,000 light infantry, 400 cavalry, 3,000 swordsmen
Other Notes: none so far….

Name: Musonians
Population: 32,000
Treasury: 1200 Gold
Military: 2500 swordsmen, 300 noble cavalry
Other Notes: none so far….

Name: Azalites
Population: 34,900
Treasury: 300 Gold
Military: 5,000 cavalry, 400 light infantry
Other Notes: none so far….

Name: Amonites
Population: 44,000
Treasury: 1900 Gold
Military: 3,400 swordsmen, 2,100 auxiliary troops, 300 cavalry, 1 very tough general
Other Notes: none so far….

Name: Silverings
Population: 22,400
Treasury: 700 Gold
Military: 1,800 light infantry, 200 cavalry, 1,600 swordsmen
Other Notes: none so far….

Name: Storments
Population: 80,600
Treasury: 1900 Gold
Military: 3,500 pike men, 2,000 swordsmen
Other Notes: none so far….

Nessos Consular Army (I)
Location: Inside Nessos
Soldiers: 1200 light infantry, 1200 auxiliary infantry, 1200 heavy infantry, 400 cavalry
Commander: Consuls
Army storage: None

NPC armies

Pilan First Army
Location: Inside Pila
Soldiers: 800 light infantry, 700 auxiliary infantry, 400 heavy infantry, 200 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None

Ida White Army
Location: Inside Ida
Soldiers: 1200 light infantry, 1200 auxiliary infantry, 1200 heavy infantry, 400 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None

Arzian Army
Location: Inside Arza
Soldiers: 1000 light infantry, 1000 auxiliary infantry, 600 heavy infantry, 300 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None

Jasonites Army I
Location: Inside Jasonites
Soldiers: 1800 light infantry, 1800 auxiliary infantry, 1200 heavy infantry, 600 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None

Siranian Army
Location: Inside Siran
Soldiers: 800 light infantry, 1000 auxiliary infantry, 800 heavy infantry, 1000 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None

Esos Army I
Location: Inside Esos
Soldiers: 2000 light infantry, 1500 auxiliary infantry, 1000 heavy infantry, 600 cavalry
Commander: Local Commander
Army storage: None


Pila 1st Fleet
Location: In Pila ports
Ships: 30 battle triremes
Men: 1000 sea crew, 300 auxiliary infantry
Cargo: None

Ida Fleet
Location: In Ida ports
Ships: 20 battle triremes
Men: 800 sea crew, 200 auxiliary infantry
Cargo: None
Who holds which positions currently and where are the updates.

not authorized by the senate
Nicholaous Paelogeous (Insane Panda): turns 1-4
Marius Ytterbaen (North King): turns 1-4
Pyronicus Vo (blackheart): turns 1-6
Alexis Commenus (alex994): turns 1-6
Lucius Letius Nero (Stormbringer): untill death of hero.

The Senate
The senate is made up of all heads of families. Senate could speak with foreign ambassadors for the whole of Nessos. Senate can pass legislations that pass with 60% majority. Legislations are not limited in any way and could challenge the very foundations of the state. They get withdrawn with 80% majority. No senator can be excluded from the senate. If things go bad in a state due to bad governance by consuls the Senate has a right to select a dictator for 1 turn period.

The senate has a right to propose to elect a “dictator” if the situation calls for it. The consuls must obey and choose a dictator from one of the players. He can rule for 1/2 term period. No player can be excluded from the senate unless the family and the player “move” to another state.

Consuls are elected from heads of families for a 4 year (4 turns) period. They are in change of running the state for that time with their main task to lead armies in times of war. 2 candidates must be proposed by the senate to the people. Consuls make speeches before the crowd that accepts or declines the nominees. New nominees must be submitted in case of rejection. This system however is subject to a change. If the senate feels that the state is in great danger it might declare consuls without power and elect a dictator.

A dictator is selected by the senate if they feel that the state is in great danger. He will be an unquestionable ruler of the Republic for the period of a term. Once that turn is over he must hand its authority to the governing consuls.

Two judge are elected for a 6 (6 turns) year period. Their job is to solve disputes between senators in court. Judges themselves cannot be brought to court and cannot be deposed from power. They are elected by a simple majority in the senate.

The Priest
The priest is elected for life ands is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the state asking Gods for their will on behalf of the whole city. He has to lead religious ceremonies every year. Once the priest dies another one is elected.
This price list is used by families and state rulers to estamate on how much goods (gold) it will take to equip men and ships. With the development of military more things can be added to this list so keep an eye on it.

Price List

1 trade ship (trireme)/30 men - 10 Gold worth of Materials
1 battle trireme/40 men - 20 Gold worth of Materials

Military Equipment

100 light infantry – 10 Gold worth of Military Goods
100 auxiliary infantry – 15 Gold worth of Military Goods
100 heavy infantry – 25 Gold worth of Military Goods
100 cavalry – 40 Gold worth of Military Goods
YOU MAY NOW POST! Since its been four months since the preview thread I accept new reservations. The stats and the map shall appear once I have at least 5 families to start with. Let the NESing begin!
I want to join, and I will commit myself to empowering my family for the good of Nessos ;). What should sample stats look like (limits?), just asking because I want control of the ports.
I'll join, but I'm very confused on how to make a family. Should I just list my family name, and relative power scale and the Mod will make stats for me, or what?
Also want to join
Of course I want to join... :p I'm not sure if I'll still compete for background story, I'm investing a lot of time into the one for Jason's NES.
Also want to join, i want to be a Senator! (which everyone is so i'm satisfied)
Dachspmg wishes to join.
Gelion, here is your map so far. I will finish tomorrow.-


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