The Spanish Civil War v4 for ToT + ToTPP + Lua - Development Thread [ON HOLD]

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Ok I'm back, yesterday sent the book to the publisher. I'll take some days to rest and will resume work on the scenario in my free time :)
Not much freedom these days, validating layout, corrections, cover, etc. It's been a crazy month of March. I haven't touched Civ2 at all...

But hey, nothing is lost, I'll resume work once I become more free :)
Hi, I have resumed work on a very complex Lua module: effectiveAI.lua

This module will ensure an "intelligent" and challenging enough AI, able to proactively defend their cities with enough resources, as well as plan and arrange proper offensives. Let's see how it goes :)
Good to see you back working on this Pablo :thumbsup:
Can't get your amazing units to waste Gareth!

No, of course, the scenario is half done, too much effort has been put into this already so it must be finished at some point. It's only that I've been very busy with the book, work, etc. But I never thought of abandoning this. I really want to finish programming all the generic scenario mechanics and move on to the fun part: code the historical events.

So the game mechanics status is as follows:
  • Combat (including commander bonuses, special battle boosts, morale, retreat and capture of enemy units): done
  • Espionage (navy, embassy, city and commander): done
  • Foreign Reinforcements (freighters management): done
  • Effective AI: in progress
  • Weather: to do
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Glad to see this one back on track (says the guy who has fallen off a cliff himself for months lol).
Glad to see this one back on track (says the guy who has fallen off a cliff himself for months lol).
I'm very slow with this, the more I code the more complicated it becomes and more things I need to tweak and adjust :)
Hi Pablostuka,

For designers creating a scenario can be a lot of fun but it also requires a lot of time, patience and commitment.

When it begins to feel like work or a chore, it's always recommended you take the time off you need to refresh yourself.

Afterall, this remains a hobby whose primary purpose is to provide oneself's enjoyment and divertissement.

I, for one, are looking forward to the day when you are ready to share you creation with us!
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