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Apr 23, 2017
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@whoward69's Trade Opportunities mod modified for VP.
List of main changes:
- all resources (VP, other mods) are reordered (alphabethically) and grouped (by improvement required) with special new header indicating that group;
- totally new colours for every detail (with special "Colour Key" tab to know their meaning);
- added strategic resources; distinguished luxury from strategic resources by coloured name and background of whole window;
- resources outside VP have special column presenting the same info in compact form;
- added many additional info like monopolies, current deals, approaches, relations, agreements or cities demanding luxuries;
- improved city-state support (added current influence, allies now have coloured approach, no double resources shown in one tooltip, added unimproved resources);
- fonts, lines, spaces, aligning and other UI things were adjusted to fit the screen and look better;
- reworked "City-States" panel (more sorting; more columns; more colours; more info; more buttons; better tooltips);
- and many many more...

For anyone who makes mod that adds new civilization to VP and it has new luxury resource:
If you want your mod to be compatible with Trade Opportunities for VP then you have to add Help text for your new resource like it is done for VP resources or Coca in MUCfVP or various resources in Even More Resources for VP!
If anyone notice that the resource is not showing up in his/her list, then it is first thing to check. Please, notify any modmakers who should know that.

Download Trade Opportunities for VP (v22)
Github Repository (v22)


Spoiler Screenshots :

Main screen at the beginning of the game (no more spoilers):

City-State View screen:


Main screen in the middle of the game:

Player's tooltip and relationships:

Compatibility with resources outside VP:

City-States support:


Desired resources:

+ more screenshots at: post #55, #62, #74,
#114, #120, #124, #125 and #128
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According to the man himself, it is acceptable. Thanks again for your work and dedication, adan_eslavo.

As I keep being asked ... altering any of my mods to make them compatible with other mods (eg EUI) is permitted and counts as "creative additions" under my fair usage policy. You may freely publish and upload such changed mods (a credit for the original mod would be nice but not required)
Awesome, thanks. Didn't read that before.
If you have GR mod compatible with VP then no. It is raw Trade Opportunities with VP luxuries added. Global Relations have some additional info about relations. I personally use InfoAddict and Trade Opportunities. They work well together.
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Posted screen to show you where it is hidden and how mod looks like now.
New v28m3 out!
- futher window adjustments,
- moved Marble and Ivory to the left (new group: Special luxuries),
- moved Fur from Plantation group to Camp where it should be,
- added headers for each group.

You can see changes on new screenshot in main post.
@Phalanx BR Whoops, sorry mate. In polish we say Brazylia, so similar. I don't know why I misspelled it. I will correct that in next version. I did already some tweaks to the UI so it will be released anytime soon.
New v28m4 out! I would call it "Brazilian fix" (thx @Phalanx BR). Many additional UI tweaks and text corrections.
@jdude147 v28m5 with block statement and changed dependency from More Luxuries is out.
Super useful mod! Thanks a lot for porting it to VP!

Just one minor thing: do you think it could be possible to squeeze in strategic resources aswell? I often find myself lacking iron after upgrading my fleet and have to click through all civs and city states to see who has the most iron to offer, adding strategic resources to this UI would help a ton. What do you think?
It is doable of course. I thinkbof it two ways: scrappinjh gold income in window and stretch window to fit strategic resources, or add similar tab. Second option would require analyzing code deeply to cut unnecessary stuff etc. I dont think I will rush it but give me few weeks. I will try to create something.
You can also check top bar by hovering iron. It will show every nation and cs having such resource with quantity. Of course if you are using EUI. If its red then it is not improved. Green - it is. But it probably shows up when appropriate nation / cs reasearched tech for iron fe.
v28m6 available. Thanks to @ChickenFighter for the idea.
- added:
   - strategic resources to the table,
   - color key info tab,
   - orange color when active player has only 1 copy of resource available for trade.
- deleted:
   - action icons for active player (useless),
   - gold info in main tab (to make space for strategic resources).
- improved "City-states View" tab:
   - each line takes less space,
   - better alignment,
   - smaller font,
   - deleted old gold gift options.
- revised texts.
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I'm still working on improving TO mod even more. For now I made major changes to colour palette and calculation method. It was somewhat inaccurate and shown tradable resources even when there weren't such. Also added Monopolies info.

Do you have any more ideas? Please share them before I upload new version.

You can see comparison of old and new colours and numbers:

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Another few ideas added. Main: "No more spoilers at the beginning of the game". That is what you will see at game start now:

That means you will see only your own resources. When you meet player then you will "discover" new sources. No more spoiler that Indonesia is on the map because you can see Pepper on the list.

I'm still improving this feature, but now it is working like charm.
Anyone knows what text fields like TXT_REST_OF_TEXT are for Currend Deals (they arevisible in map view when you hover leader icon on the right, I posted that question on quick questions thread with no response) and the monopoly bonus for each resorce?
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