What is on your actual desktop?


Aug 11, 2001
It's snowing here, and I decided since I couldn't go to school today, I'd clean off my computer desk.
At the moment, I'm still clearing away all the wrappers and stuff, but when I'm done with that I'll come up with a list of all the stuff on my desk.

But what's on you actual, physical desk top?
Money box
Complete works of Shakespeare
Hair ties
Tin of boiled sweets
Electronic organiser
Large silver chain
Tons of stationary
Diary (unused)
About 25p in small change
Something that fell off my bed
Small cross
Compact with mirror and powder in it
Large silver bracelet
Couple of manuals for games
Course Work
Ear phones
A couple of old batteries
A broken blad from a Stanley knife
A copy of Mark's Gospel (Course Work)
- My Comp. Monitor
- A lamp
- GTA3 for Ps2
- 16 empty "foreign" (Asian or something) Redbull cans...
- 8 Pepsi cans (I really like Coca Cola more...)
(We're kinda buildinga a Tower with the cans)
- 5 Writeable 700Mb CD-R discs in a box...
- A Cardkey (Opens my apartment door...)
- A black Pilot ink Pen.
- 2 old issues of PC-Gamer (Swedish edition).
- A Notepad, with square on the pages (not rows, that is...)
- A Cordless Logitech Mouse.
- The reciever for the MOuse.
- A College Block.
- A plastic bag
- A blue ink pen.
- A scissor.
- A small dish.
- Some plastic from a candy bar (Winegums...).
- A drawing course booklet I use as a Mousepad...
- My Keyboard.

Pheew... That was more then I thought...
Originally posted by Sixchan

17 crisp bags (I'm NOT joking)

What is the heck is a crisp?!

Ok, on my desk is...

-Compaq monitor
-Cannon printer
-HP Scanner
-Ink cartridge holder
-Stack of Spanish vocab cards
-Various business cards I'm afraid to throw away because they're my dad's
-Video tape :groucho:
-Cartier candle
-Another candle
-Onyx bull from Mexico
-Pastel wooden egg :confused:
-Bath & Body Works Lip balm :p
-Cup containing various writing utensiles
-Book mark
-Biology book
-Biology book supplement- A Look at God's Design: Understanding Creationism
-Book- Czars
-Spiral notebook
-Broken clip board

On file cabinet next to desk...

-Far Side desk calendar
-CDs of various genres
-Bookends holding up CDs of various generes
-Dr. Pepper bottle with Texas flag in it :king:
-Coin bank
-An issue of National Geographic and a stack of PC Gamer magazines
-Civ III manuel
-Civ III strategy guide
-Can of dog treats

On floor...

-Knee brace (on top of computer)
-CD tower holder thing (on top of computer)
-CD's and box of Godiva now containing floppies (on top of CD tower thing)
Originally posted by Hamlet

I believe Americans call them "chips".

Ah, thank you. That's been driving me insane. :king:
2 monitors (2 computers on my desk)
1 laptop.
speaker/trackball/webcam/and other stuffs
Oh and my Won ton soup :D that's delicious, for those who don't know.
the Shrek DVD
and a calculator i broke 2 days ago. Sigh.

You might think it's a mess but actually it's really well organized. I have everything in hand, but it's not lying anywhere on my desk. At least I don't have some used socks on it, unlike some of my friends. :)

Becka said:when I'm done with that I'll come up with a list of all the stuff on my desk
Well I thought girls/ladies were better organized than boys/guys... Obviously not! ;) And maybe i'm not a normal person, since I have everything cleaned up on my desk. I should see the doctor :)
- ADI Microscan Monitor
- DGC Systems Speakers
- Fat Keyboard
- Mousepad
- Lots of CDs
- Lots of empty sodacans
- Lots of dishes
- A subway ticket
- A few pens
- An Iron maiden single
- Sony DiscMan + Ammo (Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Sisters for now)
- An empty olive jar.

2 beer cans
1 bowl, formerly filled with crisps
4 glasses, formerly filled with soda pop
Bag of crisps
2 pens
10000000000 crumbs
Surge protector
Game Cd's for a PC

Not to mention the stuff on the FLOOR, I won't go there
four bowls :eek:
a watch.
A can
Two bottles
A glass
Come cds paper and a manual for a game.
a cell phone
and some weird stuff.
Not at my desk at the moment, but will try to recreate:

At work (where I usually visit this forum from)
letter organizer with schedules, etc. for this term
desk organizer with pens/pencisl/notepad/paperclips/etc in it
paperclip holder
small notebook
stack of books to see my supervisor about
small box holding my barcode light pen and barcodes to attach to books
misc. scraps of paper with notes for different projects on them
EDIT at my own desk now, a few things to add:
picture of my wife :love2:
picture of my daughter :love:
computer speakers
another small box with wax paper squares to attach barcodes temporarily
wooden clock made by my dad
"mug rug" for cups
sand dollar
sand art craft project (made by my daughter)
toy electric guitar (I think the batteries are about dead)
postcard from Irelend from when my boss went there

My computer desk at home:
broken joystick
steering wheel game controler
two wooden clocks my dad has made
printer paper
unpaid bills and other financial records
(all of the above on or in the "hutch" on top of the desk)
Civ II manual, with lots of printouts from the War Academy :D
notepad with caravan destinations and notes from my daughter's Daggerfall games on it
CD holder with most of my computer CDs (games and otherwise)
2 floppy disk holders with all my backups and install disks
Palm Pilot hotsync cable
coaster for cups
a few CD's and/or cases floating around loose
probably several other papers and things I don't know about :D

I really keep meaning to clean it off some day, but those darn Civ II GOTMs keep coming along :D
8 port switch
3 CD RWs
my PC Stuff Box (all the screws and small parts are in it)
Math & Physics training books for final exams (never used them though...)
3 empty batteries
permanen marker pen (for CDs)
gravis Gamepad pro
chewing gum (Big Red)
anti-static bag
notification from the city of munich for the upcoming election
a cable I've never seen until now
and alot of junk...
small desk lamp
sim golf manual
Tiger 2001 manual
2 empty jewel cases
2 note pads
various loose note papers
ash tray
glass of water
pipe-no comment
bic lighter
Large flat book(serves as mousepad)

another small desk to my left has:
2 ash trays(full)
1 coffee mug(empty)
1 film container
pocket knife
telephone cable(approx 6 ')
Norton rebate coupon(approx 2 years old)
bamboo back scratcher
1 large rubber band
2 pennies
Three empty bottles of beer
Alarm clock
CDs without CD cases
Tuition reimbursement forms
Credit card offers
Bank Statements
Money Market record
Snow Falling on Cedars
Philosophy textbook "Reason and Responsibility"
a spindle of fifty CDRs
Canon AE1 Single Lens Reflex 35mm camera

And in the locked drawer my father's Beretta 92fs 9mm semi-automatic pistol
Alot of Music-CDs
Alot of Data-CDs
Lots of unsorted university stuff (I'm lazy ;) )
Some almost obsolete DM money (I'm very lazy :D )
Some new € money (I still don't like it)
The computer of course
Some weird book
Some even more weird dictionary
An empty package of razorblades (No, I'm not suicidal)
Pens, pencils and such
Statements of account (is that the correct translation of "Kontoauszüge"?)
Much more stuff buried under the items mentioned above
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