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Bug Report Thread

le pbm vient de ta config et de tes paramètres de jeux : il te faut réduire tes paramètres graphiques et/ou prendre des cartes plus petites. Je crois que ce mod est très gourmand en mémoire, il te faut donc au moins 2 gigas pour une carte 'Large' (ou des graphismes au minimum). Bonne chance :) .

Je lui ai répondu par message privé, il ne s'agit pas d'un problème de config, mais je lui ai indiqué la marche à suivre pour identifier la cause du crash.
C'est toujours un problème de config avec ce jeu ! :)
Mais j'éviterais d'interférer par la suite...
Hi, i´ve encountered a CTD Bug which reproduces itself every time at the same round. But when i toggle the logs, like you describe it at page 1, i get a 160 MB logfile.. are you sure i should send you this?

edit: The log ends with this line
Rand = 127 on -1 (Game - setBaliseChar)

some more bugfinding..

the feature that a city can´t get the same plague in the next round again, if healed doesnt work.

Furthermore savegames played with the 99c patch are not compatibel with 99d?
Notre Dame is not on the Ile de la Citie as stated in the in-game description of this wonder.
I got a ctd when a built the game of the arrow building, that native american unique building. I also once got a CTD when i raided an enemy city, i might got that from a overload of resistance troops.
this looks like dead mod, pity, it was so great, just a little work about ctd and it would be perfect :/
sorry but I try to change the name of the leader, name of the people or adjective but remain always the name of the people chosen (if I choose to play with a Roman leader, for example, and I change in Delezian Empire, when I see the kind of people, in the score or other places, remain Roman empire). I hope to be clear. Please help. thanks
Hi english friend
this mod doesn't start with windows 7 64bit.
I try run as administrator and run like windows xp sp2, same probleme.

ce mod ne démarre pas avec windows 7 64bit.
j'ai essayé run as administrator ...

mod version 1.0 + patch 1.0

dommage, c'est LE mod de civ 4 (too bad, this is THE mod of civ 4)

amis (friends) geeks, where are you ?
problem résolu (closed)

patch 3.19 (the last one) + run as administrator

perfect, my wife hate me now
Early in the game, other leaders can ask for a trade for contact with other leaders, but you can't do the same. You can't even offer leaders as a gift.
When I start a new game, some time it's as if I have Stehenge and the Pyramids, ie I have a monument from start and all government civics are available!!!
is that a bug or a random gift ;-)
The best mod IMO. Please develop it further.
Only a problem in the city screen: if you get religion in the city, the sign of this religion is so large it completely overlaps city resources. So I often can't even see the signs of resources that I have.
Or even if the sign of resource visible (through the transparent part of the religion symbol) it's not possible to get a tooltip info on this resource there.
Two minor bugs:-

1) Flood Plains don't exist with the new terrains options Edit just found one:blush:. They are not very visible though.

2) There is an error, "COLOR_REVERT]", in the text for the end of monopoly event (English version).
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