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Enlightenment Era (Vox Populi)

Enlightenment Era for Vox Populi (v 4)


Jan 9, 2016
Enlightenment Era is now fully compatible with Vox Populi. Techs are streamlined, Units and Buildings re-balanced and integrated with VP. The mod also includes RER. Enjoy!

The mod was initially created by Xony. I've continued the work to (hopefully) a successful finish. Special thanks to: zwei833, Pouakai, pandasnail, phantomaxl1207, barrizqi, sukritact, JanBoruta, Chrisy15, Enginseer, Padre19, Aldebaran1997, Gazebo.

I have decided to rework entire EE/RER/VP-EE set and create a single, VP-specific mod. The first version is available here. Please note that you only need to enable this single mod, it will block original EE and RER anyway.
Current version: 1.2 (posted 2018-11-26)
Download from Civfanatics
Download from Steam

Enlightenment Era is quite a big mod and Vox Populi is incredibely complex. I have reviewed and adjusted to VP standards and logic all EE objects (techs, policies, units, buildings, wonders, etc.) BUT there certainly are still some glitches. If you find one - please post it here or on Steam.

Tech Tree
  • The tree is designed to make in-game Enlightenment Era last from ca. 1680 till ca. 1830.
Spoiler Tech Tree Pic :


  • Since EE is shorter than previous eras, there are 8 techs: Exploration, Flintlock, Fortification, Humanism, Manufacturing, Romanticism, Sovereignty and Warships.
  • Updated policies to include EE buildings (affects Gallery, Drydock, Weigh House, Cloth Mill and Bastion)
  • Notable changes:
    • You get additional Trade Route at Exploration (a new one from EE) and Manufacturing (instead of Railroad).
    • Specialists receive +1 of their respective yield with appropriate techs.
    • Coal is revealed at Manufacturing.
Spoiler Technologies Info :


  • There are 9 new units that has been placed in-between Renaissance and Industrial units.
  • The original VP units keep their stats; there might be few exceptions, mostly from Renaissance Era that a unit was toned down a little to "make space" for EE unit.
  • Almost each combat line has been extended:
    • Line: Classical -> Medieval -> Renaissance -> Enlightenment -> Industrial
    • Melee (iron): Swordsman (15) -> Longswordsman (22) -> Two-handed Swordsman (26) -> Line Infantry (30) -> Fusilier (35)
    • Melee (anti-mounted): Spearman (10) -> Pikeman (15) -> Tercio (25) -> Line Infantry (30)
    • Archery: Comp Bowman (10) -> Crossbowman (20) -> Musketman (30) -> Light Infantry (35) [original EE's Skirmisher] -> Gatling Gun (45)
    • Mounted: Horseman [anc] (15) -> Knight (25) -> Lancer (35) -> ... -> Uhlan (40) -> Landship (55)
    • Mounted archers: Skirmisher (12) -> Heavy Skirmisher (22) -> Cuirassier (32) -> ... -> Cavalry (45)
    • Siege: Catapult (12) -> Trebuchet (22) -> Cannon (30) -> Field Gun (35) -> Howitzer (40@3) [original VP's Field Gun renamed]
    • Naval melee: Trireme (14) -> Caravel (24) -> Carrack (32) -> Corvette (36) & Ship of the Line (40) -> Ironclad (50)
    • Naval ranged: Dromon (15) -> Galleass (22) -> Galleon (26) -> Frigate (34) -> Cruiser (50)
  • Notable changes:
    • EE Explorer is now Adventurer (@Exploration) that upgrades to Zeppelin
    • To purchase units from Enlightenment and Industrial eras with gold you need an appropriate building: Gunsmith for Gunpowder, Armor and Siege units, Drydock for Naval units.
    • Light Infantry gets Light Skirmish promotion - double movement in forests - lost with upgrade
    • SotL and First Rate get Flagship promotion - +20% defense for adjacent naval units - kept with upgrade
Spoiler Units Info :


Unique units & other changes
  • VP's Field Gun is renamed to Howitzer since its unit model is more moden than EE's Field Gun
  • English UU is First Rate - replacement for Frigate - available earlier with Logistics, Flagship and ExtraSight promotions
  • American UU is Minuteman - replacement for Line Infantry with original VP promotions.
  • Russian UU is Cossack - replacement for Uhlan (the most popular weapons used by Cossack cavalrymen were usually sabres and long spears)
  • Spanish UU is Conquistador - replacement for Lancer and available @Exploration
  • Polish Winged Hussar and Dutch Sea Beggar are available @Exploration
Spoiler Uniques Info :


  • All buildings from EE except Theatre are supported.
  • Theatre is Zoo (as in VP) with same params as in original VP.
    • Anti-boredom line: Arena->Circus->Zoo->Menagerie->Stadium.
    • Zoo gives tourism from forest/jungle, Menagerie gives science and gold.
    • Tavern can be built separately; gives bonus to Wheat, Bison and Deer but increases Crime
  • Culture/Tourism line: Gallery -> Museum -> Broadcast Tower.
  • Academy, Salon, Weigh House and Cloth Mill give flat yield (2-3) and some yield per population (per 4-6 citizens):
    • Cloth Mill requires River, increases Poverty
    • Academy and Salon increase GPP rate for related GPs
  • Revised Defensive buildings, so in total they give the same amount of extra Def and HP as in VP:
    • Bastion 15/150; Arsenal 10/100 (down from 20/150); Military Base 20/150 (down from 25/200).
    • Ostrog (Russian UB) replaces Bastion and is available at Flintlock.
    • Drydock 100; Seaport 200 (down from 250); Minefield 250 (down from 300).
  • Military buildings increase Supply Cap (Gunsmith, Drydock and Bastion).
  • Gunsmith increases production and XP of Gunpowder, Armor and Siege units but requires 1 Iron
  • Updated policies to include EE buildings (affects Gallery, Gunsmith, Weigh House and Bastion).
Spoiler Buildings Info :


  • All but 1 Wonders available and working (fixed Fasil Ghebbi - no more CTD)
    • Crystal Palace is disabled since it's available in CSD
  • EE's Summer Palace is now Tower of Buddhist Incense and it requires a Manor and Garden to be present in the city and population treshold to be reached.
  • All Wonders have num of policies required to be built.
  • All VP Wonders from Industrial era and later have +2 policies required
  • Notable changes:
    • Fasil Ghebbi Aura gives +25% CS but within 3-tile radius, city gets +100 HP & +10 Def, +5 Supply.
    • Kronborg gives +50 HP, +5 Def & +1 Supply for all coastal cities and a free Great Admiral.
    • Smithsonian Institute gives a free Museum and +1 Culture to All Galleries and Museums, also reduces Illiteracy in All cities.
    • Torre del Oro provides an additional Trade Route and a free Drydock.
    • Topkapi Palace gives Faith from Defensive buildings.
    • Versailles extends WLTKD by 50% and gives a free Great Writer.
    • Wat Phra Kaew gives Science from Shrines (+1) and Temples (+2).
Spoiler Wonders Info :


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Here I will post a changelog and changes and fixes that will be available in the next version.

Version 1.2
Spoiler Version 1.2 details :

- Changed: Defensive buildings parameters (Bastion, Arsenal/Ostrog, Military Base) [Bastion gets +1 range and healing and Arsenal indirect fire and theft block].
- Changed: Adventurer gets "Brute Force" instead of "Barbarian Penalty".
- Changed: Updated buildings for policies Colonialism and Mercantilism.
- Changed: FieldGun : 20/35 (was 17/35), Light Infantry : 24/38 (was 21/35)
- Fixed: Conquistador cost not changed [it is the same unit as in VP].
- Fixed: Obsolete techs and Goody Hut upgrades for several units..
- Fixed: Textes for Division of Labor and Distress (Crime previously).

Version 1.1
Spoiler Version 1.1 details :

- Fixed: Sea Beggar properly replaces Carrack.
- Fixed: Purchase cooldown for a Two-Handed Swordsman.
- Fixed: Musketeer tooltip (upgrades to Fusilier).
- Fixed: Removed WC reference from Sovereignty tech.

Version 1.0
Spoiler Version 1.0 details :

- Single mod - reworked version of EE/RER/VP-EE

Older versions, for VP-EE compatibility mod.
Spoiler older versions :

Version 5.2
Spoiler Version 5.2 details :

  • Updated for VP 1-21.
  • Specialists' yields from techs updated, so they receive yields only of their particular type, plus tech placement adjusted accordingly.
  • Wat Phra Kaew: +1/+2 Science from Shrines/Temples (was +2/+3).
  • Topkapi: removed +3 Happiness and +1 GPP.
  • Fasil Ghebbi: removed +1 Culture.
  • Gunsmith: +2 supply (was +1), +25% production bonus (was +20%).
  • Fixed: Bastion, Arsenal, Military Base supply value in descriptions.

Version 5.1
Spoiler Version 5.1 details :

  • Compatibility with VP 1-3.
  • Drydock required to purchase with gold all naval units from Industrial onwards.
  • Fixed: Humanism and description for Creative Expression.
  • Fixed: Missing descriptions for some building classess.

Version 5.0
Spoiler Version 5.0 details :

  • Gripsholm Castle is removed... temporarily. It will be back in a new mod with more World Wonders!
  • Tavern: removed +1 Science to Market and Harbor, gives +1 Food to Wine and Fish.
  • Fixed: can faith-buy EE units with Zealotry.
  • Fixed: Turns Between Sessions for World Congress - Industrial 15 (was 10) and Modern 10 (was 20). Also 3 Delegates for Modern (was 4). New values are VP original.
  • Fixed: Smithsonian missing Theming bonus (gets +3 Science and +3 Gold).
  • Fixed: description for Howitzer.
  • Tested: Isabella can faith-buy naval units.

Version 4.5
Spoiler Version 4.5 details :

  • Tech Tree costs are more aligned to latest VP costs (i.e. increased)
  • Smithsonian Institute: gives free Museum (was Academy) and All Museums and Galleries gain +1 Culture; also +5 Science (was +2 Sci&Cul) and decreases Illiteracy slightly in All cities
  • Academy: reduces Illiteracy, +15% Great Scientists
  • Salon: reduces Boredom, +15% Great Artists, Musicians and Writers
  • Manor: reduces Crime
  • Gunsmith: +20% prod and +15 xp also for Armor and Siege units, but requires 1 Iron to build
  • Tavern: increases Crime
  • Gallery and Museum increased GPP generation: Gallery +15% (was +10%) and Museum +25% (was +20%)
  • Cloth Mill: +1 Prod per 4 Pop (was per 6), increases slightly Poverty

Version 4.4
Spoiler Version 4.4 details :

  • Updated for VP 11-6
    • You can buy EE Sea Units with Faith (REN units for 450, ENL units for 550)
    • Added ExtraCityHitPoints to Drydock (100), aligned VP values (Seaport=200, Minefield=250), so the total is not changed.
    • Updated Cloth Mill and Weigh House to work correctly with Division of Labor and Mercantilism, respectively.
    • Updated Gunsmith for Regimental System yield new values.
  • Changed mod name to VP-EE :)

Version 4.3
Spoiler Version 4.3 details :

  • Units updated to reflect changes in VP (courtesy of @Asterix Rage)
    • Generally naval units have little more strength
    • Adventurer updated - BaseSightRange=3 and Barbarian Penalty added
    • Galleon as Naval ranged set to 1
    • Removed Iron requirement for naval units before Industrial Era
  • Policies updated to reflect changes in VP (courtesy of @Aldebaran1997)
    • Regimental System, Mercantlism, Creative Expression and Humanism updated for EE buildings
    • Weigh House and Cloth Mill - added BuildingClassYieldModifiers for Policies (same as other gold-related buildings in VP)
  • Uhlan has new VP parameter BaseLandAirDefense=2
  • Field Gun gets indirect fire and naval misfire promotions
  • Bastion and Drydock - CitySupplyModifier increased to 10 (in line with VP for other military buildings)
  • Wonders - decreased by 2 number of policies needed to build (in line with VP updates)

Version 4.2
Spoiler Version 4.2 details :

  • Fixed: Polynesian UA includes Carrack and Ship of the Line
  • Fixed: Defender of the Faith belief includes Bastion.
  • Fixed: Ostrog doesn't need Castle to be built (back to original VP spec)
  • Changed: Tavern nerfed, gives science only to Harbor and Market
  • Changed: Wat Phra Kaew nerfed, gives science only to Shrines (+2) and Temples (+3)
  • Changed: Zoo and Menagerie rebalanced
    • Jungle/Forest +1 Tourism moved to Menagerie
    • Scientist Specialist moved to Zoo
    • Zoo's one time bonus is 100 Tourism (was 200)
  • Changed: Topkapi Palace boosted, gets +3 Gold & +2 Tourism with Flight.
  • Changed: Tower of Buddhist Incense requires a Garden to be built.
  • Changed: Versailles nerfed, doesn't start Golden Age any more.
  • Changed: Torre del Oro boosted, gives free Drydock (was Harbor)

Version 4.1
Spoiler Version 4.1 details :

  • Fixed: CTD in Industrial Era due to AI tech trading with non-existing tech
  • Fixed: Kronborg and Torre del Oro now can be built only on the coast
  • Fixed: WLTKD counter for Versailles going down by 2
  • Fixed: Added Flavors for EE Technologies
  • Fixed: Imbalanced tech routes for outer techs
  • Fixed: Description for Red Fort

Version 4
Spoiler Version 4 details :

  • VP 2/27 compatibility:
    • Gunsmith +1 supply cap.
    • Bastion, Drydock +5% supply cap.
    • Fasil Ghebbi +5 supply cap.
    • Kronborg +1 supply cap in every coastal city.
    • Units' and buildings' costs are slightly increased to be aligned with new Industrial Era costs.
  • Menagerie gives Gold: +2 flat and +1 per 8 pop.
  • Red Fort gives Bastion instead of Arsenal.
  • Ostrog (Russian UB) replaces Bastion and is available at Flintlock. It upgrades to Arsenal and requires Castle in the city.
  • Fixed: descriptions for Arsenal, Military Base and Ostrog.
  • Tuning some building flavors, so EE buildings will be used properly by AI.
  • Tuning tech cost so Enlightenment Era comes to play in proper dates.

Version 3
Spoiler Version 3 details :

  • Cloth Mill: requires River, changed into flat&pop model (+3 production, +1 production per 6 citizens)
  • Tavern: grants +1 food also to Deer and Bison
  • Gunsmith replaces Drydock in Regimental System
  • Fixed: Gallery no longer in People's Army
  • Fixed: few wrong policy descriptions

Version 2.1
Spoiler Version 2.1 details :

  • Fixed: "Optimize" and "Swap & Optimize" buttons in Culture Overview pop-up.
  • Fixed: Description for Field Gun (moves at half-speed)

Version 2
Spoiler Version 2 details :

  • Buildings: Changed Academy, Salon and Weigh House into flat yield + yield from population (VP standard).
  • Fixed: Tower of Buddhist Incense is included in Ceremony policy (+2 Hap as NW)
  • Wonders: Stronger Versailles - provides a free Great Writer and starts Golden Age
    • So, there are 2 wonders for both GW and GA
  • Fixed: Crystal Palace from EE is disabled as of now (duplicated with CSD)
  • Fixed: Removed duplicated units from DB - should fix compatibility issue with Rise to Power and Mercenaries mods
    • And others that cannot properly handle disabled units as long as they are loaded after CBO-EE)
  • Fixed: Last tier Policy Branches are all 3 unlocked in Enlightenment
    • As in VP, every 2 eras a new tier unlocks
  • Fixed: 2Hander gets Shock1 promotion (as other Iron-based melee) but it's anti-class promotion are nerfed a little (+33 instead of +50 which was OP).
  • Fixed (I hope): Gripsholm should be "gold-rushable"; coudn't test it, though
  • Internal: Removed copies of CultureOverview pop-up - original VP version should be used instead of EE
  • Internal: English UU is back again ENGLISH_SHIPOFTHELINE (but with EE name "First Rate"), a unit used in vanilla and VP;
    • Since this is a standard game unit, I didn't want to disable or remove it due to possible conflicts with naval-oriented mods. Instead, EE_FIRST_RATE is removed.

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Very nice ! Congratulations. Next.......Future era compatibility ? :)
Cool mods. XD
Btw, I have a suggestion. How about % yields from academy, cloth mill, salon and weigh house replace with other flat bonus? Because it cause inflations, imho.
Alright, I'll bite since you seem to be giving a lot of effort into it. Aldebaran is right you need to convert %-rates into Population-based Yields or just flat yields. %-based are only for unique bonuses such as a wonder and golden age and all those things.

Crystal Palace? Isn't that a CSD Project Wonder?

I haven't tried out the units' stats, but I'm sure they are unbalanced somewhat as they are progressively much better than their previously era counterpart (where this isn't the case with Vox Populi as often a Spearman with 3 promotions can easily dismantle a Swordsman with 1 promotion)
@Enginseer re: units's stats. I might be missing a point here. Isn't that obvious that units gets better with new eras? EE puts units in-between, VP units are not changed (with maybe few little exceptions). As you can see in small summaries I've added, EE units are usually 15-30% stronger that preceding ones, so it's still very possible that e.g. Renaissance era unit with good promotions will be a good match for EE one.
Forgive my stupidity, but what is RER?
Buddhist Tower doesn't give +2 Happy as aNW from Tradtion.

Change the unlocks of Social Policies, Rationalism unlocks in Renaissance.

Should 2H Swordsmen also have Shock I? Do people feel they are worth the Iron cost?

Change the name of Crystal Palace that can be built. The one in VP is a CSD project.

Zoo (Theatre) have the Mengerie's Tourism bonus. This makes the Menagerie weak as it only has the Scientist specialist.

Topkapi Tower giving 3 Happy, 2 Culture and 1 Faith per Defensive buildings seems weak.

Versailles ought to give a WLTKD in the City it's built.

Torre del Oro should give one of the following to all cities: more TR distance (sea) or +Gold from TRs.

Do the Crystal Palace (EE) or Smithsonian have Theming bonuses?
@phantomaxl1207 Thanks for reporting these issues. I've put fixes on the list. Here are others:
- re: Zoo/Menagerie: Zoo doesn't have Menagerie's Tourism bonus; original EE Menagerie just gives Hapiness, so to make it interesting it provides Scientist slot and some culture; I've made Theatre a Zoo again with same params as in VP (i.e. Tourism from Jungle/Forest)
- re: Wonders: Yeah, I know that EE wonders are weak in comparison to VP and will boost them; I have your propositions (thanks!) and a few of mine, but I want to wait for some more from people playing the game
- re:Theming: They have. Smithsonian - +3 if Artifacts from Civs other than owner; Crystal Palace (EE) - +3 if Art from same Era and different Civs
@Infixio, do you want me to add EE and your compatibility component to the mods compatibility thread? Or should I wait a little until you iron out the final balance quirks?


And good job, btw. I will give this a go after I finish my current game. Squeezing in the new units between the existing VP ones must be a difficult task if you want to keep a reasonable "spacing", so that the upgrades actually matter. I will focus on this and report back of I have any feedback.

@vyyt I have a few minor changes on the to-do list, and after that definitely you can add the mod to the list :) I will let you know, probably in a 2-3 days, when I'm finished.

In VP there's usually one unit per line in an Era, so adding a new Era makes space for a few new ones :) Of course upgrades are not so big as in VP - I had to split them in half (i.e. instead of one +10 CS upgrade, you have 2x +5CS, or instead +15CS, there are +7 & +8 ones) BUT they also cost proportionally LESS becasue the cost difference is also split in half. So, I would say that upgrades are generally smoother and the units, especially promoted ones, can easily fight cross-eras.
Why is Rationalism available at Renaissance?

Why does Military Tradition have almost same effect as Regimental System's one unlike original VP? Is their no more Ironside promotion?
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@vyyt I've just finished and posted v2 of the mod. I've fixed all issues reported in the last week. The mod is actually quite popular, there are 720+ subscribers on Steam. Seems stable, only few minor issues reported. So, if you please, put on the list of VP-compatible mods :)
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