Hot Peppers.


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Jul 6, 2002
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Do you love them or hate them? I cannot imagine a third option.

In any event, it gives me a chance to show off my garden. These are half life size.



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I hate them. Any peppers suck as far as taste goes.
Do you eat peppers raw? I've heard of people who eat them raw.
Do you eat peppers raw? I've heard of people who eat them raw.

I eat peppers raw... depending on the pepper. Jalapeno's and the like are pretty good raw, but I don't think I'd eat a Bell Pepper raw... just no taste to it.
I've eaten bell peppers raw, but would definitely much prefer them cooked in some fashion.

That said, I don't mind occasional hot peppers. I suppose it'd have to depend on what I was eating, but it's a great complement.

And that looks like a great garden! :goodjob:
I like Red Hot Chili Peppers *
I like all spicy food. I have never tried Wasabi though, so that might change.
Wasabi is good, though I wouldn't have it in large quantities. If you're up for something else, go for wasabi peas.
Peppers for the win. A lot of people living in Mexico eat them raw, it is sort of a staple for their diet.
I love hot stuff. My friends say I'm freakish cause I have a high tolerance.

The other day at the store I bought a Habañero and ate it whole. Didn't faze me one bit.
Bell peppers (presumably the big uns - we call them just peppers or capsicum here) are nice raw, the green ones have more flavour than red and yellow ones though. I think they lose some of their flavour when cooked and go a bit mushy. Roasted peppers are great though.
the hotter the stuff, the better (though it's embarrasing to admit, I have a threshold lower than many other people that I know)

No but really I love them, and I can make chili that would make most grown men cry. I use hot peppers in alot of the cooking I do. Always gotta try one or two of the hottest peppers raw that you intend to put into your chili to make sure you don't hurt the taste of the chili.
Stuffed peppers- rice, cheese, ground beef= the best! just put on some hot pepper sauce and BAM! delicious. I'm known for liking hot stuff, and peppers of course play a part in that, but I have a salsa thats got me in trouble... I just couldn't take it! I'm gonna need a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread set aside for me if I'm to get through that, methinks
I don't like hot peppers or hot (spicy) anything with exception to hot wings.

Hot Wings + Ranch Sauce = YUM!
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