Feb 2, 2006
I made this originally to make multiplayer a little more friendly for team games (since then it has grown to include other changes):
MultiMod21 (for 0.30 shadow)

Main change to make it multiplayer friendly:
-Great People by one player does not increase the GP pool threshhold of other players on the same team

Other changes for funsies:
-Drown reskin to be blue and bruised

-all resource improvements buildable without resources on certain terrains, each has the chance to discover the resources they normally require (yields and restrictions listed below)
-tundra given +10% def
-snow given +25% def and costs 2 moves

Improvement Requirements and Yields:
Camp Buildable on all types of Forests +1 :food:, (+1 :commerce: with Commune with Nature tech)
Pasture Buildable on Plains +1 :food:, +1 :hammers:
Plantation Buildable on Grasslands +2 :commerce:
Winery Buildable on Plains and Grasslands +1 :food:, +1 :commerce:
Quarry Buildable on Flatlands and Hills -1 :food:, +1 :hammers:, +1 :commerce:
Fishing Boats Buildable on Coasts +1 :commerce:
Whaling Boats Buildable on Ocean +1 :hammers:
Note that all have a chance to discover the resources they normally improve, and that includes Farms. Also, the bonuses listed are also now added to the yields one would normally get from the resource with the improvement, making cottaging resources no longer optimal yieldwise.

Mana Nodes
Mineable/Quarriable (Requires Knowledge of Ether to provide resource) +7 :commerce:, -1 :food:, -1 :hammers:
-provides Enchanted Blade promotion to new units, +1 :yuck:
-mines/quarries have a chance to find Mana now

Avatars of Deities
Avatars of Civilizations Deity
0 :strength:
1 :move:
Hero, Channeling, and their manas spell promotion
+2 Affinity for the Civilizations main mana
Fire/Cold Immunity for those with Fire(or Unholy)/Cold based Damage, respectively
Water Walking for Lanun (Water)
Flying for Hippus (Air)

Any unit in a stack with an Avatar can sacrifice itself for the good of the civilization, granting a small health boost to the Avatar and half of the sacrificed units experience.
Also, arcane and disciple units pass on their Channeling, Sorcery, Summoning, and Divine promotions. Note that this can eventually allow your Avatar to cast all spells associated with its mana eventually.

Screenshot of Avatars:

README said:
Place Assets Folder into your /Fall from Heaven 2 030/ folder and let it overwrite.

You must also enable Modular Loading, to do so, edit the following file:

Fall from Heaven 2 030.ini

to change the following line (should be at the top of that file) :

; Modular XML Loading
ModularLoading = 0


; Modular XML Loading
ModularLoading = 1

to remove this mod, simply delete MultiMod from the /Assets/Modules/ folder
that will remove everything except the drown reskin, to remove that simply delete the folder /Assets/Art/Units/Afterworld_Bleeder_Aberrant/
also, delete the GlobalDefines.xml and remove the BAK from the backup GlobalDefinesBAK.xml provided.
Not really a fan of the new traits. Arendel Phaedra is the only elf that should be charismatic, and the dark elves need to have an Arcane leader. Why would Einion be a raider? he's a pacifist. I'd say the protective trait (I believe it is in, but that no one has it) would fit best for Amelanchier (although it should perhaps be strengthened slightly.)
Oh boy, I'm gonna have Wineries everywhere!
im thinking wineries are best along rivers with financial leaders.. with plantations on non-river grasslands with financial heh

camps are really useful for anyone going Fellowship of Leaves since unless youre elves they're the only thing you can build on ancient forests

quarries rock for OO (+1 production with slavery), ideally on plains hills and desert hills so you avoid the -1 food (grassland hills suffer from this), also good for financial leaders on hills along rivers.

pastures are a good time if you're surrounded by plains without fresh water.

and fishing and whaling boats make water much more viable heh

overall im really liking this setup over my previous attempt that was similar

generally the whole system is great to counter Blight, and so if you're missing a vital resource (like reagents or incense), theres still some hope
I like some of your ideas. The added terrain improvements seem interesting.

One thing though. Quarries are big holes...not hills, so it doesn't make sense that quarries could be built in hills. That huge mound of dirt that surrounds the quarry is the dirt that was dug from the hole and not a real hill... it's manmade!

The computer random start NEVER places marble in hills.
So if you could build quarries on flat land *OR* hills you would end up with a lot of subtle choices about production balancing...
Sounds good
i cant say ive seen any flatland quarries before

i mean, they don't have to be on a hill like a grassy hill

but they tend to be in rocky areas, which i gather is what hill terrain represents in civ.

and the reason i specifically remember marble on hills in civ is because marble/plains/hill is one of the best city center tiles heh
im guessing you were wondering what change was made in the handicaps file? and ya i removed the bonus that the AI gets versus barbarians and animals since the amount is ridiculous and unneeded at deity and causes the AI to have a bunch of high xp scouts and its more annoying than difficult at deity level.
Why should any one ever have a bonus vs. animals (apart from the subdue animal promotion or the innate ability of recon units)? That just leads to mass extinction, and making the Menagerie impossible.
Make Gypsy Wagons invisible, they're practically useless in PvP.
Make Gypsy Wagons invisible, they're practically useless in PvP.

That might be overpowered. I make Loki invisible (and gave his spy abilities, and implemented espionage) and found that when an invisible unit that is unable to attack moves on to a tile with unit with whom its owner is at war (well, at least the barbs) that all those units are pushed off the tile. Invisible units can share a tile with enemies, but only if the enemies move onto their tile, not the other way around. If you made Gypsy wagons invisible, then the Balseraphs could force all your defenders out of your cities just before their army comes to take it (Invisible units also cannot capture cities). They would be almost unbeatable; with on army of only gypsies and a few mounted units they could raze everything and prevent their units from being attacked.

When I pushed Acheron out of his city I thought I might have just found why he isn't staying put, then I realized that there aren't many invisible units until Shadows in the main game, and that the problem is usually much earlier. You don't suppose an AI spider could be the problem, do you?
Spider might do it, but they tend not to move much, so it isn't too likely. But since the other AI could move near the city and kill the spider in defense, it is possible it happened and one never sees it.

Pretty sure I remember Kael saying that he has fixed the invisible unit push somewhere... For shadow obviously.
Question - I copied the minimod files over, but now it seems that the art is screwed up and keeps changing back and forth when i use Nikis-Knights map with this minimod... any ideas?
Do you have animations frozen? That tends to be the primary cause of graphics changing back and forth mid-game

Yep. Must be that. I was trying to speed things up, but it doesn't seem to have much affect, I guess its the AI that's slow, not the graphics.

Actually, in addition to my Wineries, I ended up with Camps in all my forest squares. I may never have to farm again.
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