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ı have become globally famous of sorts as the guy who visibly rejects soft coated Western demands that we should roll and over die so that we can be gassed in concentration camps . Despite we are not Jewish or anything .

makes me the target of regular campaigns to break the chance that ı will take that fame into "politics" . So , ı have no morals . If ı look honest , look at my conquests ! Of women ı have never met ! Who only love my money ! Even if ı don't have any !

that there would be people that would fall for such a kind of thing can only proven by the existance of Trump supporters . Who DO SEEM to be armoured against anything you can throw at them . Many of whom promised Civil War in America before and after the election of Obama as President . Because of the single thing of his skin colour .

such people might have reacted en masse and hurt the unipolar world of the 1990s with attempts to derail the fall of the Apartheid Regime because there was no more Soviet Union to support who should have remained as slaves of the Whites . So , this lone guy in prison since 1960s (with Leftist waxing lyrical about him forever) died in prison . It is some other person , not a victory of Communists and so on . My claim here is that a lot of people intentionally hinted there was a Nelson Mandela and he died while they very well knew that he did not . To herd today's MAGA crowd into submission and not make any trouble over that .

like the world or whatever was not surprised when some South African showed up here ı stated only thing ı knew about South Africa was the story of Rika van den Haas , a movie character . And ı made no remarks (at least ı don't remember any) on how Mandela supported the seperatists here even if nobody had asked his opinion on it and that was not because of the "bond between the oppressed" but because of the thing that Fidel once vouched for the honesty of thing the people you don't know worked for . As in people ı know online had acquintances with extensive knowledge of Africa , from Angola to down South and they would "record" the tribal necessities that would force Mandela to open up the South Africa to plunder by ANC and so on . That's Fidel Castro of Cuba , by the way .
the specific Musk issue at the time seems to be that Party trolls demanded to be the media part of anything Musk do here , with excessive prices . If Musk was to open or buy a car factory here , he would have to hire those people with double or triple or ten times the cost when compared to when he would just hire an advertisement company . The problems with trolls is that they think they are the top of the food chain , while the American Goverment just plays them like a musical instrument .

so , if the claim is ı will do stuff to Musk because of Mackenzie Davis , like possibly breaking his legs , they arrange people to attack me if necessary while the New Turkey Goverment is informed that 20% of everything will not do at all . While the trolls are proud of how they will do Musk's bidding for a cost , they are made irrelevant for the specific case .

of course when that happens it has to be kept up . As such nobody in the world was like surprised to see the claims that some high powered Disney team came to Turkey to promise the next Star Wars movies would not be Woke and systematically attack anything from the pre-Disney era . While they were doing the Ahsoka show . Despite not having money to have Disney channels to watch it anyhow , ı still see stuff on the web about that thing . It will be discovered to be a Musk device , with Thrawn to be Musk all along . Some genius no normal body can understand at first sight . Many failing forever . So , the world was not surprised to see r16 declaring Ahsoka non-canon . They know ı never declared Grandadmiral Thrawn would turn out to be me , considering ı played the Tiefighter game and it was the 1990s which is way before ı became r16 the idiot and whatever . But they have to keep it up , so instead of me becoming the Chiss , they apparently have a Stormtrooper with a Roman or Greek mask , who possibly fixed Thrawn's troopers with red tape . For identification where there are Stormtroopers of other entities . But no doubt it will be funny to discover the jokes hidden within . See the good looking lady in the claimed team , to honour the idiot who wasn't invited at all .

this is an explanation of stuff of why ı don't care for Musk business stuff and why ı will not be ever accepting better proposals and stuff . In five years or ten it will make more sense . And be careful about making claims that am making a scene because they downgraded me in the Star Wars universe . You might be laughed at .
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ı generally use the term for the lot who have been officially attacking this country and whatnot since 1984 . They naturally made a lot noises about Mandela , considering their true ideologue is reported to be a Mancine or whatever his name , an American Leftist who was kinda well known but without true influence in the US . That's why the seperatists are nature loving and empowering the women in their narrative and so on , hence their care about the incarcerated leader of Africans . And when Mandela came out , pre-New Turkey Goverment tried to do the usual stuff and gave him a prize named after Atatürk , you know , usual gifting honours between leaders game . He rejected , made a lot of noises and naturally he never had any problems selling coal to evil Turks . That became even better when America arranged for the seperatist leader to be incarcerated in an island prison , all by himself a la Mandela , waiting for his triumphant voyage to the palaces of the PM , with the Republic residances becoming irrelevant in the interim . As if it is Lord Vader's fault that Robbins Island or whatever its name existed ...

edit: Looked it up and it's Murray Bookchin from Vermont .
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It is Latvia's 105th birthday. This nation got its independence in 1918. Was occupied 1940 - 1990, but people still say it that it has been 105 years. Or 33 years since USSR broke up and we got freedom again.

Damn, you made me realise I missed Double Ten Day. I'll have to remember it next year.

I have two more exams until freedom (for now): Scholarship History, which is on the topic of Communism and NZ; and English, where apparently I would be a great essay writer if my essays could just answer the damn questions.

I think my real experience upon graduation will be a line from Big Yellow Taxi. I'll probably miss this place, but at the moment I couldn't be out of boarding school fast enough.
no , you don't want to . They will not accept they sent anyone here to talk to people who know me and that 48 year old was laughed at as a supposed paramour and stuff .
Napoleon’s Hat Brings $1.6 Million
A faded and cracked felt hat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte fetched $1.6 million at an auction Sunday of the French emperor’s belongings.

Yes, $1.6 million. The signature broad, black hat—one of a handful still in existence that Napoleon wore when he ruled 19th-century France—was initially valued at €600,000 to €800,000, equivalent to $655,000 to $873,000. It was the centerpiece of Sunday’s auction in Fontainebleau of memorabilia collected by a French industrialist who died last year. But the bidding quickly jumped higher and higher until Jean-Pierre Osenat, president of the Osenat auction house, designated the winner.
The name of the winning bidder wasn’t released.

The hat on sale was first recovered by Col. Pierre Baillon, a quartermaster under Napoleon, according to the auctioneers. The hat then passed through many hands before industrialist Jean-Louis Noisiez acquired it.
The entrepreneur spent more than a half-century assembling his collection of Napoleonic memorabilia, firearms, swords and coins before his death in 2022.

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hmmm , another day passes without some Intelligence Service grabbing r16 and make him disappear forever in some Black Facility . How does THAT ever happen ?

this time it is the tectonic shift in Turkish politics . New Turkey dumping the almost racists . Or such a claim before the local elections next March . This stems from some war . Which could have ended in March '22 as on a 50-50 basis . Or by November '22 as a win for one and a defeat for the other and a win in Midterm Elections . Prolonging it simply left the losing side recall its greatest hour , despite prevalent propaganda about how that was also only done by Yellow and Blue and the Tricolour lot were always losers . Which also got Gulf Oil on its side . To delay the "inevitable" victory , the Democracies are now offering New Turkey to become Arabian even faster . (Copy paste . Divide each sentence into smaller parts if necessary) . To see one Z replaced by one other Z . Which will delay the operations (despite official declaration of Rasputitza for the time being) . The change in New Turkey already approved by Scholz .

but , r16 must surely be with the "enemy" ! Like , ı have been always the "enemy" and ı remain the "enemy" when sides change and old allies become new enemies and the enemies change almost at the rate of a whirling dervish ... It is a matter of credibility . Everybody in the security establishment and stuff now knows there were odd sorts of people around in the past and they keep an eye on me . Everybody knows the then American Ambrassador was really in town to personally laugh at my pathetic existance at the height of the death of the now dead Turkish Armed Forces , with me the idiot declaring that ı would be the last Turk on Earth . Those Americans who really knew were not happy with it . Didn't stop the Colonial Governor to Ankara . In case anyone needs to know , the Ambrassador person was not really briefed on Lord Vader . Whose sacking from duty in the 1980s was personally demanded by Reagan , you know , the one in the White House . Involves support of Iran against Iraq which basically made it impossible for a peace with Iraqi victory that would have still mobilized a Kurdish thing against a NATO member country , with the sideshow of a war or at least clashes against Greece . Naturally there were hints to not a "become a kid with a kid" but trolling is an art and it took a week or so to call people in Havana to arrange an "inspection" in Nicaragua . This means whatever it means . It also means everybody knows am an idiot . Nothing real in life . So much that of the various internet troubles ı have had over the years since 2005 (the first ever time that ı used the web) one site ignores me under orders from Lockheed Martin Corporation which also influences the British Aerospace . One has his (no doubt Congregation) source in jail to leave me alone , in the once in a quarter logins , with no nothing done on my part or for me . There are even people who have been wrongly told ı have had stuff with women , because they hate discussing am an idiot and nothing in life and everything will be better if everybody ignores me and this is the way .
What Is It With Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Beginning Every Word With An Uppercase Letter?
The So-Called "Conspiracy Theorist" Himself Didn't Type It That Way. bill gates Has Inserted An Algorithm Into Google That Capitalizes Every Word, So That The "Conspiracy Theorist" Will Come Across as "Crazy."
The So-Called "Conspiracy Theorist" Himself Didn't Type It That Way. bill gates Has Inserted An Algorithm Into Google That Capitalizes Every Word, So That The "Conspiracy Theorist" Will Come Across as "Crazy."
The Times I Do It Are When I Want To Convey Sarcasm.

Or If I'm Typing The Name Or Title Of Something.
Could be worse. Once upon a time, the alphabet had no lower-case letters.
could be worse . We could be chiseling pictures all day long .


Spoiler :

and this picture was to be posted last night about American Right Wing mentality but hey .

To change the subject, I've just tried pomegranate juice. It's... kinda bland, as fruit juice goes.
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