Some Russian Units


Mar 14, 2007
I just wanted to announce I uploaded some Russian units for the new year,

Slavic Ancient Age Unit Pack

Russian Middle Age Unit Pack (Kievan Rus)

Russian Middle Age Unit Pack (Later Kievan Rus)

Russian Middle Age Unit Pack (Novgorod)

Russian Middle Age Unit Pack (Vladimir-Suzdal)

Russian Middle Age Unit Pack (Halych-Volhynia)

Russian Renaissance Age Unit Pack (Pre-Petrine)

Russian Renaissance Age Unit Pack (Cossacks)

And here is Walter Hawkwood's notes and directions on getting the most out of these packs,
Spoiler :
General advice on using the big pack to get most historical flavor right:

Global advice:

1) Russian civ for "Global" modpacks covering most of the world's history: Proto-slavs - Kievan Rus - Vladimir-Suzdal - Pre-Petrine Russia.

2) Ukrainian civ for "Global" modpacks: Proto-Slavs - Kievan Rus - Halych-Volhynia - Zaporozhian Cossacks

3) Byelorussian civ for "Global" modpacks: Proto-Slavs - Kievan Rus - Novgorod (Principality of Polotsk) - Pre-Petrine Russia (no pack is really appropriate for this period, as the region saw its ownership change a lot during XV-XVII centuries).

Advice for more specific historical settings:

1) Proto-slavic packs are exactly that; they are only appropriate around IV-VII centuries AD for Slavic tribes with no statehood (so it is not even appropriate for Samo state in VII century). They shouldn't be used at later dates and to represent any particular Slavic states.

2) From IX to early XII century, Rus (Kievan Rus for everything later than 882) should be treated as a single civ, unless you want to carry on much further on and have no emergent factions to represent further disunity (in which case you will probably want to introduce at least separate Novgorod early on, even if it is ahistorical). Kievan Rus packs, obviously, should be used for that (the "Golden Age" pack is the one for Christian Rus, therefore it is to be used since 996).

3) From XII to XV century, Russian lands are best represented as several separate civs. In reality, the number of different principalities was much higher than the three packs provided, so here is a general rule, with a map to help you out:

Everything south of Minsk and west of Kursk should use Halych-Volhynian pack (at various times, principality of Chernigov, Pereyaslavl, Tmutarakan, Turov-Pinsk, Halych-Volhynia etc.)

Everything north of Minsk and up to Novgorod should use Novgorod pack (Novgorod itself, Pskov, Polotsk etc).

Everything east of Smolensk and north of Kursk should use Vladimir-Suzdal pack (at different dates principality of Vladimir-Suzdal, Tver, Ryazan, Moscow etc).

Basically, dependent on particular date, Russian region can be carved into up to 15 separate states. For good simulation, you should probably include at least three, with vastly different history, culture and style of government - principality/republic of Novgorod, principality/kingdom of Halych(-Volhynia) (until its fall in 1349, these lands are later controlled by Lithuania and Poland-Lithuania, and thus are no longer a Russian principality) and principality of Suzdal/Vladimir/Moscow (XII, XIII and XIV century respectively).

4) It gets easier later on. From XV century, you will want to have only Russia (the name is first used in late XV century, so XV and later century starts can generally use this name), with a probable addition of rump independent Novgorod until its fall in 1478. For XV century, Vladimir-Suzdal pack is still appropriate for Russia, but you should shift to Pre-Petrine pack in XVI century. It is appropriate and accurate for XVI and XVII centuries (most Petrine military reforms, radically altering the appearance of Russian military, take place at the border of XVII-XVIII centuries).

Sorry for not being able to complete very many requests this time around, real life has been hectic of late and I have a new job which leaves a lot less time for modding. I will get around to completing all of the requests eventually, hopefully anyway.

Feel free to tell me what you think or if there is any problem with the download or whatever.

EDIT: Added a few more units,

Russian Workers,

Russian Orthodox Priest,

Russian Great Merchant,

Sviatoslav I of Kiev (Russian Warlord),

Alexis of Russia (Russian Warlord)

And a two requests,

Greek World War 1 Infantry

Early Chariot Unit Pack
Great sets, will have to take a closer look which ones to use for Russia (so many options ;) )
Thanks mamba! I think it's always good to have plenty of choices.:D
Awesome sets again :goodjob:
Thx for all this, Bakuel!!
Glad to see those finally released. :goodjob: As I was the person responsible for research and finding concept art, I am ready to answer any and all questions you might have on those units and their historical background.
I assume this means they are already in the soon-to-be-released BtS version of Total Realism ;)
Very nice work, as usual. Yet again Bakuel has left me with the not-so-bad problem of having way more units than I need.

These look great, thanks to WH for helping out! :goodjob:
I was glad to help Bakuel create these excellent packs. Since I had access to sources in Russian (and even museum collections), most of these units are very historically accurate - many are based on contemporary illustrations and archeological evidence (especially the pre-Petrine pack).
Thanks Capo and AbsintheRed, I'm happy you like the units.:D
It was really nice working with Walter Hawkwood since I knew little to nothing about Russian history, so is the one to thank for the wide selection of packs. The large amount of units in some of them was just me getting carried away with the concepts he provided, it is highly doubtful any mod can use all of them. But it would be nice if I was proven wrong.
Nice! Finaly we have proper Russian units. Unfortunately I'm doing Civ5 modding now. I wonder how hard it will be to convert these?
Thanks Ajidica!
I don't own civ5 so I wouldn't know anything about conversion, but I have seen some of my other units converted so someone else may be able to do it.
This is an excelent pack, I really thought there was nothing more a unit maker could do when I used to see your packs, but now I can see I was wrong, the history lesson that comes with the units its an A++ (which unfortunately doesnt exist). Too bad lots of people moved to Civ V, but even so I hope your work will double its existance and get converted for Civ V also.
I guess now i need to break the kiev into 2 or more factions with these new great units that you made :p
Thanks embryodead!

My units have rarely been a feature of Fall from Heaven mods, so I'd be honored if you could use them!

True there isn't as much buzz as there was in ye olde days, but I don't mine that much. As long as most of the major civ4 mod makers are using my units, I'll probably keep making them if I have the time.
Edit: Actually, the modding forums for civ4 and 5 all seem a bit sluggish (at least for graphics). I hope a lot of people didn't become disappointed in civ5 and decide to leave the series completely...
Well I'm not a major modder (beyond Mac BTS anyway) but I will definitely be using as many of these as I can in History Rewritten. The quality of these is outstanding once again, thank you!

Can I ask what part of the world are you thinking of making units for next? I think I read somewhere that you might be making some Indian units at some point: if so, could I humbly request a few Kushan and Tamil/Chola units as part of the mix?
Thanks for the kind words Xyth!
Yes, Indian units are the next major set to come, but I'll also be working on a number of miscellaneous units that were requested. But there will *eventually* be Kushan units as there are plenty of sources for the Kushans, however, for Chola units I am not so sure. It is hard to find any concept at all for Chola, I really wanted to bring a distinct southern India flavored mod pack, but I couldn't find any good sources.
The most southern pack I have planned is the Vakataka dynasty in central India, and that is thanks to the military scenes in the Ajanta Caves. If you, or anyone else, has any good military sources for the Tamil/Chola, I would love to have them.

EDIT: Also, just to clarify, when I said major modders, I was really just referring to modders that are currently updating and/or releasing major modifications for civ4, this is apposed to modders that focus on smaller mods and\or balance tweaks, not that there is anything wrong with these types of mods, but they generally don't have need for dozens of new units dealing with a single culture. I would personally call History Rewritten a major modpack.
Brilliant work as always!

You've always liked pesky reminders, so here's mine: how's them heroes ocming along?
Thanks cybrxkhan!
I haven't forgot any of the requests, but like I said in the first post, my new job takes up a lot of my time. Hopefully all of the requests will be finished, but it will take sometime.
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