Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Playoff Game 1 Thread

me too

Rams' score...ugh
i could see diplo here
My picks are cursed

Losing second city to barbs
Getting attacked by natural ally
Pacifist Warmonger

Oh god whats in store for Hannibal
Kudos to...

Ramesses, for unbridled pursuit of cultural hegemony and integration of the Aztec provinces 🥇

Churchill, for defending the Holy Land against the Khmer and attempting an eleventh-hour diplomatic coup 🥈

Hammurabi, for vanquishing the upstart Khmer 🥉

Joao, for negotiating peace during protracted conflict with the Khmer and in doing so mostly maintaining territorial integrity 🥉


Montezuma, who showed self-restraint and dedication to science and commerce only to fall under the wheel of Egyptian progress ⚱️

Suryavarman, who correctly identified the target but failed to overcome the combined forces of the Jewish coalition ⚱️
My thoughts on this game:

Monty finds himself religiously isolated because rammy drew a louis-like start from the opening round in his playoff game, even the same starting techs all things considering. No one can match rammy commerce from a land perspective and rammy will find a repeat performance with religions using obelisk priests to pump out an ultra early shrine and get everyone on his religious team like he did before. Rammy has a conquest option in monty and with everyone in the same religion and unable to wardec at pleased, monty is looking extremely shaky here. Rammy sweeps all the religions and runs the culture gambit, hammy slides in 2nd place as joao and sury fight a fruitless war based on border tension. Everyone watches helplessly as egyptian belly dancing becomes the global cultural phenomena, becoming audience members as their ai prevents them from interfering with the inevitable egyptian win.

Oddly enough, churchill is the wildcard here with the only source of bfc capital copper on the map. his starting position is absolutely atrocious and his workers going to be idling for some time i imagine, but that copper does mean we can get the copperdec before +1 relations kick in and throw a wrench in the supposed 4v2 pw situation this game is under.

Hammy's starting position is sneaky good. The capital land blows but triple seafood all but guarantees a fishing opener, letting hammy's people get out of the babylonian overgrowth and rely on the sea's bounty. Fishing opener is good because it guarantees hammy won't pull a freddy with decent commerce early game, but more importantly, keeps the babylonians completely out of the runnign for founding their own religion. Monty and rammeses are all but guaranteed to split religions and rammeses epic start means no one else even remotely has a chance to found thier own, ensuring everyone else follows Ramses shrine religion. Im also liking the surrounding land around hammy: there's an unearthed grassland gems that is very likely to be a juicy 2nd city spot and joao is likely to miss it as both his scouts have gone southeast and see the pigs tile (the ai puts a very high priority on food resources they can see). Hammy can very realistically claim the gems for his own and jumpstart his own commerce, and the ai wont dodge gold like they do gems since gems are food neutral. The other decent spot is up north near the wheat/fish spot, which is also great and lets hammy settle a few cities in churchills backlines.

Rammy and Hammy for the eponymous cradle of humanity tag team. Plus the names rhyme.

Rammy 1st
Hammy 2nd

T285 Culture

Monty FTD
5 Wars.

Congrats on winning with 23 points!
You saw best of all this week.

Maniamuse and Keler on top overall!

I got called out for my questionable choices. :hammer2:
so how'd it end?
Dang you Churchy! (and Hammy) ha

I blame Gumbo and his countrymen :D
Ramesses cultural victory t300 after narrowly surviving a Churchill diplo attempt just before culture victory hit. Churchill 2nd, Monti and Suryarvarman died despite decent performances.
Almost Church stole it. Hammy decider.
Congrats on winning with 23 points!
You saw best of all this week.

Maniamuse and Keler on top overall!

I got called out for my questionable choices. :hammer2:
Thank you! Happy about the picking contest, fantasy run looks just about finished lol, unfortunate. Based on what I saw, Hammurabi is very often in second place in the AH of this map, considering how he kept after losing his second city in absurd fashion.
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