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Syria shoots down F-16

sublime nonsense that requires a rant on

Spoiler :
as we have long seen America has a plan to create a Nation State for Kurds to start a Civil War on the maximum scale , instead of the minimum that keeps not happening anyhow . Somebody has to do the physical work and kill all the Turks . And this Nation State thing can not happen without the maximum scale Civil War , so like an oxymoron or something . As such New Turkey much necessary . Now that Western Media will not much delve on it ; here is the thing . America selling the courageous brave heroic ansd secular Kurds ! They have promised to make the Syrian branch of the seperatists fight the Turkish branch . Exactly on the day they officially referred it as subdivison of the Turkish branch ... Not that anyone believes it happening , not even in New Turkey but it's all about the depiction of America trembling in the glory of New Turkey . What does the Last Prime Minister say in Germany ? He says the elections in Germany are over , he says the referandum here is over , so Berlin and Ankara should make peace ... Really . Now that a crisis ending in victory is just what New Turkey needs , now that they are winning only with that . 42% ? Appears already recovering from that . Not that people feel relieved with the victory . Proves America will do nothing to A-K-P and stuff happens to neighbourhoods that doesn't vote for the Party . No need ever to explain why the leader of the Main Opposition refers to the said referandum . Proves he knows it's recovering from the 42% so says NO won the referandum with 52.18% and was hijacked with various devices to make the overall result a YES . Oh , everybody will accept this to be true , or at least a variation of it ... only when the Party loses its grip on the country .

operation right on tracks . After the first day's newspaper screams of 3 hours and troops will be inside Afrin the town , they have like captured some percentage of the area ; 10 or 20 or 30 and am not exactly sure . The "Muslims" naturally hate February 14th ; as an infidel immoral thing and naturally all the newspapers carry love letters to and from the troops there . As one can expect criticism only sinks the critic . A former Minister of Justice is under investigation by some association of lawyers ; and a troop gets killed and he has been involved in a traffic accident and he owes money . Some lawyer uses some automatic stuff for some re-possession , on the day of the death , unaware . Days pass , and oh my God , what a furore . Nobody has yet made a connection on TV ; and ı don't think anyone will . Former Chief of Staff of the now extinct Turkish Armed Forces calls for unity , because the troops are fighting and obviously he is against the Lefties and all that . And he is savaged by the Party and the almost racists ; of course he has to explain who are using the operation for political gain ! Operation in the name of the "Turkish Nation" even provides a canard for removing the term Turk / Turkish and Turkey from many organizations , some of them referred by the Constitution . See , before 1980s everybody was like free to be where ever they liked so there was a Leftwing Police association and a Rightwing Police association . Police has no association these days and everything was unified . Despite the "risks" . You can't practice Medicine without being a member of the Doctors thing , so my older brother is a member and there's this monthly or something magazine and ı have seen one or two and the editorial board is like obviously sympathetic to a pro-Kurdish narrative . While the country wide lawyer's association is like obviously "Kemalist" . And guess what - "Muslims" can not win elections in both ... So , they will be "broken" so that "Muslims" can establish associations where they can win elections and they will deny the term Turkish and the like to their rivals . So like back to 2013 , the word Turk being undesirable and all that .

please , no charges that this is unrelated to the shooting down of an Israeli plane . It obviously is , as the affair has somehow increased the bargaining power of New Turkey . Last year's El Bab thing was meant to rush to Halep to save the Jihadis . Between the needs of emptying Rakka for a seperatist victory for America and some little bribing from the Russians meant the beardies of ISIL forcing a so called NATO army retreat from places with like 10 tanks lost . This year's Afrin operation much means to rush to Idlip to save the Jihadis and like stupiiiiiid Americans can not like convince themselves it was just a fluke , an accident as much as a plane running into a flock of birds . So after Americans keep a steady stream of beggers to New Turkey we hear the glorious news that that there might not be a war over Menbij afterall . More to the point , NATO now makes a deal with New Turkey to keep the Lines of Communication in the North Atlantic open . Nothing to worry , just about allocating a frigate or so to an ASW Taskforce . As routine as anti-piracy patrols off Aden . Proves am wrong and NATO works with us . As if it wasn't me who authorized the combat loaded , combat tasked , what Americans call "Boomer" patrols like a decade ago . As if 2 to 7 minutes is not in English and can not be used to calculate a geographic location or two . As if ı will not be ___ for saying we have no need of Stoltenberg to say anything . Oh , how am tempted to hark back to the dark days of 1942 when USN could not even start convoying so that them U-booten could sink more . Even more stupidly , ı now have to say none of this is not real in anyway , too .

this post will make more sense ...

and then the Aegean . Because ı have to guerilla post and stuff and we have this spike in troubles over there . Not over the islands you see , but hydrocarbon business ; because them evil Greeks are stealing " Muslims' " natural gas . While there were no issues as the islands were becoming "occupied" in return for a promise of rights in the wealth to be extracted . As said , ı check somewhere else and that place has this Greek Nationalist . Talking much about the 1987 affair . The Hour of Opposition on the Voice of Russia had this Turkish journalist from Greece and there were some muddled moments as the guest had a long winded talk on Papandreau introducing his extramarital affair to general public on the 14th of that year ; you know , because he would be most unable to procure a victory in shooting war ... Scandal to cover his like greatest embrassement since Washington and Moscow told him to shut up as Santa Turgut was worth 10 Andreases in that moment , creating a Kurdish Nation State behind the back of the Republic . ı really hate to be like the first to connect the dots , you know . This Greek Nationalist then claims the evil EU ordered all facilities provided to a Turkish invasion and only heroic Slavic brothers , namely Bulgarians , assisted the heroic Greeks . Mobilising thousands of tanks within hours , threatening Edirne . He claims of military service , hence expertise . But obviously he is like unaware that this is a very Balkan thing . Ours say Bulgarians once said they had the backing of their Russian uncles and they would take Edirne in an hour and a half . In the next war . Hearing this the local garrsion of Edirne and environs took their lot out . ı have heard the number was like 3 000 . And am pretty sure my porents knew this to have happened before they emigrated here in 1972 ...

ever ready to be helpful then ı found some magazine , with an article on the Military Balance . Apparently with the numbers of 1983 . So , Bulgarians had 300 T-34s , a round 1000 T-54/55s , 60 T-72s and 60 BMP-1s . Fair enough . Greeks fielded 1650 or so of various makes . Also fair enough . We had 3600 , fair enough ? A full reckoning would a require a coffee book of 500 pages , but Bulgarians come really as the poorest of WP militaries . No tank divisions and none of the 8 infantry divisions rate as a Category 1 , ready to move and fight on short notice ... Romania has 2 , possibly the only help Bulgaria could expect . Poland has 10 . Hungary has 0 but fields more tanks with an army of 84 000 when contrasted to Bulgaria's 120 000 . East Germany has 6 with almost the same personnel numbers , fielding 1500 tanks , and has 1600 in reserve too . See , this is not how the Cold War was conducted . Nobody reads Bill Gunston these days . Well , in '82 or 83 NATO discovered them Soviets had perfected Milimeter wave stuff , radars that could identify tanks under camouflage and guide anti tank missiles in top attacks . Much panic , after a careful mixture of a supposed Syrian attack on an Israeli HQ in the otherwise terribly unsuccesful 1982 fighting , carried out by Su-22 Fitters at ultra low level . Hearing this Russians went to the extent of "designing" a special variant , wings fixed at 45° , radar absorbing paint and plastic structure too , even "torpedo tubes" to launch the wonder missiles . America's answer was to be the WASP , a Hughes product to be launched in "speculative firing" , salvoed with the hope that they would something and hit something . Put into drop tank shapes so that even the lowliest NATO tactical fighter could use some . Naturally Hughes saw no profit in that and only studied in 370 gallons size for Phantoms so that the US taxpayer money could become profits with less work . Of course didn't happen . And the gloriously glorious , awesomely awesome British Brimstone was like in 1999 or what ? See , if one thousand Bulgarian tanks , then 1000 "Allied" Phantoms , each with 24 WASPs . Typically "Nationalist" stuff . Dangers lurk out there and only the steel like resolve can save the people . Hence the strong must be given everything , so that they can indulge in their true fantasies . Weeding out the weak , say , Kafka sprouting losers .

and this to remind that ı don't prove to be 100% correct all the time . We haven't been conquered by ISIL yet ...

and of course ı have these otherwise worthless stuff which somehow still defines the essense what's eating the Turk and hence which will be reason of something to befall Uncle Sam ...

now that newspapers now assure the quarter or 1/8 White Wabbit aka Maddog Mattis has 7000 volumes of books in his personal library thus knows history thus avoids antagonizing this new brilliant New Turkey ... It's not particularly unreadable , after the great Xenforo work . Only the post linked and not the rest of the page , now that it's a particularly on topic with Phantoms , right ?
Not sure how you can joke about this crap, r16. Your country is about to be in a rather big war. This is Turkey, country that can't even win against some rebels in Afrin, but wants to declare war on Greece which has a quite serious army.
I sometimes wonder if turkish people actually don't realize they are enabling a barbaric warmonger. I mean, one has to hope. Tbh, though, it seems most of your countrymen are stuck in medieval times. I like you, and don't think you are, but they seem to.
ı never go medieval on people , ı go orbital on them . No war , no nothing that can hurt A-K-P , 'cause for some reason US of A still can not bring itself to open war and tries hand at backstabbing . And easy on the adjectives , now that there's a city that would like to say this is about a person that kinda rules and he is or certainly was liked by the Greeks .
As if there were not enough conspiracy theories already, another passenger plane crashed today in Iran:
Are there any half-serious conspiracy theories going on about this?
Are there any half-serious conspiracy theories going on about this?
Not yet. But since such theories exist in regards to recent An-148 crash near Moscow (mentioned by r16), I won't be surprised if they appear soon.
without missing a beat Peace breaks out between New Turkey and America , leaving the ranting to ...

Spoiler :
them Kemalists and stuff . Politics being Politics they are not exactly true but enough . Never expected America saying "That's it!" and collecting their entire bunch of diplomats and assigning Switzerland to task of their representation here , but anyhow . Would like to bet New Turkey would assign Qatar , though ... Rants , right ? Like America puts some stuff in a field and tells people they are minarets . Oh my , some drunkard then fires on the minarets . US Congress dudes fly right here ; as you might have guessed the minarets are Jupiter IRBMs . And the shooting under the influence have somehow missed the warheads and fuel tanks . Assuming Jupiters were indeed liquid fuelled , ı would never think they would be kept on stand-by for a lenght of time . AND any blind mole could hit a minaret size thing OR its engine , which would come at the bottom . The bragging rights would be for hitting the main pump , where ever that might be , figuring from the stencils . See , if there was any sort of a bang Americans -loving Turks so much- would simply abandon site and run . And it didn't save Izmir at all , the town being like famous for being the premier nuculear wastedump of the country , with some company illegally burying various barrels and any sensible cleanup requiring the removal of 100 000 tons of soil .

for good measure the drunkards have also hit some control panel and various support equipment . No date is given for when this happened but might well be like the Cuban Crisis . Luckily for me , ı had long posted my personal opinion that any Jupiter launched from Turkish territory could very well fall on only Turkish territory , you know , stupid Khruschev firing one to impress the world and Kennedy restrainedly responding only in Cuba . You know , with the invasion afterwards promising to clean up the area . And of course , that's not even half of it . With China on the verge of having da bomb and having border issues with India over Tibet and the like and having its troops up in the mountains for months , acclimatizing or something them and kicking the Indians around . See , excellent , them brilliant boys in DC will also strike China's facilities in "East Turkestan" while at it . With like whole approval from Moscow . Hence having defeated the Turk , the arch enemy of Christendom , they now deserve a thousand years of Heaven on Earth ...

the rant totally fails afterwards with a claim that the missiles were then based in Mürted , the jet base in Ankara . Mürted was built as a nuclear base , by Americans , it's true , but its real thing , by the Turks , was to add depth to the jet defence of Central Anatolia . Israel somehow made it inevitable that Arabs would turn to Moscow and only natural to assume Turkey would be pushed to become a "Second Front" . Neo-Ottomanism is a fake thing , it assumes our Arab Brothers down there miss us so much . Our Arab Brothers would instead load a plane and attack Ankara and hell to pay if the existing airfields and stuff miss that single plane . Arab Way of War in the 20th Century , much unfortunately for Arabs , revolves around too little action and too much talk , it would be like Battle of Germany , with one bomber like totally destroying all the industries of the Republic ; and ı have no doubts that the "Muslims" would be likewise talking of the godlessness of the country for 200 years on .

well , War in those days was tough . ı have read the account of some Greek F-104 pilot on the web . Must be late 1960s and he was tasked to attack the base in Eskişehir , all by himself and close the base , again by himself . One single 750 pound bomb on the runway and strafe the hangars and the like . And expected back home , so that he could be providing CAS on the next day . Because the planes were so fast , gunnery was so hard and nobody expected missiles to work and short of running into the ground during the attack run , he wouldn't have any doubts on his chances either . This super confidence thing must then explain the rant's next part . That 1974 is so big a shock that Greek officers attack their own bilateral HQ to capture the codes and a gun battle takes place between them against other Greek officers and Americans ? Not that they would nuke us , simply to deter and ı would have an inkling on the background of that , but as ı have said repeatedly over the years , 1974 was supposed to be the year of Greek Phantoms , handily defeating the now dead THK , then Phantomless . If it really happened , will readily explain why Democracy was so quick to return to Greece . And of course , relevant and not simply to mention Israel to avoid a charge of "off-topic" . Because 1978 is such a dirty word , 20 years on when a contract was signed with IAI and stuff to have the Phantoms modernized . And much delays , because as no one would ever believe , the first plane was totally stripped and carefully measured in every single imaginable way , to see if it could become a Commie overnight . You know , transformed slowly and slowly after leaving the McDD factory in St Louis , Missouri ... Russian planes are like totally NATO standards you know , so that they could immediately operate from captured airfields . Them smart Russians , who operate a different track width since 1880s so that any invader will have to walk , instead of riding trains to Moscow ...

so , alas , Incirlik still remains with dozens of nukes that can explode in situ . No chances of base closures either . But it might have saved 100 000 Kurds . Maybe or maybe not , now that they have discovered America will easily allow them killed and their cantons taken over at a rate of 10 sq kilometers a day ; because Party is far more important . Even for 'stan , right ? But then people should wait for a day or two , before it becomes New Turkey propaganda . ı might instead look for the claims of a guy that people in Konya developed a tank in 3 days or whether it's true that Musk flew a car into space and thus inspired , New Turkey sentenced a Congregation guy to 7 years from NASA .

and yes , Middle East , no scratch that , the whole world runs on conspiracies . See , evil FBI did not see the school massacre coming while wrongly investigating Russians , meaning if not against then for . Stuff needs explanation , right ? Like , it's a woman that declared the Konya wonder , the tank was actually developed in 6 days , runs on Boron , hence is a chameleon , hence it was actually New Turkey that invaded Kerkük , its armour looking like Shia run M-1s . See , you can't win ... When fighting New Turkey ...
With so many acronyms and r16 rants i dont understand too much about syria war. Let see if i got it:

2011: Popular revolt. Assad kills lots of people every friday.
2012: Rebel army arises mostly formed by defectors and helped by USA and Turkey. Assad is close to defeat.
2013: Maybe because victory is now a real possibility, rebels get divided between good rebels, crazy al-Nusra (aka al-Qaeda) and even craziest ISIS. Ironically Assad gets a respite.
2014: ISIS gets big chunks of the syrian cake while fights everybody.
2015: Half the world gets in with the pretext of eradicate ISIS. Russia/Iran with Assad, west and Turkey with rebels ( the good ones)
2016: Assad start winning with help of Russia. Turkey doesnt like that. Meanwhile in the North Kurds starts winning against ISIS with USA help. Turkey likes that even less.
2017: ISIS is torn to pieces. But lets not start sucking each others dick yet...
2018: Now we have a new kind of "rebels" at north supported by Turkey fighting mostly Kurds while Assad is beating the remains of the originary good rebels comfortably, US doesn't know what hell to do and Putin is laughing his ass off.

Feel free to point where i am wrong.
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2018: Now we have a new kind of "rebels" at north supported by Turkey fighting mostly Kurds while Assad is beating the remains of the originary good rebels comfortably, US doesn't know what hell to do and Putin is laughing his ass off.
Only a small correction - the rebels supported by Turkey aren't a new kind. They are good old "Free Syrian Army" aka "Moderate Opposition" which were fighting against Assad and Kurds since the beginning of the war.
What's new is that since January they are attacking Kurdish Afrin province with direct support of Turkish army. There was Turkish intervention in 2017 too, but only against ISIS.
Well if they are attacking Kurds instead of the government they cant be even called "rebels" anymore. Maybe Mercenaries Paid by Turkey to Fight Kurds. MPTFK.
It's complicated. As far as I understand, FSA is a loose conglomerate of different rebel groups with sometimes different goals. All of them oppose Assad government, but some signed cease-fire with it, while others are allied with Al-Nusra and currently holding parts of Idlib province, fighting against government there.

Kurds are generally neutral to the government (at least Afrin Kurds, because there are different kinds of Kurds too :)). In Aleppo battle they even helped government troops to defeat rebels in the city and entire city district, Sheikh-Maksoud, is still under Kurdish control to this day. But pro-American Kurds are more hostile to the government, there were a few clashes between them in the Eastern part of the country.
I see, so the only possibilty of peace is a total victory for Bashar "the monster" Assad.
I see, so the only possibilty of peace is a total victory for Bashar "the monster" Assad.
Yes. Let the evil prevail, it will simplify things :)
Russia will come to the rescue and restore order in Syria. Though I would prefer if we restored order in Russia first.
2012 a Phantom of the now extinct Turkish Air Force gets shot down . New Turkey shirks from fighting on its own . One negative point .
2013 a possible Blackflag about chemicals . New Turkey shirks from fighting on its own . Two negative points , the extra coming from seeing Seymour Hersh popping before he was expected
2013 ish maybe , with Barack spineless jerk Obama posing with a baseball bat , implying that he can break skulls , so that New Turkey can discipline losers who are known to have killed with baseball bats .
2014 New Turkey shirks from fighting on its own . One negative point .
2015 New Turkey shirks from fighting on its own . One negative point .
2016 enough is enough . The Disgrace of July 15th . Aaaaaaaand New Turkey shirks from fighting on its own . One negative point .

what's there not to understand or something ?

one yet another fantastic bombastic day in the bluest little marble of the Galaxy ! No , the rant will not be about re-criminalization of the adultery . Nor about the renaming of the street the US Embassy is situated from Nevzat Tandoğan to "Olive Branch" . Afterall ,

Spoiler :

everybody does that , renaming streets as chest thumping . And Tandoğan was a Governor or a judge or whatever in the 1940s when he adressed a bunch of guys in court accused of being in "love" with Russia ; if there's a need for Communism in Turkey [the Turkish State] will bring Communism to Turkey kind of thing . Now that EU moves in as the Western "partner" in view of the make believe spat with the US , everybody would feel a "weakness" after calling them EU hypocrites and Nazis , so the law gets reversed , in defiance way of thing . Now that it was A-K-P that legalized adultery in Turkey anyhow .

oh , it's that Afrin thing , kinda naturally . Seems to be 60 by 50 kilometers , a really sizeable armoured attack on day one might have cut off the roads in a day or two tops ; with like 30 to 40 kilometers advance but there's only a "limited" number of beardies who do not like to be pushed ; if they fight a day more , they get a daily payment more sort of thing . As a thing to remember , the M-1 the tank (the Modern Armour in Civ III parlance) was like designed for a 20 miles advance , under fire , per hour . So , (with discussion arising that assistance might come) one of the party newspapers ... What ? Of course we are not them Commies ! Instead of one Pravda , there are like 10 or 15 newspapers , every Party hack has a job style of thing . And that newspaper says if anybody helps the seperatists it will be war , including a couple of countries and Syria will not exist anymore . Now that it's so cryptic , now that they can not say Israel will attack Iran , America will screen Russians and New Turkey will basically end up as the boots on the ground , you know , of the West . You can also imagine aerial attacks against Esad family holdings and the like .

once again , it's not about fighting and it's all about votes . New Turkey says something and the world trembles . And so , the seperatists and Damascus or whatever agrees and some convoy forms up , driving up the road the Army of Petrol was not allowed to close . Damascus says planes bombed the convoy , Ankara claims they opened artillery fire as a warning and convoy stopped a full 10 kilometers from the town ; because the Party invested political capital with the claim that nobody could reach the town . And it's a lovely case of Unidentified People In a Convoy or UPIC , a ground variety of UFO . See , the Shia are in competition , them Najaf versus Qum and Iran can not dare challenging New Turkey ; only some dudes from Iraq provoking glorious New Turkey with a stupid "Doçka" on a jeep and so on . That D thing is the Russian 50 caliber and can be encountered in English , with English spelling as well .

this is not what the Turkish Armed Forces was when it existed , when we were poor and knew how to die if it was down to that . This is the filthy rich Arab way , buying boots on the ground and the boots on the ground aka our Arab Brothers have now half a decade of aversion to fight Iranians . If you don't believe that , why , Iran supports dear Doha against evil Saudi interference ; all the tough talking is against Damascus after 7 years of Civil War . Now that they are most unlikely to hit back in any way or something . And the seperatists , like obviously .

and oh my , the number of people laughing at the yours idiotly these days . See , when it began , that Afrin thing , especially "Eastern" looking dudes would be whispering that ı supposedly threatened Russians with nuclear weapons . ı didn't ; the Health Ministry has long banned them , Fallout and all that jazz . Sooner or later , everybody "falls to the hand" of the Health Ministry , as that phrase goes in Turkish . Because America and New Turkey are now friends , nobody apparently needs my non-existant nuclear armoury ! And ı know nothing ... Now , where did ı put my 50 000 tanks ? No , not them , the 70s to 80s ones ...
I see, so the only possibilty of peace is a total victory for Bashar "the monster" Assad.

Yeah, pretty much. Which is something I've been saying since this whole conflict kicked off. As bad as Assad may be, the best political outcome for the region is a victory for him and his loyalist forces. I fear he really might be the only one who has any chance of bringing anything resembling order back to Syria.
Curiouser and curiouser...
Syria sends NDF militia to Afrin instead of regular troops. Still, it is some help against Turkey.

Regular army seemingly plans to start operation against rebels in Eastern Gouta, district of Damascus. Rebels have pretty big enclave there, heavy urban fights expected similar to what was in Aleppo battle.
Prepare for a new wave of "Russia bombing hospitals" messages in Western media.
What does Israel think would happen, flying warplanes into the territory of another country with whom you have an armistice with to carry out airstrikes?
Flipping it around, would Israel stand by and go "fair's fair, we aren't going to shoot down your warplanes" if Syria were to carry out airstrikes on groups inside Israel hostile to Syria that the Syrian government felt Israel was collaborating with?

The one of the worst things about this whole sorry state of affairs is that it is contributing to the blurring of the line between war and peace. Is the United States at war with the Syrian Arab Republic? In all honestly, I can't give an answer on that, and that should be concerning for any number of reasons ranging from international law, to US constitutional law, to basic human decency.

Your post (aside from the usual 'equivalence between countries' drivel) seems to be lambasting the Israelis for hypocrisy, but what exactly *is* the hypocrisy? Did Israel accuse Syria of violating international law or threaten to go to the ICC?
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