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RotQM06: Revenge on those Queen Muthaz!

Cat and mouse with Hatty's destroyers. She wants to knock out Seville's food supply badly, but it's a reach and it costs her. The RNG was not very kind--i lost some battles i should have won, deserved the wins i did get.

I played 16 turns to get to 1920 ad, rather than 6 to get to 1910 ad. Barcelona will be ours next turn. Hatty's carrier force is in Davy's locker. Four destroyers are positioned to take out Hatty's two new battleships. Good luck.

Hatty's Big Red Button has been cancelled. Guess she's going for diplo. No diplo shenanigans possible--AW ties our hands. Not sure how that will work out for her. My guess is the other AI hit her up for techs, she caves even when she doesnt have to--they love her. Looks bad for us. Having 3x our military, she hasn't even taken back the cities we captured from her. Weird.

Built mostly workboats to restore our pop. Beat a forge out of Sigtuna--no other beatings. Tried to build our so-called econ back into some kind of shape--some of our coastal cities are so small that they will take 34,873 turns to build a destroyer. Ergo, workboats.


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do you have 34,873 turns to play?
With rising queen mothers
And vogons and more

Space monkeys that travel
Thru the years by the score

We’ve lost our fair share
Won naught but a few

And so it is fitting
We lose this one too

And yet, what do I see
Coming down from the sky?

‘Tis Cornelius, the monkey,
Please don’t ask why ~

CORNELIUS: This is it, apes! The time we’ve been long waiting for!

MR CHIMPS: Captain, the missiles are ready, sir! We can finally end this human infestation.

C: Agreed. Lucy, have the coordinates been plugged into the computer?

LUCY: Well, sir, we’re still using the old abacus-based system from our last temporal shift, but everything seems in good order.

C: Then, fire at will.

L: At who?

C: Just fire!! And tell the twins to hug each other fearfully!

MC: Wait, sir! We’ll need slaves to help us rebuild the Simian empire. Perhaps we shouldn’t destroy EVERYone.

C: Oh, very well. Spoil sport.

[Cue soft, yet uplifting music]
When the dust settles
And radioactivity ceases

There is none but Vikings,
Whose pants have no creases.

It doesn’t take long
For the apes to command

These small-minded primates
Who fought over the land.

In monkeys v. humans,
The simians have won

Don’t tell the slaves:
The Age of Apes has begun!
Encore! Bravo! :clap:

There's no shame in going down with our nukes flying.

Although I'd say that if we'd had Hatty's position, the result might have been diffrent.
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