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RotQM06: Revenge on those Queen Muthaz!

My, my. Aren't we peckish today?

Here's the save. Basically I razed one Egyptian size 13 fishing city and lost our whole fleet. Our stack of grenadiers and cannons is therefore stranded on hostile land, where the enemy has railroads and probably lots of troops stashed away.

Oh, the enemy has also destroyers. But our gallant galleons managed to locate Thebes and pillage its fishing nets before being torn to shreds.

Our economy is in dire straits, what with the erratic blockades and the war weariness, which has shot through the roof following the Trafalgar of our Armada.

Long story short, we're screwed.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and dig up the ending screenshot of Quatrain Mavens, for teh hilarity.
Got it.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Faint heart ne'er won fair game.

Damn the torpedoes.

Pholk expects every woman (and man) to do their duty.

I repeat these motivational phrases to myself.

Then I study the save.

In the words of stuge "Long story short, we're screwed".
Well, well, well.

Played up to 1820.

We aren't dead yet (unlike our stack in Egypt that's been completely annihilated :lol: ) .

Red Faces have fallen beneath the overseer's lash. Our cities may be smaller but at least the survivors are happier.

Hat's destroyers of course completely rule the waves. Totally pointless building any ships before we have combustion (and oil) ourselves.

Picked up a few techs: PP, drama, poly, lit, mono, currently on education.
Our research rate is up to 50%, about 350 bpt at -10gpt.

Once we've got theatres and coliseums everywhere we can think about culture slider to control misery.

Need to think about national wonders.

There's a very long way to go and we'll probably lose but let's play this one out.
OK, this is a got it. I will poke around and probably ask some stupid questions. :cool:
It doesn't look good, that's for sure, that we must press on! Is there no chance of surreptitiously landing troops on Hatty's islands?? even on a suicide run??

if not, we should definitely look into finishing off the others. Only land will give us enough of an edge in this game. Imo, on an archi map, hatty won't be able to win; she can only stalemate us. time is in our favor!
I agree that we have to stop Hats from winning this game. I also think that we have no chance of stopping anyone from doing anything until we regain at least partial control of the sea. Given the huge disparity between destroyers and any preceeding naval unit that means destroyers (or battleships!) of our own. That means a lot of research and basically we have to turtle and hope we don't lose too many cities before we can start fighting back.
I have not played any turns yet, as i feel these next 20-30 turns will have a huge impact on whether we win or lose this game, and so i welcome any and all discussion. Many thanks. :goodjob:

I would like to chime in on the notion of regaining the water. Hatty has the island NW of our capital and she will (sooner or later) start bombing us.

That would mean we should turtle until we get destroyers. Maybe trim some of Bod's fat in the meantime.
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