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It's a nice puzzle, but the solution wasn't as generalized as I'd have liked. Isn't there a way to do it with calculus, even if it requires differential equations using max points and tied elements? And while it's nice to use intuition for the multiples of 1000, intuition isn't rigorous even if correct :) For the record, when I approached it I only thought of equal distance drop points (it's practical when there is no underlying plan for the time being, to use trial and error with neat cuts), and so ended with the suboptimal 500 bananas (instead of the possible 533), by dropping (eg) 500 bananas at the 1/4 point, then dropping 250 bananas at the 2/4 point (and using 250 from the 1/4 point on your way back), then finishing the trip with using the 500 in the two points, thus ending with 500. But it wasn't generalized, just one case, obviously there could be others and it could always be suboptimal (as it was).
Boris showing reactor 4 what a real meltdown looks like.
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Not my idea, just awesome comment on youtube :)

Probably late to the party with this one, but PhilosophyTube is pretty awesome. A recent episode:
I have never watched a 4 hour video on youtube before, and 2.5 million views in a day seems mad. This is about the whole plagiarism drama that seems to be kicking off.


Is its mouth sewn shut or something? ^^
Some types of pet snakes will do that too. Which is cute, but the mechanism at play is they're trying to figure out if you're small enough to swallow or not.
Rewatching Modest Pelican's Mafia 2 playthrough.


Some of those clowns literally read verbatim pages and pages from books and/or articles, never stating it is another person's work :p
Also at other points were dumb enough to copy the passages but change something like one word per sentence, keeping the structure and flow entirely the same.

And made a lot of money from that, by the way - until they were forced to take the videos down.

(though the Angry VideoGame Nerd seems to only be there due to greed; he wasn't doing the plagiarizing, just fed a script by a plagiarist).
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