Which Films have you seen lately? 19 - Get Your Film's Name Outta Your Mouth

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Mar 11, 2008
Saw Death on the Nile (2022) - Best part was the prologue. Young Poirot saves the day in the trenches at Yser, and we learn why he has such a big 'stache. The rest is ok.
Scary Movie 2. 3/10. Meh. Much worse than the first. (Also, for whatever reason, Netflix seems to be dripping out movies from this series once per month. At first, there was only the first movie, and now in April there's the second. Perhaps in May they'll add the third?)

Battle. 7.5/10. A Norwegian modern dancer comes to realize she enjoys hip-hop freestyle more. I enjoy movies like these, and this was done pretty well. What goes against it most is a very unlikable protagonist and slightly too much focus on her flaws instead of the dancing.
0/10, don't know what it references too :/.

Metal Lords. 2 high school kids want to form a metal band and win a contest. Only interesting for metal fans, and if the premise is okay with you. Otherwise just a not-so-interesting high school movie. I'm a metal fan, so was okay :D.
Also, if you like Nic Cage, he did an AMA on /r/movies. As far as actor AMAs go, this is likely the best I've read. Really insightful and earnest.


This is excellent!!! I love this one:

Dear Mr. Travolta,

How has life changed for you since changing faces with Nicholas Cage? Do you regret the decision or would you do it again?
Nic appeared to get a kick out of that one

Also, interesting bit about Cronenberg telling Nic that the dragonfly larvae inspired the Alien creature. I'm now looking into that more.
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I see I once more conflated the band The Fifth Dimension with the film The Fifth Element. They both have a bit of Age of Aquarius ring to them, at least for me.

I saw Sunshine on Paramount+; it looks like it's also on Epix, but not currently on Hulu. I agree on being a fan of Jean Reno, although I had missed Leon, I will have to rectify that.

Most recently, saw Top Gun. Good, but not to the level of great. The jet fighter scenes were of course the highlight.
Double header with Red Sparrow https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2873282/

which was surprisingly good and even more refreshingly dark at times. That is to say that most movies are toned down even more. For an A-list actress. moneywise if nothing else, Lawrence doesn't seem to have problems going topless so the camera angles doesn't have to be unnecessarily weird - just tactically awkward. While not having much in common with The Russia House I had the same vibes with this - it isn't an action-spy-flick as such but more of a mood-drama-thriller. Lawrence has some credibility issues while Connery had none and Pfeiffer was above criticism back then. Irons and especially Rampling are good without going over the top to the camp side of things.

and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3393786/

while the original is ok this is far from it and even worse than I was afraid of - it's crap on any metric. The most accurate part is in the title - no one will ever go back to this after starting to watch it. I'm not expecting everyone to survive that ordeal to the end credits.

Side note for Top Gun. I stopped rating it on good/bad terms ages ago. I've seen it too many times and many of them while in the army - it most often seemed the best of available options on weekends. Partly because the garrison's VHS selection wasn't the greatest.

Several years ago while on a hiking tour somewhere in Norway we stopped the car to watch scenery which was partially spoiled by a (commercial) flyby which furthermore was countered by the car-CD playing Take My Breath Away. My cousin was in his usual Air Force tracksuit so we quickly grabbed the camcorder for few memorable seconds. It seemed cool back then.
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Greyhound (2020) - In 1942, Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, and 4 destroyers escort 37 cargo ships across "The Pit", a 50-hour gap of the North Atlantic crossing where Allied aircraft can't help them and 6 U-Boats sharpen their knives. A brisk, explosion-filled, 90-minute chase. Not as engaging as Hanks' other WWII work, but quicker, fast-paced, almost nonstop gunfire, and a couple of genuinely tense moments.


I cannot find my copy of Star Wars VI :cry:
It's pouting because you called it "Star Wars VI" instead of by its real name.
This is the end. What if you and your group of friends were idiots and the apocalypse happened? It would be surprisingly unfunny.
Not recommended, stopped after half of the movie.

Agreed. This is a contender for worst movie I've ever seen.
Some road safety infomercial from down under. I know they drive on the wrong side of the road but still some horrible stuff. Reckless driving, people not wearing seatbelts, far too wide tires, body kits not properly fitting, engines running on too rich mixture causing exhaust flames and I have hard time believing that every vehicle has passed it's mot recently. This was clearly more suitable for a plotless action movie than anything else but since the first three installments in the series were ages ago Max, the careless driver in the absence of FoY should've been a granddad by now and made look like one, too. Nice to see that at least one of the original cast survived and Jaffer was great - and still using the same Mother Teresa line skin moisturizer as in Farscape,

Not as good as 1 & 2 but far superior to 3. Hopefully IOC was watching too & will replace clay pidgeons with live motorcyclists in the shooting range. Them throwing grenades back may still need some further development, though. Maybe save it for the medal rounds.

What if you and your group of friends were idiots and the apocalypse happened?
So that's a documentary, then? :lol:

Also, I thought Fury Road was the best Mad Max movie.
Technically I didn't say anything about the absolute quality of the 3rd as I only referenced it in relative terms but I take the heretic part in this context as a high praise and furthermore, I should point out that #3 is ok (well, was, as I've only seen it once in the 80s. It just that the 3rd moved the series to family friendly direction which is always a bad idea or irrelevant at best.
Also, I thought Fury Road was the best Mad Max movie.

I don't want to point any fingers to possible faults with this but it's a clear case of internet (and IMDb) being wrong.
On the other hand I see this as an independent movie rather than an expansion of the trilogy which makes this one a bit better. The first two are still superior but there's an issue with comparing these. The first two were experiences especially when Mad Max was originally banned here for violence and I saw the #2 as first. This, decades later, is just a movie.

Baby Driver https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3890160/

Well above expectations and generally very good. As an established heretic I'm allowed to say that Spacey's on-screen merits are still good as were all the main characters. This is how simple, good action movies are made of - few cool characters, preferably well played and eccentricity is a bonus and some sort of story or something workable instead of it and few bucks to buy something to be trashed. It really shouldn't be that hard.
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