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Imperium Offtopicum XXIII

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by NinjaCow64, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Tolnia (Aleks) has quit the game. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has been NPCed. New players, feel free to take over this nation.
  2. Robert Can't

    Robert Can't Grantaire

    Dec 7, 2007
    The Barricade
    Due to the recent instability of the Soviets the freedom of the city can only be ensured by Infiltrating the Soviet Administration (Covert).
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  3. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
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  4. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
  5. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    When the world fell, Ethiopia was not ready.
    As Adam and Eve struck the earth, the fragility of the Ethiopian region reared its ugly head. Chaos and anarchy reigned supreme, and the countless different ethnic groups of Ethiopia were at each other's throats as the previous socialistic government completely and utterly collapsed. Constant strife gripped the region as no central authority could truly establish itself in the wake of the crisis, and countless innocents lost their lives as the stability of nations all across Africa was utterly shattered.
    However, everything changed with the rise of two factors: The Byzantine Empire and Neo-Apostolic Christianity. Contact with a 'civilized' power allowed long-destroyed concepts to once again reintroduce themselves to the nation: Peace, unity, trusting one's neighbor, and a single central state that one could trust to protect you from Olympians or raiders, and once the new religion found its way to the new land, the people, who beforehand had started to slide back into cultism and paganism, rapidly began to accept this restorationist religion. The city-state of Addis Ababa, using these new factors to its advantage, decided to make its move, and soon, with several brilliant leaders at its head, managed to march out into the rugged terrain and reunite the highlands of the region, even bringing back the troublesome Eritrean region under the state's control. The propagation of a state church allowed this new Ethiopia to experience unity never seen before in modern history, and soon, it began to pick up the pieces and, with tariffs on Golden Horn trade, managed to rebuild its economy to a level never seen before. Now, the rugged lands of Ethiopia are ruled by a new state which seeks to mark its place on the modern world.

    Name: The Christian Republic of Ethiopia
    High Concept:
    Moral Democracy on the Golden Horn
    Trouble: Unity Only In Faith (The ethnic tensions that have long plauged Ethiopia's history have only been put aside with the rise of Neo-Apostilic Christianity in the region establishing a nigh-unprecedented sense of religious unity. Shattering this unity would be a surefire way to spread chaos in the area oncemore.)
    Stunt: Highland Companies: Ethiopia's rugged and mountainous terrain has caused its armed forces to become skilled in navigating and using mountains and hills to their advantage, being capable of pulling off feats of maneuvering and logistics that few of the world's nations can match. (Gain a +2 advantage to all defensive Force rolls in the Ethiopian highlands.)
    Absence of the Eloi: The sheer chaos once in the region made it unattractive for the rich and wealthy to settle in, and while this was once a disadvantage to state-building, now it serves as an advantage as Ethiopia, while still having economic
    inequality, has far less of it than most other comparable nations.
    Economic Resurgence: The tariffs on trade passing through the Golden Horn to Byzantium have allowed new income to flow into the state, valuable income that is most often spent back into infrastructure and economic prosperity, meaning
    Ethiopia is wealthier than it has ever been before.
    Neo-Apostolic Zeal: The missionaries and evangelists of the new state religion of Ethiopia have worked with frightening efficiency in converting the locals, and soon Ethiopian missionaries have become renowned for the ease of which they can
    propagate their religion and the zeal they can instill in new converts.
    Charm: 1
    Force: 1
    Science: 0
    Thrift: 2

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    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  6. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Rule Changes:

    The update will be coming very soon, don’t worry! I imagine I might have gotten people worried about a notification coming out of the blue like this, but I want to assure you that the update will be out in the next 24-48 hours. Sorry about how long its taken, I will make efforts to make the next update cycle less long but unfortunately long update cycles is part of the consequence you have for having me as a GM. Anyway, onto the rule changes. These aren't final, if someone with more familiarity with the Fate system (cough cough Sonereal) convinces me that these changes are a bad idea I reserve the right to revise or undo them.

    Progression and Advancement:

    When starting this game, there were no clear rules for increasing your stats or gaining new stunts. This is something I wish to rectify immediately because increasing your stats and gaining new stunts are worthwhile and concrete goals to chase after.

    Increasing your stats is a free action that does not require a roll. However, to increase your stat you require to exchange in a number of invokes on an aspect related to the stat you wish to increase. They can either be free invokes or fate points that you invoke onto the aspect(s). Unlike normal rolls, there won’t be a limit to the number of fate points you can invoke onto the aspect either (more on that later).

    To increase your stats, it a number of invokes equal to the value of the stat you are increasing to times ten. For example, increasing a stat from 0 -> 1 costs ten invokes (1 * 10 = 10), increasing a stat from 1 -> 2 costs twenty invokes (2 * 10 = 20), 2 -> 3 costs thirty invokes (3 * 10 = 30) ect. This get quite expensive quite quickly, however this is justified because a +1 bonus is quite a lot in this ruleset and the higher numbers you have the easier it is to get free invokes.

    Gaining new stunts is similar. To gain a stunt, just simply trade in ten invokes. The exact nature of the stunt should be discussed with me, just like starting stunts.


    Quests are long term projects that take a lot of investment to pull off. Some quests will have their exact details public, the requirements of other quests will be a secret. Quests will usually involve taking multiple stunts along the way, providing benefits for each “phase” of the quest completed. If you cooperate with other nations you can opt to give “lesser” versions of the stunt to each nation, on a case-by-case basis. Here’s an example of some things I would consider a quest that multiple people have expressed interested in pursuing so you can get the general gist of it:

    Quest: Moonbase Alpha

    • Satellite Network Constructed
    • Phoenix Has Landed
    • Moonbase Established
    Satellite Network: Cost: 10 Invokes. Gives a satellite-related stunt and enables investment in other space programs, such as Moonbases. Why do we need satellites for space travel? Don’t ask me, I’m not a spaceologist.

    Phoenix Has Landed: Cost: 10 Invokes. Represents the first manned moon landing conducted by your nation since the Collapse, gives a stunt relating to this. You may choose a different animal to name this stunt.

    Moonbase Established: Cost: 10 Invokes. Represents establishing a permanent foothold on the Moon, for either scientific or…other purposes. Gives a stunt relating to what purpose you have established the Moonbase for.

    Quest: Environmental Reconstruction

    Building the technology to seriously manipulate the climate of an average sized country will take ten invokes and give one stunt. Larger countries like Da Suan will have a harder time stabilising their country and will take more effort, but will give more benefits. For some countries this quest is not available, such as the Asian Tetrarchy and the New Gaian Collective. Of course, further investment in these efforts will improve the planet further. Perhaps with enough effort you will be able to return the Earth to something that resembles something before world was ravaged by the Collapse…

    Misc Changes:
    • Removing the confusing AP system. Everyone is just going to get four actions starting next turn unless I say otherwise. Hopefully this will speed the update up a little bit without compromising player agency too much.
    • You can only invoke one Fate Point onto an aspect for a single roll. Want to spend multiple Fate Points? Invoke multiple aspects for that roll. Free invokes are not bound by this rule.
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  7. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    I dunno, straight-up cash-ins feel a bit too game-y. I figured Quests & Stunts would emerge more 'organically', i.e. players start making actions on a consistent theme and you coach those into major milestones. Concrete parameters mean there's less joy in discovery—it's like playing SMAC with Blind Research off. ;)
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  8. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Update 1 – 2201 A.D



    Christian Revival Organization for Salvation from Suffering (Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic): With the oppression of the Neo-Aposolistic Church in much of Western Europe and North America being a major focus for Argentinian media, it was unsurprising that the Argentinian Eloi would stay quiet on the issue for long. Christian Revival Organization for Salvation from Suffering (CROSS) is a Christian interfaith organisation based in Argentina consisting of most mainline Christian denominations, including the Neo-Aposolistic Church. Unsurprisingly, the One True Church (Iberian Catholicism) did not send any representatives. They aim to “protect the most oppressed minority from oppression”. Their Eloi backers have been lobbying the Argentinian government to take an active stand against Neo-Aposolistic oppression, which was complemented by their use of the Argentinian media to document the atrocities of “Caesar States”. And they had a lot of atrocities to choose from.

    Undoubtedly the most brutal of these were the People’s Temple. A boat containing Neo-Aposolistic refugees was found by the People’s Navy. The boat was promised Mother’s Mercy if they were to betray their comrades and, after days of torture, they complied. Unfortunately for the Neo-Apostles, a VIP was on that boat and they were able to severely compromise the Neo-Apostlistic network. All over the country, Neo-Apostles were taken out of their homes, executed and then devoured. If they were lucky, it was done in that order. The Council of Thirteen declared “victory against Christianity” and announced that this was the first step towards the fulfillment of the “dream of a Christian-free North America”. Argentinian media didn’t need to smuggle in cameras to get horrifying atrocities on tape, they just used official Temple propaganda broadcasts. For this reason Argentinian propaganda was not useful in the People’s Temple – outlawed materials carry an extremely harsh penalty and all those who would object to the Temple’s cannibalistic policies had long since been devoured or shut up.

    Argentinian propaganda was effective in the lands of the Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs and the Lilin Syndicate. Extremely uncomfortable comparisons were made between the People’s Temple and the policies of the two states to drag suspected Christians off to re-education camps, not helped by the Argentinian media showing clips of Temple cannibalism and people in Dixie and Gaul being dragged out of their homes side-by-side. While the High Druids and the Matriarchs are convinced that they have effectively broken any organised Christian dissident activity in their countries, criticism of these policies has started to come out of the mouths of people who don’t regularly consume Argentinian media and the peoples’ faith in both governments has been severely shaken. This is a PR disaster that the leaders of both nations will have to work hard to recover from.

    In the Hartland Sovereignty, Argentinian propaganda was not as effective due to the unexpected efficiency and zeal of the newly formed Sovereign’s Inquisition. The Neo-Apostles were not expecting such a zealous and efficient organisation to persecute them and thus they were completely unprepared for them. The Sovereign’s Inquisition was able to escort the Neo-Apostles to re-education camps with no easily propagandised footage being taken. The Sovereign’s Inquisition also were extremely efficient in stopping Argentinian media narratives becoming mainstream by efficiently cutting off the flows of information to the Hartland and prosecuting those who consumed the media. They also released their own propaganda campaign, claiming that their re-education camps were far more humane than the other religious groups. This prevented similar anti-government backlash occurring in the Hartland.

    While similar persecution occurred in the Holy Kingdom of Iberia and the Kingdom of the Masked God, less media coverage occurred there due to the low population size of both nations and the less efficient methods they used to persecute Christians.
    • Argentine Republic: Success with Style, aspect “Christian Revival Organization for Salvation from Suffering” created with two free invokes
    • People’s Temple: Success. “Neo-Aposlistic Christian Influence” overcome, new aspect “Neo-Aposlistic Christians Devoured”.
    • Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Borrows: Success at Cost. “Neo-Aposlistic Christian Influence” overcome, moderate (4) stability consequence “Faith in Government Shaken” taken.
    • Lilin Syndicate: Success at Cost. “Neo-Aposlistic Christian Influence” overcome, moderate (4) stability consequence “Faith in Government Shaken” taken.
    • Hartland Sovereignty: Success. “Neo-Aposlistic Christian Influence” overcome, new aspect “They didn’t Expect the Sovereign’s Inquisition”.

    Controversy Surrounding the International Socialist Space Force (Asheville, Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities): Upon hearing rumours that the Oceanic Combine were planning to mount an expedition to the moon, the Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities decided to mount a counter expedition. They invited various countries to join an International Socialist Space Force (ISSF), with the aim of protecting the moon from “capitalist exploitation”. Only two states were invited to this organisation, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (who declined to join due to internal issues) and the Empire of the Great Suan; who graciously accepted the invitation and pledged to provide food and medicine to the project. New Bharat and the Liin Syndicate were not invited to this organisation for currently unknown reasons.

    The inclusion of the Da Suan in the ISSF was quite controversial in Appalachia. Recent Chinese crackdown against the Third United Front, which had a significant Anarchist contingent, has made Da Suan unpopular in much of Appalachia. Protests broke out as soon as it was announced that Da Suan would be a member of the ISSF. The protestors have rallied around Commissar Frances Otis Ray of the Central Commissariat, one of the few on that body who voted against the acceptance of Da Suan into the ISSF and certainly the most vocal in their opposition.

    “Its not just the fact that we are cooperating with an anti-Anarchist government,” Commissar Otis Ray said in a widely publicised soundbite to a group of protestors “Its the fact that the Central Commissariat had the gall to invite this country into what is supposed to be an organisation of Socialists. This is an incredible insult to the Red Lotus and the countless other Socialists and Anarchists who fought and died against that Fascist state!”

    Commissar Otis Ray and her supporters are demanding that Da Suan be ejected from the ISSF and that all members of the Central Commissariat who voted for their inclusion to the ISSF resign for “gross incompetence”. Commissar Otis Ray has organised a series of allied candidates for election to the Central Commissariat as part of her “Otis Ray List”. While her supporters are currently few, they are very loud, and they have begun attracting support. Much of the Central Commissariat are worried that they may lose in the 3002 elections, which are looking to be the most hotly contested and controversial elections for the body in decades.

    As for the ISSF, solid progress has been made. While Da Suan has only provided token amounts of food and medicine for the project, Appalachian scientists have made significant progress in designing rockets based on designs recovered from defeated Olympian databanks.
    • Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities: Success with style, aspect “International Socialist(?) Space Force” created with two free invokes.
    • Empire of the Great Suan: Aspect “International Socialist(?) Space Force” created.
    • Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities: “International Socialist(?) Space Force” invoked, +1 Fate Point. New challenge “Frances Otis Ray”, difficulty 2.

    Somalian Militia Skirmish with Oceanic Scouts (Jowhar, Somalia): The Oceanic Combine sent a small scouting force into Middle Shabelle, Somalia to see if the region was appropriate for expansion. This region was chosen due to its low population and natural formations protecting any potential bases from Olympians. What was initially conceived as a milk run for the scouts turned into a disaster as they were constantly harassed by a militia group based out of the ruins of Jowhar. The militia group was very small, but they were very well equipped and insanely bloodthirsty. Their presence made the operation untenable and the scout group was forced to retreat, gaining very little useful information about Olympian activity in the region.

    The OIA is certain that the Jowhar Militia have foreign backers, but they have no leads to who they could be. It would have been impossible for the impoverished Somalians to gain access to that many resources without support from a wealthier nation. While Grand Marshal Tony Bryson is certain that the Oceanic Military could easily eliminate the militia, others in Zeimer's Cabinet such as OIA Chief Secretary George Chaput argue for caution and that it would be prudent to discover who is arming the Jowhar Militia before eliminating them. (New NPC, Jowhar Militia).

    First and Second Rule of Argentinian Roulette (Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic): The first rule of Argentinian Roulette is that you do not tell anyone about Argentinian Roulette. The second rule of Argentinian Roulette is that you DO NOT tell anyone about Argentinian Roulette. This is to protect the Eloi’s rule over Argentina, to keep its perception as a fun and happy republic to the majority of Morlocks and hiding the depraved infighting that goes on underneath. Roberto Murdoch obviously forgot about these rules so, with the help of Asian Tetrarchy’s Eloi network, he was shunned in all corners of Eloi society. Realising what danger he was in, Murdoch grovelled and apologised to a council of Eloi in Argentina and promised to uphold the first and second rules of the Roulette. Roberto Murdoch’s story will now be used as a warning to all Eloi in Argentina, everything is permissible as long as you don’t do it in the public eye. (Asian Tetrarchy: Success with style, aspect “First and Second Rules of Argentinian Roulette” created for the Argentine Republic, two free invokes. Argentine Republic: Success with style, “Arrogance of Roberto Murdoch” overcome, one additional free invoke for “First and Second Rules of Argentinian Roulette”. New aspect: “Roberto Murdoch Pacified”)

    Core of the Global Eloi – The Global Eloi Conference (Hong Kong, Asian Tetrarchy): The Asian Tetrarchy is often considered the closest thing that the Eloi have to a nation. It is no surprise, then, that it is exactly where the Eloi of the world chose to host the Global Eloi Conference. All the most senior and important Eloi from most of the world were invited, where they discussed their mutual goals and interests. This has truly cemented Hong Kong, and the Asian Tetrarchy as a whole, as the core of the global Eloi. (Success with style, aspect “Core of the Global Eloi” created with two free invokes)

    Core of the Global Eloi – Eloi Wealth Havens (Hong Kong, Asian Tetrarchy): Another reason that the Global Eloi look so fondly towards the Asian Tetrarchy is because it is a perfect tax haven. As four cities built for Eloi by Eloi, this completely unsurprising. Thanks to Argentinian advertising firms and Argentinian investment, almost all of the world’s Eloi uses one of the four Tetrarchy cities to store assets they wish to hide from their local governments. (Asian Tetrarchy: Success with style, aspect “Tax Havens and Wealth Management” created with two free invokes. Argentine Republic: Success, additional free invoke for Asian Tetrarchy on “Tax Havens and Wealth Management”)

    Basil Class Supercarrier (Constantinople, Byzantine Empire and Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic): The Argentine Republic and the Byzantine Empire cooperated in creating the Basil Class Supercarrier, a very large aircraft carrier capable of projecting influence over a large area. Named after the Byzantine statesman Basil Mathalmaus, the Basil Class Supercarrier was a huge success with the first two carriers produced (the HIMS (His Imperial Majesty’s Ship) Basil and the ARA (Armada de la República Argentina) Basil respectively) have become the flagships of both nations. In the Byzantine Empire, development costs were kept to a minimum due to their near-Socialist economy. In the Argentine Republic however, someone is always looking to make an extra buck so after a few rounds of legalised pseudo-corruption, the Republic was left footing a far higher bill. (Argentine Republic: Success with style with a major cost (which is something I can do because I am the GM), new aspect “ARA Basil” with two free invokes. Minor (2) stability consequence “Expensive Military Contracts”. Byzantine Empire: Success with style, new aspect “HIMS Basil”)

    Republic of Norilsk Infiltrates the United Soviet Socialist Republics’ Decaying Government (Success, Republic of Norlisk gains free invoke on “Infiltration by Norilsk” aspect in the United Soviet Socialist Republics)

    Byzantine Empire and Oceanic Combine sign Non-Aggression Pact Despite Being Almost 15,000 Kilometres Apart From Each Other (Byzantine Empire gains aspect “Non-Aggression Pact with Oceanic Combine”, Oceanic Combine gains aspect “Non-Aggression Pact with Byzantine Empire”)


    Ethnic Churches of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Christian Republic of Ethiopia): Ethnic conflict has raged in Ethiopia for centuries. Even after the collapse of all effective government in the region, the African Horn was in a near constant state of conflict, primarily driven by ethnic tensions. When the Neo-Apostle leader Matthias decided to preach in Ethiopia in order to create a “true haven for the Neo-Apostles from the Caesar States, run by Neo-Apostles”. Matthias and the city of Addis Ababa was once again able to unite the various Ethiopian peoples together under one flag.

    However, what once united Ethiopia may now tear it apart. The Ethiopians have started to establish semi-independent branches of the Neo-Apostlistic Church that are de facto based around ethnic lines. The rulers of Addis Ababa are worried that if these churches become entrenched, it will cause new ethnic conflicts to enflame the region. What is to be done? (Unity Only in Faith invoked, +1 Fate Point. New Challenge: Ethnic Churches, difficulty 2)

    Ascension of the Ethiopian Eloi (Addis Ababa, Christian Republic of Ethiopia): With the trade flowing through the Gulf of Aden, Ethiopia has become an economic powerhouse. But along with the trade comes flowing the problems of the world. For years Ethiopia had been insulated against the problems of the Eloi and the Morlocks due to the region’s instability causing it to be very unattractive for investors. However, now with the economic prosperity of the region and the newfound stability, foreign Eloi are looking to settle into the region to exploit a fertile new market. And even more troubling, wealth inequality has begun to increase at an alarming rate and the very top of Ethiopian society have been rumoured discussing with foreign Eloi about importing genetic and cybernetic modification.

    Some of the most senior members of the Ethiopian government believe that they should implement stringent measures preventing extreme wealth inequality and place limits on human genetic and cybernetic modification. They argue that without these measures, the problems facing the rest of the world will come to the shores of Ethiopia. They also argue without these measures they risk provoking a Leftist reaction. Others within the government worry that these measures would risk Ethiopia’s prosperity. That the current government would be making enemies with not only the would-be Ethiopian Eloi, but the global Eloi as a whole. (Absence of the Eloi, Economic Resurgence invoked, +2 Fate Points. New Challenge: Ascension of the Ethiopian Eloi, difficulty 4)

    Systems Secured (For Now) (New Gaia, New Gaian Collective): With clever uses of system reboot protocols, New Gaian scientists managed to prevent Gaia waking up further and compromising more systems. However, it is not entirely good news. The scientists estimate that this will only buy the Collective a year before Gaia starts waking up again. And, for reasons that only experts on Olympian programming could truly understand, this process will not work another time. But not all hope is lost, New Gaian scientists have gained a new understanding for the problem that faces them and how Gaia ticks. (Success with style. Aspects gained: “System Reboot Protocol”, expires this turn, “Greater Understanding of Gaia”, one free invoke, expires upon invoke)

    Technological Marvels of New Gaia (New Gaia, New Gaian Collective): New Gaian scientists have made a number of technological innovations in various fields. Innovations with wind energy generation and vertical farming have already improved food and energy production. Living plant walls have been constructed all over New Gaia, absorbing heat, carbon dioxide and rainwater while providing insulation. They have even developed extremely efficient ways of decomposing both animal and human corpses, quickly turning dead flesh into plant nutrients. Unfortunately, in their zeal the scientists significantly went over their assigned budget. New Gaia will have to find a way to plug this unexpected gap in revenue.
    • New Aspects:
      • Wind Trees, one free invoke.
      • Advanced Vertical Farming Technologies, one free invoke.
      • Biodegradable Bodies, one free invoke.
      • Plant Walls, two free invokes.
    • Minor (2) stability consequence taken: Science Budget Overblown
    Bread, Circuses and the Security Bureau (New Gettysburg, United African States): The Joint Chiefs of Staff implemented a series of measures in order to combat the rise of anti-American sentiment amongst the African Morlock population. Most visibly was the widespread mobilisation of the Security Bureau in order to track and arrest potential subversives. As part of these operations, the Security Bureau discovered a smuggling operation, attempting to spread weapons and subversive material around the country. While the scale of the operation means that it was almost certainly state-sponsored, the Security Bureau was unable to determine who was behind the operation as the most senior members of the conspiracy were never captured.

    Security Bureau has become overextended in dealing with this new subversive threat. The Director of the Security Bureau has repeatedly pleaded with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to increase their funding, but with resources so tight already more funding will be difficult to find.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff also approved of the “Bread and Circuses Initiative”, a subtle propaganda campaign aimed at producing a large amount of pop cultural material to distract the populace from current social issues. The policy has been extremely effective, even on unapproved social media sites (which of course the Security Bureau are monitoring) there has been a noticeable uptick in discussions of pop cultural works and a decrease of subversive discussion. A film adaptation of the popular “For the Republic” comic book series was especially popular and effective at distracting the populace, the Truth Bureau is already planning to extend the film into a cinematic universe.

    So far, the Bread and Circuses Initiative has been very successful in distracting the populace and has seriously frustrated attempts for anti-American recruitment. With a few more “wins” like this, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are confident that they would be able to overcome this recent wave of anti-American sentiment. (New Aspects: “Security Bureau Crackdown”, “Smuggling Operation Foiled”, “Bread and Circuses” with two free invokes. Minor (2) stability consequence “Security Bureau Overextended” taken. )

    The Great Quest (New Gettysburg, United African States): For over a century, the United African States has dedicated itself to the goal of refurbishing the Star of Coruscant. This is quite a difficult task. The United African States is nowhere near the United States of America in the 2070s, there are simply not enough resources in the country to rebuild the vessel. Although some resources have been gathered already through expansion into new areas, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are only truly starting to appreciate how big this problem is. A large amount of resources will need to be taken from other countries, through trade or perhaps less diplomatic means. (Trouble changed to “Resources Needed for the Star of Coruscant”. New quest “Refurbishment of the Star of Coruscant”, details discussed in PM. Success, new aspect “Resources Gathered for the Star of Coruscant”, one free invoke)

    Northwards Expansion and the Tarasque (Northern Border, United African States): The United African States has been expanding its border northwards. While this was successful, it has aggravated a large Olympian in the area. Named “The Tarasque” by UAS soldiers, its killer drones have been harassing UAS troops. It will need to be dealt with before it starts attacking civilians. (Success at a major cost, new aspect “Northwards Expansion” with one free invoke, new challenge “The Tarasque” difficulty 2)

    United African States Begins Expansion of the Military (Success, new aspect “Expansion of the Military” with one free invoke)


    Montevideo – Recife Freeway Project (Argentinian-Nordeste Border): With stability returning to the South American region, the Argentine Republic and the Federation of the Northeastern Republics undertook a joint venture to create a highway connecting Montevideo, a large city in Argentina and the former capital of Uruguay, and Recife, the capital of the Northeastern Republics. This highway has improved the economy of both regions. (Success for both Argentine Republic and the Federation of the Northeastern Republics, new aspect “Montevideo-Recife Freeway” with one invoke for both nations)

    War Continues in Hispaniola (Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Federal Republic of the United Caribbean): Hispaniolan guerrillas continued their wars against the Federal Republic and “The Offshore” by continuing to harass food shipments. To mitigate the problem, a rationing system was devised to mitigate the damage caused by food shortages and to be used as propaganda to further vilify the guerrillas. This backfired spectacularly, unfortunately the person who was running the rationing system was very corrupt and saw the system as a way to amass wealth by selling extra ration coupons off the books. This official was later executed, but this controversy was extremely embarrassing for the Federal Republic and has eroded public trust in the government slightly.

    Other propaganda efforts by the Federal Republic fared much better. By linking the food shortages (which were mainly caused by crop failure) to the guerrilla’s attacks, the people have become outraged. This campaign was surprisingly successful in Hispaniola, with pro-government local militias forming and cooperating with local security forces. This could prove beneficial when the time comes to push the guerrillas out of the hills.

    In more alarming news, Caribbean security forces raided ships containing weapons headed towards Hispaniola. After interrogation, it was revealed that these weapons were from Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities and intended for the Hispaniolan guerrillas. It is clear to the Caribbean security forces this was an operation sanctioned by the Central Commissariat in Appalachia. This has understandably caused tensions to rise between these two governments. (Federal Republic of the United Caribbean: New aspects: “Public Hatred of the Guerrillas” two free invokes, “Appalachian Smuggling Operation Foiled”. Minor (2) stability consequence “Government Embarrassed by Corruption” taken. Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities: “Smuggling Operation into Hispaniola Foiled”)

    Appalachian Famine Crisis Averted by the Grace of the Photosynthetic Order (Asheville, Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities): The Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities were able to overcome the famine crisis with the assistance of the Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs. They provided food supplies to meet the initial need and provided genetically seeds that could withstand abnormal weather to provide a long-term solution. Nicknamed “Sturdy Stalks”, these genetically engineered crops have proven to be adaptable to the harsh climate of the Appalachian Mountains as well as being resistant to abnormal weather effects.

    With these miraculous crops came missionaries from the Oaken Boughs, seeking to convert the Appalachian people. Many people were open to their messages due to their handling of the impending famine and Photosynthetic churches have started to pop up on the Appalachian side of the Appalachian-Oaken border. While the Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities upholds the ideal of freedom of religion, the Central Commissariat are extremely concerned by these developments. (Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities: “Looming Famine” overcome. New aspects: “Genetically Engineered Crops (Sturdy Stalks)”, “Oaken Missionaries”. Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs gains one free invoke on “Oaken Missionaries”)

    West Border Jungle (Ruins of El Paso, Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs): Near the border marking the division of the Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs and the People’s Temple, a massive bioengineering project was undertaken. Within a year, a massive jungle had taken root in the region (whose climate had changed due to climate change to make such a feat possible). While the Archdruids say that this is a measure intended to “repair the damaged climate”, the Council of Thirteen clearly see this as an attempt to ward off an attack by the Temple. The jungle is thick, making it difficult terrain to march infantry through and making it very easy for the Oaken Boughs to mount guerrilla counter offensives. While bombing the jungle could take care of that problem, it would take days to clear the jungle even with napalm and would give Oaken Boughs ample warning for a potential attack. (Success with style, new aspect “West Border Jungle” with two free invokes)

    Davy Jones (Havana, Federal Republic of the United Caribbean): The Caribbean Navy was tasked with seeking out and destroying dangerous Olympians lurking around frequently travelled sea-lanes. The good news is that they found one of the Olympians. The bad news is that this Olympian, nicknamed Davy Jones, is barrelling straight towards Havana. The early warning system has prepared the Caribbean Navy somewhat for its attack on Havana, but it is still going to be a tough fight. (Success with major cost, aspect “Early Warning System” given a free invoke. New challenge “Davy Jones”, difficulty 2).

    Blackmail and Propaganda (Recife, Federation of the Northeastern Republics): The Agência Nacional de Inteligência worked overtime to neuter the threat of the United Cidadãos Party. Using their networks, they found the darkest secrets of all the important figures in the party and blackmailed them to hell and back. This convinced the United Cidadãos Party to reign in their violent tendencies in. Thanks to propaganda efforts, the United Cidadãos Party won’t be going anywhere with their more pedestrian methods either. Partido Trabalhista maintains its grip on power and thanks to their now quite comprehensive dossiers on potential dissidents, they look like they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. (United Cidadãos Party overcome. New aspects “United Cidadãos Party Neutered”, “Blackmail and Propaganda” with three free invokes).

    Nobody Expects the Sovereign’s Inquisition! (Sint Lewis, Hartland Sovereignty): Sovereign Liam I ruled on the side of the “Soft” faction, confirming that even the Aboriginal faiths that were very critical of the Sovereignty were deserving of the Sovereign’s protection and a degree of autonomy unseen anywhere else in the Hartland. Additionally, the Sovereign sent the majority of the “Hard” faction members to form an organisation to minimise their troublemaking in the highest levels of the Clergy-Bureaucracy. The “Hards” accepted their new role, the Sovereign was God after all and a God could never be wrong. They still had some remaining resentment to the “Soft” faction, however.

    This new organisation, whose commanders were mainly “Hard” faction members, is called the Sovereign’s Inquisition and was tasked with rooting out Neo-Apostles and other Christian sects in the Hartland. With a mastery of fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical dedication to the Sovereign; they were able to quickly and ruthlessly weed out the Neo-Apostle network and shatter this new religion to the winds.

    But the Sovereign’s Inquisition did not end there. Motivated partially out of revenge and partially out of misguided zeal, the Sovereign’s Inquisition announced that they had evidence that the highest levels of the Clergy-Bureaucracy (which was now almost completely dominated by the “Softs”) had been infected with heresy! Admittedly their evidence was quite convincing, so the Sovereign had no choice but to allow the matter to continue. An investigation was conducted into the “Soft” faction, while a few had committed pretty obvious examples of heresy (such as consorting with foreign Eloi) and were executed, many of whom were innocent had embarrassing (but not heretical) information come out about them during the intense trials and were forced into an early retirement. Between the trials and the movement of Clergy-Bureaucrats to the Inquisition, almost 90% of the highest ranks of the Clergy-Bureaucracy left empty. They had to be filled by less experienced Clergy-Bureaucrats who were hastily promoted and a great deal of institutional knowledge was lost.

    But the Sovereign’s Inquisition is not quite done. They are proposing a further audit into the Clergy-Bureaucracy, trawling through every level of the organisation and leaving no rock unturned. Sovereign Liam I is worried that if this witch hunt continues, it could shatter the Clergy-Bureaucracy and leave the Hartland in chaos. But the Inquisition is assuring him that there are a great number of heretics who “mean great harm to the Hartland” in the organisation. And frankly Liam is worried that if he pushes too hard against the Inquisition, the witch hunts could perhaps even turn against him. Although he is a God, it is not the first time a God has been discredited by their followers and replaced. Truly a heavy burden weighs upon the Sovereign’s shoulders. (Failure. “Bickering Clergy” overcome. New challenge: “Overzealous Inquisition”, difficulty 2. Minor (2) stability consequence “Institutional Knowledge Lost” taken)

    From Michigan to Ontario (Toronto, Sovereign Hartland): The Sovereign tasked the parts of the Clergy-Bureaucracy that weren’t in chaos in achieving two major goals – the expansion of the Sovereignty into Michigan and finding a new way to the ocean that did not require their vessels to travel through foreign lands. The conversion of Michigan was extremely effective as the Michiganders were extremely happy to align with a group that could protect them from the Olympians and the other assorted horrors of the wastelands.

    These two goals combined in an interesting way when Michiganders told the Clergy- Bureaucracy of a “Eastwards Passage” that had given Ontario easy access to the ocean due to global warming. The missionaries and explorers went north to Ontario and, low and behold, there it was. The missionaries found Ontario very easy to integrate into the realm for similar reasons to Michigan. Toronto is being developed in order to serve as a trade and military hub that connects to the Atlantic Ocean. (New aspects: “The Northeast Passage” one free invoke, “Expansion into Michigan and Ontario” two free invokes).

    North American Exclusion Zone (Los Angeles, The People’s Temple): The People’s Temple began a massive military expansion into Alaska and parts of Canada, establishing the North American Exclusion Zone. The resources there will be put to good use in spreading the Orb Mother’s word. However, during expansion the People’s Liberation Army’s benevolent expansion was resisted by bands of Canadian Christians. It is believed that they also attacked the mechanical angels, an unforgivable sin. It is clear to the Council of Thirteen what needs to be done. (Success with major cost, new aspect “North American Exclusion Zone” with one free invoke. New challenge “Canadian Christians”, difficulty 2)

    Starvation of Koriates’ Followers (Baton Rouge, Photosynthetic Order of the Oaken Boughs): A blight has hit the followers of Guru Laminas Koriates (who are primarily located in Louisiana), killing their crops. It is believed that the blight was engineered by the Photosynthetic Order to attack the unmodified crops of the followers of Koriates, as all genetically modified crops seem to be resistant to this blight. Koriates cited this as “further proof of the immorality of genetic engineering”. She encouraged her followers to raid unaffected farms and eat the “fruits of their labour and flesh”. Clashes occurred all over Louisiana involving mass crop theft and cannibalism. The followers of Koriates have fled to the mountains, where they make attacks against nearby settlements. While Louisiana has been devastated by these attacks, the actions of the Order were successful in severely lowering the number of supporters that Koriates has through starvation, being killed in the conflict and defection due to the increasing extremism of Koriates. (Success with style, new aspect “Koriates’ Dwindling Follower Numbers”. Minor (2) stability consequence “Louisiana Devastated” taken)

    Scientists in the Federal Republic of the United Caribbean Develop Ways to Mitigate Environmental Damage (Success, new aspect “Climate Engineering” with one free invoke)

    Great Minds Think Alike – Scientists in the Federal Republic of the United Caribbean Develop Anti-Olympian EMP Technology Independently of the Oceanic Combine (Success with style, new aspect “Anti-Olympian EMP Technology” with two free invokes)

    Liberated Appalachian Autonomous Municipalities Develops Secret Military Stealth Project, Details Unclear (Success with style, new aspect “Secret Military Stealth Project” with two free invokes)

    People’s Temple Specifically Denounces Guru Lamianas Koriates Despite Minimal Presence in California


    The Arrest of Prince Sakchai (New Bangkok, Provisional Authority of Siam): The Provisional Council declared Prince Sakchai’s amassing of private military forces an act of treason and issued a warrant out for his arrest. Prince Sakchai responded by mobilising his PMC forces, however they were constantly dogged by civilian militia that had mobilised in support of Princess Sasithorn and the Provisional Council, which were easily rallied due to Prince Sakchai’s unpopularity among Siamese Morlocks. The Siamese military was quickly mobilised in response, an action that was supported by Princess Sasithorn who used her influence to quickly mobilise the air force in support of the Council. She also provided support in gaining the trust of the Katsuyoshi Shogunate, who sent a detachment of their army as a “Siamese Expeditionary Force”.

    Between the heavily mechanised Siamese army and the discipline of the Siamese Expeditionary Force, the PMCs were completely overwhelmed and started to rout. In face of continued defeats, the Eloi withdrew their support and Prince Sakchai had no choice but to surrender. He is now imprisoned in New Bangkok, awaiting trial by the Provisional Council. Prince Sakchai’s defeat will affect the geopolitical landscape far beyond the borders of Siam, as the conflict for the throne enters a new stage (Provisional Authority of Siam: Challenge “Eloi Rally Around Prince Sakchai” overcome. -2 fate points from invokes. New aspects: “Prince Sakchai Arrested”, “Japanese Military Support”. Katsuyoshi Shogunate: New aspect “Siamese Expeditionary Force”)

    Princess Malai Appeals to Zeimer’s Ego (Zeimpolis, Oceanic Combine): Seeing how quickly her brother was deposed by the Provisional Council and how quickly Princess Sasithorn was gathering allies, both on the Council and abroad, Princess Malai knew that it was time to act if she was going to maintain both her claim to the throne of the Provisional Authority of Siam and her liberty.

    “Oh great Dr Marcus Zeimer,” Princess Malai said to Dr Zeimer seductively, “Only with your help can I show the people of Siam that corporate power is the true way to freedom. See what Princess Sasithorn and the Provisional Council did to my brother, surely I will be the next victim in their quest to undo all the advancements that my Uncle made in favour of misguided religious extremism! Please oh great Emperor, help me bring your wisdom to my homeland!”

    This blatant appeal to Zeimer’s ego might be brushed aside by a lesser man, but Zeimer is a megalomaniac after all and may not be able to resist such a blatant appeal to his ego. While this development will likely not earn her any friends in Siam, this may be the only way that Princess Malai can continue her quest for the throne, avenge her brother and keep her life and liberty. (Oceanic Combine: “Ego Supremo” invoked, +1 fate point. Event, the Oceanic Combine must either spend at least one action supporting Princess Malai’s claim to the Siamese throne this turn or it must spend two fate points for Zeimer to temporarily overcome his ego. Provisional Authority of Siam: “A Kingdom in Turmoil” invoked, +1 fate point)

    Funeral of the King and National Republicanism (New Bangkok, Provisional Authority of Siam): After the arrest of Prince Sakchai, the Provisional Council declared it was time for the late King to be laid to rest. As expected, the funeral proceedings were lavish and fit for a Monarch, with thousands in attendance. Princess Sasithorn gave the eulogy, as much of her family were absent from the proceedings as to be expected. The Provisional Council hoped that this funeral would calm the flames of anti-Monarchism raging in the country, but it appears to have had no effect.

    Protestors used the funeral as opportunity for yet another rally. Nationalistic and anti-Monarchist signs such as “Good riddance to the King! May we never have another!” and “We don’t want an Australian, Indian or Japanese Monarch!” and “Siam for the Siamese! Foreign puppets go home!” had become common. An anonymous online manifesto had become the rallying point of “Nationalist Republicanism”. This manifesto decried the various pretenders as nothing more than foreign puppets and emphasised that the only way for Siam to maintain her independence was to establish a Republic with no Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses. While none of the Nationalist Republican movements have broken into violence, the Provisional Council worries that if fighting were to resume in the nation that they could emerge as another bloc seeking the throne. But unlike the others, they only seek to destroy it, once and for all. (Failure, Anti-Monarchist Sentiment was not overcome. “The Boiling Point” invoked, +1 fate point, Anti-Monarchist Sentiment upgraded to “National Republicanism”, difficulty 4)

    Unity of the Japanese Eloi Fracturing (Tokyo, Katsuyoshi Shogunate): The problem with subtle propaganda campaigns is that they can be derailed subtly. Word of the campaign quickly reached the desks of the Eloi middle management in the military and they did everything they could to make it as ineffective as possible. They did this by scheduling most of the propaganda right before lunchtime, overfilling the content so it would inevitably go overtime and ensuring that said content was as boring as humanly possible. Instead of fostering a esprit de corps among the Morlock soldiers, it merely had a bunch of annoyed soldiers locked in a room hoping and praying that some hapless dimwit would stop running his mouth about boring history and let them go to lunch. By the time the Shogun heard about this and put a stop to it, the damage had already been done and a tonne of effort had been wasted. It is amazing what pencil pushers can do when they push the right (or wrong) pencils.

    The other initiative aimed at neutering the threat of an Eloi coup was giving some of the Eloi command positions in the Siamese Expeditionary Army. This was more than enough for many, for many Eloi all they wanted was a chance to prove themselves and prove themselves they did in promptly defeating Prince Sakchai. Only the most bitter Eloi seem to be continuing to plot seriously anymore, the sense of outraged unity that the Children of the Eloi shared is starting to break apart. (New aspect “Eloi Unity Fracturing” with one free invoke)

    Shattering of the Third United Front (Beijing, Empire of the Great Suan): The Third United Front was completely devastated by a combined taskforce of the Empire of the Great Suan, the Asian Tetrarchy, the Provisional Authority of Siam and the Republic of Norilsk. The intelligence agents of all four countries met in Beijing to coordinate mass arrests of the Third United Front. A woman believed to be using the alias Hóng Liánhuā was killed in the fighting and arrests of her comrades occurred across Da Suan and the Asian Tetrarchy. Additionally, a mass media campaign aimed at lowering the class consciousness of the Morlocks in the Asian Tetrarchy was implemented to prevent a similar situation occurring again.

    While Hóng Liánhuā may be dead and the Third United Front may be shattered, there are still many Liberal Agitators in the Empire that wish to undo all the progress that they have made. Da Suan will be more prepared next time something like the Third United Front arises, the country has learnt many things from the meeting of security experts from the other three countries and have begun to apply lessons learned to revolutionise their intelligence agencies. (Challenge “Third United Front” overcome in the Asian Tetrarchy and the Empire of the Great Suan. New aspects: “Third United Front” shattered in Asian Tetrarchy and the Empire of the Great Suan. “Meeting of Shadowy Minds” with two free invokes in the Empire of Great Suan)

    Chinese Trade and Analog Substitutes (Tokyo, Katsuyoshi Shogunate): In order to ensure a smooth transition away from ancient technology gathered from the technology mines, the Katsuyoshi Shogunate initiated large-scale trade with the Empire of the Great Suan to import technology from China. While the Chinese government did not impose any taxes too onerous on the Shogunate, Chinese merchants quickly realised how desperate the Japanese were and decided force Japanese merchants to pay a heavy premium for their wares. As the economy of the Shogunate is dominated by the government, these costs were directly passed onto the government who have had a significant shortfall in revenue.

    In happier news, Japanese scientists have been working on analog substitutes for simpler industrial machinery that require technology that is far easier to obtain and maintain. While they are less efficient than what the Japanese are used to, in trials across the nation they have been used to good effect and have not had a negative impact on the supply lines in areas that they have been tested. Japanese scientists believe that they are ready to start wide scale adoption of the technology. The final hurdle to their implementation is merely an administrative one, the government must put resources into determining where it would be acceptable for analog substitutes to be used and where the rarer Chinese imports could be put to best use. (Success with major cost, new aspects: “Chinese Technology Imports” with one free invoke, “Analog Technology Proliferation” with two free invokes. Stunt “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” activated. Minor (2) stability consequence “High Cost of Chinese Imports” taken)

    Jungle Plot Foiled (Signapore, Nusantara): A Malay guest biology professor at National University of Singapore was found to be spy in the employ of the New Kalimantan Intelligence Agency. After being interrogated, his mission was found to be to head a taskforce who would determine if it was possible to spread the Borneo jungle into Nusantara. This is highly concerning for the Ministers as the Borneo jungle is under the control of the Priestess of Hanuman, the head of state of New Kalimantan. This could be the prelude to aggressive action of New Kalimantan against Nusantara. (New aspects: “Jungle Plot Foiled” for Nusantara, “Espionage in Nusantara Revealed” in New Kalimantan)

    Unemployment of the Tech Miners (Tokyo, Katsuyoshi Shogunate): Peak technology has started to impact other parts of Japanese society. With tech mining becoming less lucrative, tech miners are starting to be forced out of work. With jobs being scarce, advisers close to Shogun Katsuyoshi Satoshi have recommended that the government should address this issue to ensure that Japanese society can transition away from the technology mines smoothly. (Minor (2) stability consequence “Tech Miner Unemployment” taken)

    Fear and Awe of HANUMAN (HANUMAN, New Kalimantan): As soon as She heard about the governors’ treason and plot, the Priestess knew what She must do. Overnight, the jungle expanded through the cities and directly into the treasonous governors’ homes, killing them and their security details to a man. This has put the fear of the Priestess deep into the hearts of their successors and the loyalist governors, they have been reminded (at least for now) that plotting against the Priestess is suicide. This incredible display of power, along with an effective propaganda campaign, has also instilled a new sense of fear and awe of the Priestess into the people of New Kalimantan. She truly is a living Goddess. (“Governors’ Treason” overcome, new aspect “Fear and Awe of the Priestess” with two free invokes)

    Confusion and Indecision (Lakhnau, New Bharat): The highest brass in the Revolutionary Army were divided about what to do about the crisis facing the nation, leading to not much being done at all. This has caused some confusion and division in parts of the bureaucracy of the state. (Minor (2) stability consequence added “Confusion and Division in the Bureaucracy”)

    Mismanagement, Bread Riots and the Miracle Grain (Singapore, Nusantara): The Ministers believed that throwing money on the problem haphazardly would solve all their problems. This was not the case at all as the Ministers were not in the position to determine what research was useful and what was not. Scientists from all around the nation realised that they could gain extra funding if they simply pretended their research had something to do with creating hardier crops, even if the connection was very tenuous. This resulted in a lot of money being wasted and nothing of use being produced.

    It was once again up to the Dolphin Corps to save the day. Inspecting the ruins of Singapore, they found a district where a strange plant had started to grow in an area once thought completely infertile. The Dolphin Corps realised that this was a mutant form of wheat that was extra hardy. Due to the influence of the Dolphin Corps, they were able to cut through the nonsense and push the analysis of the miracle grain to the highest priority. Scientists quickly determined that the miracle grain was a fantastic crop that was perfectly safe to eat and very hardy. They have been producing seeds for the grain, all that remains is to plant them.

    The miracle grain could not come at a better time for Nusantara. Already people have begun fighting among each other for food, so-called “bread riots” have begun across the nation. This is beginning to weaken the people’s trust in the government and each other. (New aspects: “Mismanaged Scientific Grants”, “Miracle Grain” with four free invokes [two actions were spent on this also stunt Insatiable Thirst for Tech was activated]. Minor (2) stability consequence “Aftermath of the Bread Riots” taken)

    The Goblin Initiative (Wellington, Oceanic Combine): The Goblin Initiative was a policy that can be traced back to rising young talent in the OIA (of course the exact person has been obscured). The idea was to turn one of the Fifteen’s greatest strengths against them. By bribing parts of the populace that were algorithmically determined to be close to the Fifteen, they hoped to eliminate the advantage of the Fifteen having a safe haven among the Morlocks. This policy was very expensive, by its nature the algorithm cast a very wide net and that led to a great number of Morlocks needing to be bribed. This policy is controversial among some shareholders in the Inner Circle, who have noted less-than-expected growth in associated corporations. However, nobody can deny the effectiveness of the policy, through information gained through the Goblin Initiative three of the Fifteen were able to be killed by CSD agents – “Thorin”, “Fíli” and “Kíli” now lay dead. While it is unfortunate that they were not able to be captured for interrogation, their belongings and cybernetic implants have provided new leads on the Fifteen that can now be pursued with earnest. (Success with major cost. New aspect “The Goblin Initiative” with one free invoke. Minor (2) stability consequence “Disappointing Corporate Growth” taken)

    Fellowship Hacking and EMP Research (Zeimpolis, Oceanic Combine): Scientists in the Oceanic Combine were instructed to begin research into EMP technology for use against the Olympians. This research was interrupted by the Fellowship, who hacked the researchers’ safety protocols and caused the EMP generator to overload, killing many of the Combine’s top scientists. This will surely have ramifications across Zeimer’s science obsessed society. While the scientists were killed, their research was able to be salvaged and the Combine now has access to Anti-Olympian EMP technology similar to, but not quite as efficient as, the United States of the Caribbean’s EMP technology. (Success with major cost, new aspect “Anti-Olympian EMP Technology” with one free invoke. Minor (2) stability consequence “Top Scientists Killed” taken)

    The Songs of Temujin (Nur-Sultan, Republic of Norlisk): The warlord Temujin continues his rampage across the infamous Norlisk Exclusions Zones. Recently he sacked Nur-Sultan, the largest city in the Kazakh Exclusion Zone. It maintained a very close and public relationship with Norlisk and frequently assisted the Bureau for Citizenship and Security in exchange for ensuring the livelihood of the oligarchs of Kazakh. The sacking of this city represents a further loss of control over the Exclusion Zones.

    Temujin gains more followers daily and much of this can be attributed to his Court Poet, Elena Fyodorov, who spreads grand stories to the people of the Exclusion Zones to build him up as a beacon of hope. Unknown to most, Fyodorov is actually a BCS deep cover agent! She has passed on valuable information to the BCS, allowing them to obtain a full psychological and intelligence profile on him. But only those within the highest levels of the BCS know what Fyodorov’s ultimate purpose in spreading these songs of hope are, undoubtably they are nefarious. (New aspects: “Intelligence Profile on Temujin” with one free invoke, “Court Poet Elena Fyodorov and the Songs of Temujin” with one free invoke)

    Krasnoyarsk Expedition (Ruins of Krasnoyarsk, Republic of Norlisk): An expedition has begun to explore the ruins of Krasnoyarsk and the caches of technology inside. The only question remains, what technology is the Republic most interested in finding? (New aspect “Krasnoyarsk Expedition” with one free invoke)

    Empire of the Great Suan Begins Campaign to Build Gardens of Blossoms and Beautiful Temples (New aspect “Gardens of Blossoms and Beautiful Temples” with one free invoke)

    Empire of the Great Suan Begins Largescale Drilling of Troops (New aspect gains aspect “Military Drills” with one free invoke)

    Empire of the Great Suan Implements Sustainability Policies (New aspect “Sustainability and Waste Reduction Strategy” with one free invoke)

    New Kalimantan Constructs New Rail Network in Boreno (New aspect “Borneo Rail Network” with one free invoke)

    Nusantara Mobilises a “Grand Volunteer Army” (New aspect “Grand Volunteer Army” with two free invokes)

    The Oceanic Combine Directs ONERD to Restart Uranium Mining for use in Atomic Energy Research (New aspects “Uranium Mining” with one free invoke and “Atomic Energy Research” with one free invoke)

    The Provisional Authority of Siam Restarts Key Infrastructure Projects Halted by King’s Death to “Honour the Legacy of the Dragon” (New aspect “Advanced Infrastructure” with one free invoke)

    The Provisional Authority of Siam Modernises Airforce (New aspect “Rule the Skies” with one free invoke)


    Death of Premier Josephina Alexandra (Moscow, United Socialist Soviet Republics): The leader of the Soviet Union, Premier Josephina Alexandra, recently passed away from natural causes. She did not leave a clear line of succession, leading dozens of oligarchs trying to claim the Premiership. There is no clear leadership in Moscow and the Fourth International is hopelessly divided. Fourth-Aligned groups in Leftist countries including the Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities, New Bharat and the Liin Syndicate are begging the countries to intervene to restore stability to what is largely considered the core of the revolution. Meanwhile, hawks in the Greater German Republic and the Union of Rome are advocating for a military intervention, they argue that Soviets have never been weaker or more divided and this could be the best opportunity to liberate Russia from Communist tyranny. And some of those in the Bureau of Citizenship and Security of the Republic of Norlisk are recommending that the Republic establish Exclusion Zones in European Russia to ensure the continued safety and stability of the Republic. (Trouble changes to “Death of Premier Alexandra”. “Death of Premier Alexandra” invoked, +1 fate point, new challenge “Crisis in the Kremlin” difficulty 2)

    The Minerals Flow (Frankfurt, Greater German Republic): The Greater German Republic has entered a trade agreement with her neighbours, the Union of Rome and the Scandinavian Federation, in order to address her mineral shortage. Rome agreed to give Germany the minerals in exchange for a large amount of surplus military equipment, allowing the Union to expand her military forces. Scandinavia quickly agreed to Germany’s terms as with the Soviet Union collapsing in on itself, they have decided to align themselves with the more stable and therefore scarier neighbour. Germany was also able to scavenge minerals from ruins of cities destroyed by Olympians, which now act as a reserve in case the flow of foreign trade is cut off.

    While this has completely solved the problem of the mineral shortage, it does leave Germany completely reliant on the trade with her neighbours. If trade with her neighbours were ever to be cut off, Germany’s prosperity would once again be threatened.
    • Greater German Republic:
      • New aspects: “Foreign Trade” with one free invoke, “Minerals Scavenged from Ruins” with one free invoke.
      • Challenge “Impending Economic Crisis” overcome.
      • Trouble changes to “Reliant on Mineral Imports”
    • Union of Rome:
      • New aspect “German Arm Imports” with two free invokes
    • Scandinavian Federation:
      • New aspect “Trade with Germany”
    Anti-Gualism, Gerrymandering and Scilian Separatism (Palermo, Union of Rome): The mainstream parties of the Union of Rome are trying to combat the threat of the radical Party of European Liberty before they can enact their agenda in the 2204 general federal elections. One way they are doing this by embracing some of the PEL’s more acceptable ideas, primarily militant anti-Gaulism. Rhetoric about liberating France has become mainstreamed and with German arms this seems like a real possibility. This has been slowly but surely bringing wayward voters back to the two major parties as they feel like they are once again been listened to.

    The mainstream parties attempted to counter the PEL in other ways, backfiring heavily. A bipartisan committee controls the borders of elections, so of course they were able to start a process aiming at gerrymandering the key seats that the PEL are targeting. Most of these seats were in Sicily. While the redistricting was successful and has significantly reduced the chances of the PEL gaining any influence in Parliament. This was used as extremely effective propaganda to “prove that the Union of Rome was fundamentally undemocratic”. This move also agitated and threatened Sicilians, reigniting separatist concerns from decades ago. Sicilian Separatist parties have started to regain their membership and the PEL gleefully added holding a referendum for Sicilian independence to their platform.

    Meanwhile in Greater German Republic, the supporters of the PEL were nowhere near as organised so they were quickly pushed into political irrelevancy.

    • Union of Rome
      • New aspects: “Anti-Gaul Thought Mainstreamed” with one free invoke, “Anti-PEL Gerrymandering” with one free invoke.
      • Moderate (4) stability consequence “Sicilian Separatism” taken
    • Greater German Republic
      • Challenge “Party of European Liberty” overcome, success with major cost.
      • New aspect “PEL Marginalised”
      • +1 Dark Fate Point
    The Malleus Maleficarum (Montpellier, Union of Rome): Occitania is a politically divided region, with those who wish to remain a part of the Union and those who wish to join the Liin Syndicate. One of the most influential groups in the region is the Malleus Maleficarum, a paramilitary group primarily made up of Christians who militantly oppose the Syndicate and their sympathisers in Occitania. The Union government has a complicated relationship with the Malleus Maleficarum, quite often they don’t quite see eye to eye as their violent actions often lead to further unrest in Occitania. Other times the Union and the Malleus Maleficarum cooperate in pursuit of their mutual interests.

    The Malleus Maleficarum were monitoring a cell of pro-Syndicate militants when they noticed that they had been approached by someone who was very likely an espionage agent from the Syndicate. They immediately informed the Union’s intelligence department, who raided the premises and captured the agent. The Malleus Maleficarum’s foiling of a Syndicate plot signals what could be a new era of cooperation between the Malleus Maleficarum and the Union. (New aspects “Cooperation with Malleus Maleficarum” with one free invoke and “Syndicate Plot Exposed” for the Union of Rome, “Agent in Occitania Exposed” for Liin Syndicate)

    Supreme Imperial Commander Adonis (Constantinople, Byzantine Empire): After countless ceremonies “confirming” his “greatness”, his promotion to Supreme Imperial Commander of the Byzantine Military (a title that gives him no actual authority over the military) and night after night of hedonistic parties; Emperor Adonis has finally stopped agitating for an imperial coup. He has started to ignore his phone calls from his former Eloi allies, who have promptly become fed up with him. They saw through the ruse almost immediately, but their warnings fell upon Adonis’ deaf ears.

    The Union of Rome also funded a massive propaganda campaign to rally the support of the people of the Byzantine Empire for the Senate and democracy. This may be needed in the future, spies for the Senate among the Emperor’s servants note that it is unlikely that Adonis will be distracted for more than a year by his “accomplishments”. Adonis is a petulant manchild who is bored incredibly easy, there is no doubt that this will only be a temporary salve from his attempts to destabilise his own country. (“Agitated Emperor Adonis” overcome, new aspects: “Supreme Imperial Commander Adonis”, “Pro-Democratic Roman Propaganda” with two free invokes)

    Jason and the Argo (New Olympus Wastes, Byzantine Empire): The legendary Byzantine explorer Jason undertook a quest to find a way to stop the Gods (Olympians) from killing his people. For many months he wandered the New Olympus Wastes, the home of the Olympians in the Empire where no other man dared to tread. Eventually he came across a disabled Olympian that was safe to approach. On its side was written the words “The Argus” in giant letters. What happened next was either divine providence or a quirk in Jason’s genetics, depending on who you ask. Jason found he was able to command this Olympian, much like the rumours he had heard of a Priestess in Asia who was able to command one. Jason now has a weapon that may be capable of killing a God and saving his people from Olympian oppression. (New aspect “The Argo” with two free invokes)

    Row, Row, Fight da Powah! (Lilithcity, Liin Syndicate): The witches (commonly known as scientists) of the Liin Syndicate were working on a spell to defeat Olympians and “pierce the heavens”. One particularly successful project pioneered by two of the nation’s top witches, Simone Gurren and Kamina Lagaan, is the creation of giant homunculi (commonly known as mecha). Named Gurren-Lagaans in honour of the two witches, these homunculi are more powerful than a conventional tank and only require two people to operate effectively. They are also armed with an innovative drill that is extremely effective at breaking through armour, especially the thick armour surrounding the CPU of most Olympians. These Gurren-Lagaans are being mass produced and integrated into Syndicate anti-Olympian operations and, if tensions continue to rise in Europe, they may see use in conventional warfare as well. (New aspect “Gurren-Lagaans” with one free invoke)

    Victory Over Romeo and Juliet! (London, Second English Protectorate): Lord Protector Horne was quick on the case to remove the Olympians occupying the capital. Horne ordered the factories of the Protectorate to begin mass production of artillery and bombers and by jove it worked. Soon the Lord Protector had enough firepower to obliterate the mechanical abominations. Hip hip hooray for the Lord Protector! Hip hip hooray for the Protectorate! (Challenge “Romeo and Juliet” overcome. New aspects “Glorious Protectorate Defeats Romeo and Juliet!” with one free invoke, “Military Production Overdrive”)

    Greater German Republic Performs Large Scale Military Readiness Exercises (New aspect “Military Training Exercises” with one free invoke)

    Liin Syndicate Begin Research into Spells to Heal the Land: (Free invoke on aspect “Heal the Spirits of the Land”)
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  9. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Zoo we mama! Expect PMs to be sent out in the next half hour or so. I'll make a post when I finish sending out PMs to people who need them so if you feel like you needed a PM and didn't get one you can bother me, lol. Obviously if there are any mistakes in the update or stats, let me know ASAP.

    Anyway I just realised I forgot to detail another slight rules change to the previous rule change post. Well its less of a rules change and more of a change to how stats are formatted. Basically I've divided a nation's aspects into various categories. They can be moved from category to category depending on circumstances. I'll summerise them down here:
    • Core Aspects - These are aspects representing material things that are important to your nation, have a large degree of permanence and seem relevant to most situations.
    • Scoped Aspects - These are aspects that are relevant to your country's situation right now, but probably won't be in the future. Remember - if/when these things expire it doesn't mean that they cease to exist, they're just no longer considered relevant for the current political situation. Usually you'll be given at least a turn's warning if these are going to expire, check your stats.
    • Temporary Aspects - These are aspects that could be quickly "used up" or represent some opportunity that won't be around forever. Usually you'll be given at least a turn's warning if these are going to expire, check your stats.
    • Challenges - Big challenges that are directly effecting your nation. Will always have a challenge rating representing a negative dice modifier that will be applied to Overcome rolls targeting them. The longer these things stick around unresolved, the worse things will get for your nation.
    Another piece of important information - Omega124 has quit the game. New Bharat has been NPCed. New players, feel free to take over this nation.
  10. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Alright, all PMs sent. Go nutso. Lets give a tenative orders lock date next week, 5th of September at Midday (Canberra time).
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  11. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    Dear NC,
    Next time you want to cameo my characters, please don't make them Tyo's Wizards.

    And people say R2R has a long-ass turnaround... :mischief:
  12. Marcher Jovian

    Marcher Jovian Prince

    Jul 12, 2013
    The Federal Republic of the United Caribbean condemns the Liberated Autonomous Appalachian Municipalities' flagrant and offensive attempts to arm violent, dangerous rebels and to imperil the people of the Caribbean. We seek for the Appalachian government to immediately withdraw all support from the rebels, to cease all attempts to destabilize the Caribbean, and to admit an immediate, official apology.
  13. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010

    Oops. I meant 5th of September.
  14. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    The Christian Republic of Ethiopia has heard the news of the resistance against the Olympian incursion into the territory of Somalia. At first, we simply assumed that they had contacted and established some form of agreement with the locals, but upon seeing their stalwart resistance to their scouts, that is clearly not the case. The Olympian expedition to the lands of Somalia is no less than blatant imperialism, and it shall be treated as such. The Christian Republic of Ethiopia officially declares it will not permit any further Oceanian expansion into Somalia unless a proper treaty detailing the locals' willingness to cooperate with the Oceanians is publicly revealed and signed.
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  15. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Why is a dirt poor country that labels itself a "Christian Republic" concerned with a ex-nation currently in anarchy?

    Our focus is on scouting for Olympian machines and technology. Efforts to counter our efforts will be counted as aggressive, along as rude.

    It would do well for Ethiopia to bow to their betters instead of idols. The Combine will conduct business in Africa and will not seek the consultation of clearly backward territories.

    As for the anarchist terrorists in Somalia: we will find out who backed them. In the mean time the Combine will not declare further policies till after we have finished a... investigation.
  16. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    To: Argentine Cockroaches
    From: The Temple Directorate of External Affairs
    CC: Christianity

    Our time has come and no excuse for the terror will be made. Come, cowards, and watch your vermin cousins broken on the wheel and fed into the ovens. We will deliver the afterlife you so crave when you deliver the flesh we so demand, so sayeth the Mother of Man and Monsters.


    Field Commander [REDACTED]
    From: Council Member #[REDACTED]
    Subject: RE: Canadian Christian Resistance

    For every PLA casualty take one thousand Canadians hostage. For every PLA death, execute one thousand hostages. [DATA EXPUNGED] Make the numbers work by any means necessary.
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  17. MartinLuther

    MartinLuther look at this kawaii anime boy i found :)

    Jun 5, 2009
    Where You'd Least Expect
    For my dearest friends at The Federal Republic of the United Caribbean, we are sorry. Unity in the Americas has been compromised by us and we should never have assisted the rebels. Could you see it in your heart to forgive us? Kumbaya, if you will?

    Your friendship is very treasured and we will not do it again. Our smuggling operations have stopped. Unity will be in our time.
  18. jackelgull

    jackelgull An aberration of nature

    Dec 30, 2013
    Within the realm of impossibility
    Sign up for New Bharat

    The official Indian government had always been weak, a legacy of the British Raj, and the ongoing paralysis over the question of religion in New Bharat made the grip of the state weaker. The result was a golden age for Indian crime, which, already powerful and in command of the economy of many regions of India, found their work nearly unimpeded. It was also an unprecedentedly bloody time with the police helpless to stop the violence and at time complicit in it. But the most ominous sign for the government wasn't the violence, it was the end of the violence. Because that meant one gang had won, and with it, won the allegience of the criminal organizations of New Bharat, which totaled a revenue nearly the size of a nation unto itself, as well as a network of contacts within prominent institutions in and out of the government, and the loyalty of millions of people.

    This spelled doom for the Dalit Buddhism project, or atleast the project as it's purists envisioned. In October, with tensions running high, a riot was encouraged through malicious speeches against the government, and the gangs began their soft coup. In an orgy of fire and blood the capital was swept with unrest, and Parliament was attacked.

    This is where Colonel Rajkumar Singh comes in. The closest to the scene, he managed to disperse the crowds in the capital, but he understood that any lasting peace would either come at the barrel of a gun, and possibly ruin the nation, or through a negotiated settlement. And so Singh gathered together like minded officers and came to a negotiated settlement drawing back some of the restrictions hitherto being placed on religion. Such a move would've been unthinkable at the birth of the nation, but the Dalit Buddhist project, while it had gained converts at an impressive rate was still new and not yet deeply engrained into the subcontinent. The number of adherents numbered only in the millions and so while the officer class remained staunchly Dalit Buddhist, the rank and file were not. And as questions of equality and merit were raised and the rank and file chafed under long service under the Dalit Buddhists with no opportunity for advancement, divisions arose among the leadership, and a moderate wing that wanted to reconcile the Dalits to the mainstream emerged. Colonel Rajkumar Singh broadly agreed with this line of thinking. Where as the hardliners felt that a protracted ideological struggle could be won, Singh saw the rise of the criminal element, not just in terms of resources, but in actual power and importance, to the point where the Underground were major players in the politics of the nation as a signal that the project had failed in the hearts and minds of people. Perhaps it could be won, but not without great violence, and not without putting the nation at stake.

    But while Singh's settlement itself was not impossible like it might've been even just three years ago, it was not safe either. There was a good chance the hardliners would start a civil war. And the end result was a New Bharat with two governments - a military junta teetering at the edge of a civil war, and a criminal empire seeking to dominate markets, and represent its own interests.
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  19. NinjaCow64

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Jack has contacted me and has promised he will redo his signup to be more in line with the already established lore of New Bharat.
  20. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    I feel where you are coming from. I will give out rewards for achieving major milestones that aren't strictly covered by the system I outlined earlier (an obvious example being conquering other nations). However, the system I have outlined will still be used in most cases where people are pursuing a mechanical (i.e stat increase/new stunt) goal or an in-game goal that I don't think the advantage system can do justice (such as space exploration).

    On a related note, 46 hour lock warning activated!

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