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Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
I've played a little with the interface file and I've finished by editing the minimap.

Here comes differents minimaps, just for the fun of it, but this sort of thing could be a good addition to some scenario or some specific mod.


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They look great! :goodjob:

Although for some reason the last one just doesn't fit the same style... but not bad. ;)
Remarkable idea! Definitely gives more feeling to a mod. I salute you! Too bad they can't be made era-specific though. Inspired by you I'm going to draw some nude ancient babes to hold the map frames...
and not post it here! :mwaha:
That 3rd one is just what I needed. :goodjob: Combined with Ghenghis Farb's leaderheads and TaShala's babe advisors, my civ games can now reach their "maximum potential". :D

I demand you PM or e-mail them to me! Friends should share, right? :D
Cool. Any chance you could do a knight in full armor? That would be useable by everyone. I would prefer a magician, but that might be more difficult so a knight would do. :)
tjedge1, you might be interested in the fact that I was inspired by Supa, and have added a couple of standard-bearing giaks (Magnamund orcs) to the minimap and the right hand box. I have some issues with the "end of turn" button, but I'm confident I'll fix it. ;)
@Supa: yes that's what I meant and that one will do for me.

@mrtn: Orcs you say? That would be cool to see. This is going to be great!
What about a globe? One of them fancy older ones.

Also, anyone ever think as to making newCursors? I remember that the Cursor in Civilization for the SNES was a torch....
A Globe.. I don't know, not today in any case. *tired*

I think someone tried to replace the cursor. Something like a civ-color cursor. It worked the first time, but not the following. But it's not the subject. It could be fun to try.

I've sort of taken your good idea and gone in a slightly different direction, instead of adding a pick at the side of the mini map I put the name of my mod. I chopped the side of the mini map away to keep a very clean look, it took me quite awhile but I'm really pleased with the result.

Thank for the great Idea.

Quinn Dexter.
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