Zkribbler has passed away


Oct 4, 2010
Crazy Mountain
I'm not sure if anyone already brought this up yet, but what I heard (Civ?)Lancer and Zkribbler are not with us anymore, even though I don't really close with them, but I know both of them, my deep condolence.
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Oh, that's a shame. :(
Oh my, how terribly sad. :(

link above said:
Zkribbler also just passed away. He had a stroke. He had been struggling with cancer. Typhoon Odette and the resulting power outage, long lines, etc for the last few months probably played a part too.
Very sad!
Very sorry to hear this. Whether at 'poly, WPC, or here, he always had a kind or lighthearted word to contribute to the conversation.
Oh no! Zkribbler was always so sweet. I will mourn him.
Very sad news, Zkribbler was a great guy
I hope his family will be taken care of.
I moved this to its own thread, since the news about Zkribbler is new.
I'm sorry to hear about this, he seemed to be a nice guy :(.

He was one of my favorite people here and yes, very nice. He started a thread in A&E called "Watcha Writin'?", which became the main general writing thread there where he chronicled his efforts to get his short stories published and his numerous entries in the Writers of the Future competitions. The kind of stories he liked to write could best be described as the sort of humorous fantasy that reminds me of the stories Robert Asprin wrote.

I'd just mentioned him yesterday when I was on the phone with an Amazon customer service agent based in the Philippines. The agent was shocked at how many books I'd ordered over the years and mentioned that his dad liked science fiction and fantasy. I mentioned Zkribbler and his efforts to get published.

We also had some good conversations about his many cats.

I will definitely miss him. :(
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