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Feb 2, 2007
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The fudge does Caitlyn Jenner know?
I lurk daily!

I hate that cis people end up deciding who our icons are. We mostly all hate Caitlyn Jenner. Her political dabblings are utterly irrelevant to us; she doesn't represent us, only herself.

Hey hey hey u r around;).
Beyond the obvious "she's got balls" joke, I really don't care. Just another chapter of political theater in US.
I think that T will become more accepted (and faster) as (if) better drugs make transition fuller.
Femininity in males was a thing since antiquity (at least for the less barbaric civs, ie just Greece and then semi-barbarian posers Rome).
Well it's not like she is gonna win in Cali.
Stranger things have happened. Though, judging with historical trends with the Californian Gubernatorial Elections. They’re a safe Democratic state.

Caitlyn is just one of many GOP candidates in a pool of other three candidates. I’d predict that Caitlyn would only go as far to the gubernatorial primaries and the GOP would heavily favor the other three candidates. Though there is a chance that also, Gavin would be primaried out of office on the Democratic side since Antonio Villaraigosa has expressed interest in running.
Skip to ~0:40.

"I wouldn't be so sure about her politics. She's aging, mean, and rich; that sounds Republican to me."
I didn't wanna be rude in the T thread and answer (since i'm gay but not trans). But regarding trans trans icons, Spain had Cristina "La Veneno" Ortiz. She wasn't exactly a "role model" (rather controversial in fact) but she was probably the most well known trans woman in Spain and she did give visibility in the 90s.

Personally i didn't know of her (since i'm from LatAm) but last year they made a series based in her life called "Veneno" and... Well... Spread knowledge of her here too (it was quite good too)

I don't know if trans people consider her an icon or anything like that. But, after the series, at least in my circles she's respected.
Sure, FYROM's Northern Macedonia's golden boy built a huge empire. It didn't survive him, though.

Caitlyn's governorship bid is not a complete longshot. Arnold Schwarzenegger won as a Republican in California a few years ago. There is currently also is a bit of a backlash against Newsom which could help her.
Also governor race's are one of the few things left in US politics where people will vote for the person rather then the party. This is shown by the heavily Republican states of Kansas, Kentucky & Louisiana having Democrats for governors, and the heavily Democratic states of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont having Republicans for governors. However California has gotten quite a bit more liberal since Schwarzenegger. Also her campaign team includes several former Trump advisors, and the stench of association with Trump may be hard to escape from.
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