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Realpolitik CIV - An Interactive AAR

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by Lighthearter, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. mechaerik

    mechaerik Tuturuu!

    Oct 28, 2008
    Los Angeles
    Thank you.

    I would however, like to request the use of some of the Night Eagles. I believe they could be used to some effect helping to train some militia. This is actually a very effective use for special forces units.
  2. arya126

    arya126 Squad Leader

    May 10, 2010
    Outside the Wall
    Son of a B****! Im gone for a few hours for a nap and all this happens?

    First off lets number these comments as usual, bear with me people in reading this,

    1. Ravus i AM NOT INDEPENDANT. The opposition isnt the coalition with the second most votes, its everyone who was in a coalition that didnt get elected. Si am still part of the opposition.

    2. I respectfully request that i become opposition leader as was agreed upon bewteen me and MN in a PM conversation that we held since we are the leaders of our coalitions.

    3. Sabotage? Already? That was FAST!

    4. ML is not military law, but MARTIAL LAW. It stops all opposition actions EXCEPT armed revolution and Sabotage, but sabotage is EXTREMELY unlikely to succeed. Must be declared by the president.

    5. EP is 'emergency powers' and it must be supported by 2 more party leaders than oppose it. Can be any party leaders. It decreases the uknown penalties to declaring ML, allows the president to basicly tell the opposition to shut the hell up and do very bad things to them if they dont listen, and basicly gives the president a bit too much power in most situations.

    6. I STRONGLY oppose both ML and EP. If either is given/declared then the OSR will go up.

    7. Nice hall of fame Mech. It looks nice.

    8. Ilduce why are you so eager to 'attack' me? Its one of the reasons i dislike you. Your behavior in general and towards me is very rude alot of the time. And, you would have lost the election if you were the presidential candidate. Nobody trusts that you would even follow what you say, and you are too annoying most of the time. No charisma. Whosit, unfortunatly, has it.

    9. I decline any position in the adminstration. It is against my beliefs to hold an office in an adminstration that i deeply oppose. I will pursue the post of opposition leader though.

    More coming once i read over the last couple pages a second time.
  3. Ravus_Sol

    Ravus_Sol God-Emperor of Mankind

    Nov 26, 2009
    Sorry, this is my first time playing a part in opposition stuff :p i stayed neutral through your term. So is the Opposition leader basically just chosen from whoever wants to take the part or is pushed for it from the oppositionists?
    Really? It sounded like Mathnerd planned for the Green Philosophers and himself to become the opposition.

    Oh well let's see, I was hoping to play the opposition leader role this time so that things stay peaceful during the time of war.

    Martial law sounds good then for stopping the ridiculous amounts of sabotage that have been happening.
    EP sounds good as this is one of the situations where it can have some use. No penalties for Martial law will help and like i said it allows a very powerful draft. The OSR going up is a good thing. It means we can more easily decalre a armed revolution if Whosit betrays us. Which i don't see as happening. Even if he does he only has a 3rd of the populance behind him. His grip is tentative. Hell a call for a vote of no confidence could topple him.

    Why did you oppose the Aegis during the last part of the election? I agreed with you while Ilduce was a duel commander and it was being an isolationist politically. But Whosit quickly took control then started to open dialogues with the Green Philosophers and Cull, he even opened them up with you yourself from what was mentioned.


    Anywho just finishing up the Book before i go home and let the fallout of the election hit the proveribial wind.:nuke:

    EDIT: ughhhhh. wow. There's a 30,000 character limit. Didn't know that. Oh well the books now in two halfs. It's not my fault so many things happened.
  4. Ravus_Sol

    Ravus_Sol God-Emperor of Mankind

    Nov 26, 2009
    The Arya Administration Years - The Coalition of the Future

    The Long Twilight of Peace
    Spoiler :
    This administration was the longest one yet. Covering 60+ pages it had more pages then all the other administrations combined.

    Wether the greater events, the growing strife between leader and opposition leader, or merely the extra people caused the longer length is unsure, but this was certainly a turbulant administration that began and ended with powerful happenings.

    The Start of Greater Events
    Spoiler :
    Lighthearter made a declaration that now that the empire was on it’s feet he would be throwing us some self created events more often. These would have to be solved both in-game through strategy and out of game diplomatically.

    As noted in the Previous book the election period was interupted by an event of Russian aggression. A Russian Galley demanded an inspection of English Goods and when they were told no, they attacked and killed many taking some hostage.

    You may find the original posts for these events as so;

    Original Lighthearter post: (#1202)
    Arya response: (#1207)
    Ravus response: (#1209)

    The plans were thought up and discused during the last part of the election. For a time a defensive war was pondered and two political approaches were argued over.
    1. wether to found our own religion and turn the europeans against Russia, an honourable approach.
    2. Or to officially declare ourselves buddist and secretly work to subvert Russia hopefully antagonising the Czar into war when most of europe likes us so as to make Russia the hated war mongerer and outcast, a scumbag option.

    Also the Imperial party constantly plotted for a naval escursion to find a weak city deep in Russia and launch a suprise attack, razing the city with minimal attack forces and then retreating from the hopefully humbled Russia.


    Post #1411 showed the Russians demanding where the negotiations take place as shown;

    arya126 - The negotiations will begin tomorrow. First - the Russians are DEMANDING that the negotiations occur in St. Petersburg and there are mass demonstrations across England to the effect of them taking place in the home port of the merchantmen, Ravus-York. In an unexpected display of neutrality, Caesar has offer to host the negotiations in Antium, on "neutral" soil.

    There are disadvantages to all three - going to Russia implies we will bow before their every whim and insisting on the negotiations taking place on home soil will infuriate the Russians and imply you are afraid they will take you hostage. Antium may be neutral, but Rome is also part of the Buddhist block.

    - Lighthearter

    After the idea of the more neautral Indians hosting them was turned down, Arya took the inititive and went directly to the Russian captial of moscow where the Russians were unprepared. (post #1424)


    It is noted here that the Romans were allways quiet during this crisis and the Vikings were jumping between being pleased at us and annoyed... For those who are new a summery of our 3 european rivals is so;
    • Russian is the religious leader and has political might
    • Rome is the military leader and has great war capacity when roused
    • Vikingdom for some reason is a technological master, well ahead of everyone else it lords this advancement over us in it’s northern obscurity.

    Issues: The Russian Meeting
    Spoiler :
    Arya and the Russian Czar had a meeting to discuss reperations. (in actualality this was a series of PMs between Arya and Lighthearter.)

    The Czar initially opens with an agressive stance demanding reperations from England and highlighting the fact it has English prisoners. It is obvious to all that this European power knows that we have had a term of peaceful expansion and thus have no signifacant army either for attack or defence.


    #1481 shows the start of Mathnerds opposition offensive.
    #1482 shows a reporter summery of events so far


    #1510 Arya posts stating that the talks have broken down and it doesn’t look good for England. The discussion is later covered in one of Lighthearters Reapolitik Reporters where it removes the Out of Character remarks. (See post #1940)

    In it you can see that the Russians were only going to accept a show of submission from the English people. With Arya constantly trying to get a deal of equals or some sort of acknowledgement of England being able to make choices it was an inevitable breakdown of discussions.

    Issues: The Espionage Eagles
    Spoiler :
    When it became clear that the attempts at peaceful negotiations were breaking down Arya was considered a hostage of Russia and the other lords had to take action.

    Enter the Night Eagles. They appeared and laid out some plans to rescue the english sailors. Officially they were founded by Lighthearter under the first administration and would act as our commando units for in-game and LH created events. Arya could take no official part in these talks as he was in Russia (ruling by Lighthearter caused this but was eventually overturned to allow discussions.) Arya did have the final say on the plan however and many leaders had their own opinions on which to use, some wished slight alterations while others including Leader Arya himself wished to create their own.

    Eventually due to heated arguements Lighthearter declared that only the original options or slight variations on it would be allowed. (due to reasoning that the Eagles were professionals and their plans were the best avaialable.)


    Post #1520 shows the emergance of the Eagles and highlights some plans that could be used to rescue the hostages. #1530 shows the Eagle units that would be used.

    Spoiler Different Plans of Attack for our Commando Unit :

    #1522 and #1529 show Arya’s two extra options that he wished to have, then #1550 show yet another two. They were eventually deemed unable to be done due to Lighthearters RULE about only picking from the original options.

    #1537 Shows Ravus’s ammendment to plan 2 that they use fire to cause choas as “if you are going to sin and kill you may as well make sure they stay down” This was a bit ruthless and was considered a risk for a long time untill new plans were discarded and it was revisited as a possible ammendment.


    Here was where people started to worry about the reprecusions of the actions leader Arya was heading us towards. War was looming for the first time in english history. Slavery started to look worthwhile to those who cared not for the liberties of all people. The debate and strife the slavery issue caused will be covered fully in a following chapter.


    #1567 shows Lighthearter laying down THE RULE about not deviating too much from the original plans.

    Eventually Arya takes matters into his own hands, the begining signs of a ruler that is not afraid to do things his way and make a stand with his authority. His choice was a slightly altered plan of his own devising, one the rest of the politicians would not find out untill it came into effect.

    Issue: Saving the Hostages
    Spoiler :
    Lighthearters write ups of the events of the actions can be found in posts;
    • #1617
    • #1623
    • #1634
    • #1745

    In the end the operation was a sucess and the hostages were saved with minimal losses. Unfortunatly the reprocussions were Ragnar and Peter demanding thousands of gold in tribute for the outrage against them.

    England didn’t give them anything and cut communication... The diplomatic scene was thus quiet for some time and many feared a sudden attack although only a few wondered at Ragnar’s two-faced nature.

    The Eventual Plan: Buildup
    Spoiler :
    This took a lot longer to bring together then previous administrations. The events and whirlwind happenings had caused many to put aside any plans and most were operating from a reactionary stance.

    In this period it was Aysee that become the most moderating voice in the Coalition of the Future. The first and most constant member to try and keep the others on track in organising England, as the Second in command of Arya it was perhaps expected.

    A plan was built soley on the simple matter of surviving. The aim was to make each city fully defended and self supporting. The barbarians were to be removed from the land and the only cities to be settled this turn were to be fillers in the current borders and one city as a landing in the netherlands to act as a border to London in european affairs.

    Whosit appeared during these planning phases and quickly became acknowledged as a learned voice on military matters as well as other things. It was his voice that helped push for a remanaging of Iberia and the worker plan to bring it to full potential. He eventually became interior minister and talked around many people with his Civ knowledge.


    His build plan is on #1869, it can perhaps be counted as the official start of the "Slavery arguement".


    Summery of Plans;
    Send the only archer we have in Iberia to head them of, be cautious but firm as it is the only military unit we have on hand as a instant counter.

    Two to be built, one for iberia to close it of from romans, one for the netherlands to do the same there.

    Has a lot of potential but for now does nothing. Should have an army of workers thrown in their straight away. The claiming of the resources for military and happyness is paramount but apart from that should improve productivity soon.

    Interior builds:
    Graneries to take advantage of growth (this also helps in slavery...) then military units to defend our nation.

    The Age old archers vs axmen debate came up again. in the end it was agreed upon one archer minimum for each city with a horde of swordsmen for an assault and axemen to kill any agressive units that appear.

    The people were hoping to trade for Iron working while teching towards Theocracy then either going to Metal casting and Machinery for Crossbowmen or Feaudalism for longbowmen. In the later stages binary research was inititiated ivolving several turns of pure money followed by serval turns of pure research output.

    Although initially tempted to turn buddist. The thoughts on getting Code of Laws for Confucianism or Theocracy for Christianity were divided. Real Life issues sometimes cropped into the debate and were quickly put down to stop arguements. Eventually the temptation of the Aposalistic Palace and it’s political leverage lured many to Theocracy (A good thing as the Zulu’s founded Confucianism quite quickly)
    post #1785 show’s Whosit's breakdown of the religious techpaths and that Theocracy would be quicker to obtain.

    The Debates: "Slavery, The English Religion and the Growing Tensions"
    Spoiler :
    The tensions arose from the pacifist Mathnerd being the opposition leader and the authoritarian Arya being unwilling to listen to any of their demands or advice. As Arya has a majority administration technically he did not need to listen to them, his power was enough that as long as his coalition held firm then the pacifists would not be able to oust him or make much effect through proper legal channels.

    It is then, completly understandable that the opposition quickly started to consider more radical options such as revolution!


    Mathnerds first demand was that they research a religion, preferably Code of Laws as the opposition favoured this lawful nature and the peaceful courthouses it would supply.

    Lighthearter continued to increase the opposition meter due to the outspoken and agressive nature of the pacifists (does this count as irony?) This was declared unjust by Arya who believed that such a small minority should not have such power. Lighthearter OverRULED him and the coalition in power started to pay more attention to their opposites...


    The arguements on slavery covered such topics as ‘heriditary slavery’ vs. ‘capital punishment slavery’ and wether the mechanics of civilization could be truely converted into real life slavery analogues.

    The opposition were quite outspoken in their horror at any idea of slavery, initially misinterpreting all slavery as heriditary. The Administration in power tried to calm them and explain how they wished to impliment their plans but to no avail. The pacifists believed all life was sacred and would not support it. Seeing as slavery creates a repressed minority it was a given that adopting this civic would raise the opposition meter even more. This was worrying considering the growing tensions...

    For a time Arya was absent and it was thought that Aysee may assume command. While he was away it was Whosit that entered negotiations with Mathnerd to attempt to halt the growing opposition.


    post #1913 highlights Whosit’s pro-slavery response.


    It continued for a few more pages, mainly of slavery arguements, many feeling it was wrong or perhaps the only course available to scrounge up military units for defence. Lighthearter (Post #1968) explained EP (Emergancy Powers). Just like the opposition had the major action of Revolution so did the current administration in power have the major action of declaring Emergancy powers which would allow the leader even greater control, elections could be postponed indefinatly, military law could be decalred for minimal setbacks and the opposition could be treated as criminals and denied all lawful actions.

    From post #1976 onwards the two leader engaged in private talks about what to do to settle their disagreements. While both said they wished a compromise one wasn't reached and both still threatened the use of the their individual special powers. The full set of messsages are shown in post #1988


    Basically: Arya wished for the opposition to stop its vocal protests against slavery and to not decalre a revolution. Mathnerd wished for a agreement from Arya to never use his EP powers and to get a religion ASAP. Neither was willing to give up their powers or to bend much on their desires.

    The Arguement trailed of after the first part of the term but it re-flared just as strong as before. This debate split some of the Coalition of the Future as some sides supported it while others didn’t. The Consortium and it’s bankers were one such party that was against it’s own coalition. This arguement continued untill Ravus took action...

    Ministers vs Advisors
    Spoiler :
    In post #1690 Arya states his view that the ministers would have no official power except that of making their opnions heard to the leader. While only a bare smatering of power had been given to previous ministers it was at least there in potential. This stance caused friction both within and without of the coalition as it gave Arya full authoritarian power.

    Official Arya Plan - Part 1
    Spoiler :
    This plan was provided by Arya for use in this book. It is the Private Message he sent to Lighthearter before the turnset outlining what he wished to happen.

    This plan takes into account that you will provide an update halfway through our term, preferably at turn 115.

    I will start off with a diplomatic policy:
    We are to attempt to open borders with the vikings, india and carthage if possible. These 3 nations are the ones we will try to befriend in the future.

    In the technology area, we will trade the irish mongols writing for the tech of IW If they refuse, then we will trade to rome for IW. Then we will research(after mathematics is finished), in order meditation-polytheism-priesthood-montheism-Bulb theology-metal casting-construction

    In the area of civics, we should switch to slavery immediatly. It will be a combination of (IC) illegal immigrants from the oppressive russia earning citizenship, and of the worst criminals working to get out of jail early.

    Build areas-

    In london, we need to whip the library as soon as possible to get rid of the angry citizen, and to start on other things. Whosit has this idea of a 'max overflow' when whipping a city. Not sure if you know what that means. But from what i can gather, on a 90 hammer project, once we have completed 59 of them, whip the library so that 2 citizens are whipped and 29 hammers go into the next project. If this is too complicated, skip it. But we NEED to whip 2 POP from london at once, to reach the happy limit there. No more, no less. Once you get to POP 7 there again, click on avoid growth.
    Once the library is done, a galley should be built there. After that, a worker, then by then axemen should be able to, and should be, built. If they arent, build archers until we can switch to axes.

    The workers in south england should finish their current jobs, then load onto the galley coming back from iberia to be shipped to spain. They will then build a mine on the copper and a road to connect it. A quarry and road on the marble is next, and a fam on the grassland with no trees near birmingham. Once that is done, 1 of the workers will head south to improve CN.

    The worker in ravus-york will pasture the pigs, build a road from there to ravus, then cut down a forest and build a farm there.

    Ravus york should finish the archer, build 3 settlers, 3 archers, and another settler-archer combo. Whip the city to finish them faster, but no further than 4 POP, and space out the whips so the city doesnt get too unhappy. A granary should also be built eventually.

    Birmingham should spam archers and cancel the worker as well as CN until bronze is connected to them. Then birmingham spams axes, and CN spams spears. Once either one of them gets to 3 POP, whip them to hurry the units.

    Liverpool- Finish the camp. Then build a mine on the other hill. Cut down some forests. Finish the archer, build a granary-galley-archer-galley. Whip for 1 POP once it gets to POP 4. 2 if you have to.

    The settlers from Ravus york are very important. The first 1 will settle on the northern mouth of the river in northeast spain. The second will either settle on the north side of the river morth in the low countries (it looks like either the rhine or meuse. it points towards where norwhich is in real life), or the peninsula just south of the river that looks like calais. I would like to let you choose that one. The third though, will settle in germany (taking into effect that rome doesnt put a city there again) on the hill 1 tile west of the horses there. The fourth will go to spain, on the tile 1 east of the wheat.

    Also i wish to lower the research slider to 70% and put gold to 30% to stop running a deficit. The new cities that we are settling should be outfitted with the archers from ravus york that will be built, and any spare archers from other cities. Their first builds will be archers, and they will build a granary second, then spam archers, with an occasional whip if they reach POP 3.

    I hope this is satisfactory to you. If it is too in depth, just do the general gist of it. I reserve the right to reserve these plans in response to the situation after the first update. A favor if you will, end the update after either 15 turns, or when the first enemy land unit if spotted. Whichever comes first. Thank you.

    President Arya(armitage didnt catch on)

    Arya Administration - Part 1
    Spoiler :
    Post #2055 shows the events of this turnset, in summery;

    Spoiler Mathematics Technology :

    Mathematics was discovered at the begining.

    Spoiler Ramesses the God-King :

    England then met some more rival nations in the Egyptions under Ramesses II

    Spoiler Shaka the Destroyer of Worlds :

    The Zulu under Shaka.

    Spoiler Technology Trading not taken :

    The Egyptians eventually tried to get alphabet from us, we declined to keep our edge but traded writing to the Irish in exchange for Iron Working. (A source of Iron was found in wales securing us this precious resource!)

    Spoiler The Source of Iron :

    Spoiler The Trials of Technology Trading :

    After we researched meditation ourselves the Indians demanded it! England turned these distant followers away in disgust.


    The Book Event
    The great scholars in the library of london asked for 11 libraries to be built around England. If we have this along with the Great Library they would be able to organise quite a bonus for us...


    Spoiler Nottingham the New Gaulish City :

    The Netherland city was founded and named Nottingham.

    Spoiler The Barbarian City State :

    The barbarians instead of attacking and pillaging our lands, settled down in a city of ‘Chinook’. This city was a blight on our nation and English men and woman seethed untill we had a force strong enough to take it.

    We forever waited for the inevitable call of war from the Russians but it never came.

    During the last few turns Shaka somehow managed to found the Confucian religion...

    Spoiler The Great Prophet Technology Advance :

    The turn ended with the Great Prophet, Ravus Sol being used to Bulb Theocracy! We finally had our English Religion.

    Spoiler The English Religion, Christianity :

    Opposition Action: “The MiB assault, Ravus’s Ruthlessness Response"
    Spoiler :
    Wether this action was a last resort to get the parties more peaceful and talking or a savage butchery for no purpose will be a personal choice. As it is I (Ravus) who is writing this collection of memoirs be aware that it will be slightly biased towards myself.

    Throughout the slavery arguement I had been inundated with requests to publically support a side. When the update happened I thought it was over but quickly the two sides started argueing again. This time the opposition was saying that the fact that Arya had founded a religion (a goal of the opposition) was a sign of weakness.

    In post #2111 Lighthearter came down on both sides. But by then Ravus’s response to the situation had allready been sent. He had been considering it since before the first turnset and in post #2127 it was implemented, with a slight twist by Lighthearter.


    All the Budist worshipers in England were either killed or became servants of the empire formally allowing the slavery civic without much ethical hassle. The Green Philosophers were urged to work with the administration to humanise the servatude process and the Coalition of the Future were made aware of the power of the opposition without direct confrontation. Originally Ravus surrendered himself to the other politicians aware of his illegal activity and not wishing to hide it as it would dimish the point he was trying to make.

    Lighthearters twist saw Ravus kidnapped from his cell by the Eagles and his religion spread automatically in London and the Irish peoples.


    The Consortium and the Green Peace party were quick to demand the recapture of Ravus. While Arya declared his tentative support of the action. Many argreed that some sort of wake up call had been needed to stop the arguements while others thought this was a step too far (not to mention arrogant to perform such a action)

    The main important step was that Mathnerd himself, the leader of the opposition was in agreement with Ravus’s actions and thus helped to calm most of the arguements.

    Due to a demand of explanation of his actions Ravus posted a letter in post #2170 highlighting the fact that a foriegn religion helps espionge against rivals and his other views on forcing a middle path for the future. With Arya’s official pardon however he didn’t have to worry about any reprocusions... for now at least. A new leader after the election could have different ideas.


    In the end things were calmer and things proceeded forward a bit easier. Their was a brief attempt to create a more peaceful revolution as the opposition still chafe’d under a sole authority figure with only advisors. But this too dissapeared with the acknowledgement that a leader was only as powerful as those supporting him. Loose support and he could be voted out of office.

    Although there were still calls to question Ravus his actions could still be seen as to have helped the nation. Wether they were worth the cost is up to the individual themselves.

    The Revised Plan: Adaptation
    Spoiler :
    Arya’s first reponse can be found on post #2059

    Most of the plans were not changed, merely adapted to the circumstances, although a desire was highlighted for better looks at the Russian and Viking lands. Their was some brief discusion over the options to decalre ourselves Christian now or wait...


    Domination 3000
    appeared here as a mainly lurker voter for the Consortium bringing this party more power and influence. (Dom states he will vote however Ilduce his leader does)


    It was decided after a brief discussion to raze the barbairan city and found a better placed one ourselves.

    Binary research was finally implement here for our research into Metal Casting.

    Sonereal appeared around this time as well and eventually joined the Imperial Party, now technically under the control of Whosit as the old leader had been absent for too long.

    #2326 has Arya’s final plan, he originally thought not to post it due to Mathnerd demanding to see it. But in the end agreed to be nice for the last few turns in power he had left. (Or so he thought.)
  5. Ravus_Sol

    Ravus_Sol God-Emperor of Mankind

    Nov 26, 2009
    The Arya Administration Years - The Coalition of the Future

    Official Arya Plan - Part 2
    Spoiler :

    Second turnset plan:

    Financially we do binary research. This (as Whosit tells me) lets us do 7 turns at 100% gold, then 10 at 100% research. That will get us through our 15 turns researching metal casting so there is no need to worry about Teching in this plan. A new one can be drafted by the new president should our coalition be re-elected.

    Build plans vary by city. In london, we should finsih the swordsmen, build a temple, and build a galley, then another 2 swordsmen. Whip if it reaches 8 POP.

    In Ravus york, it gets tricky. If we listen to whosit we will need at least one more settler from here, maybe 2. I will plan as if we need one settler. The builds will go worker-settler-worker-temple-worker-monastary-worker-missionary. Whip if it reaches the happy limit.

    The cities in iberia should focus on military and infra. Both should finish whatever they are working on, and start on a granary. If they finish it in our adminstartion, either start on an archer, or an axeman. Whip if they reach 6 POP (unlikely), and on the granary if they reach 4 POP. BUT ONLY WHIP IT FOR 2 POP MAX. Use max overflow if possible.

    Nottingham should switch to a granary. Whip for 2 POP and max overfolw if it reaches 4 POP in the turnset.

    Liverpool is a mystery. I dont know what it started after the archer. I dont know if it has a granary. If it has a granary, then it should build spearmen-axemen-worker-galley. Whip if reaches the happy limit.

    Diplomacy is hard. OB should be pursued with everyone. Egypt and shaka should be pursued as friends. try some trades if they seem fair enough and we have either no use for the resource at the moment, or have 2 or more.

    I also want to send a galley and a unit to scandinavia to find out what we can. We dont know its resources. We dont know the vikings borders. We dont know the landscape. We need to find oout if we can spare the units. Send the first galley that we build from london to do it. If we have a psare swordsmen, send it with it to scout the land itself.

    The current settler will settle in bewteen the sliver and gold on the forested hill. The second settler that we plan to produce from Ravus, shall go on the hill directly east of the mountain in eastern spain. It will have access to both fish and clams. Both will start on a granary-archer build.

    Workers will be divided bewteen iberia, frnace, and the low countries. Iberia will focus on the important resources. Then it will shift to mines. France will have a ficus on cottages with a farem here and there. (as an explantion to cutting down a forest in france, since i know Whosit mentioned it earlier and i didnt respond to it, i thought it would help speed along production. In my games i always cut down forests right away, or as soon as i can afford to, to get the boosts to productions. watermills can replace them later in the game for constant production, and hills are normally better. IF WE CAN SPARE A WORKER, BUILD A RAOD TO RAVUS-YORK FROM THE SPANISH CITIES.

    We will burn Chinook. But instead of using the archer, keep it posted there watching the city. When the first swordsmen from london is ready, ship it down to chinook. Then take it with good enough odds. If they are still bad odds, wait for a second swordsmen.

    I think thats it. Ask if you dont understand something. Otherwise, thank you for not giving me another crisis. We have had 55 pages of me i think(about anyway). I want a chnage. A crisis would prolonge it.​

    Ayra Administration - Part 2
    Spoiler :
    See post #2378 For the first post...

    Spoiler War Declaration :

    Any attempt at a peaceful last turn is ruined because; ROME DECLARES WAR!

    Spoiler :

    Things quickly heated up! The Barbarian city was razed with a risky archer rush and a new settlement was founded to the north named Kent. England couldn't be worrying about barbarians while the Roman horde advanced.

    Spoiler Kent, The final Iberian Settlement :

    Kent rounded of the Southern European landmass. Iberia could now be brought to it's full potential and create a powerbase on the mainland.


    A strategic outline of our military and civillian resources followed:
    Spoiler British Isles Military :

    1 Archer(London)
    1 Archer(Liverpool)
    2 Archers(Channel Coast)
    1 Swordsman(Galley)
    1 Axeman(Galley)
    1 Galley(English Channel)

    Spoiler Gaulish Military :

    1 Archer(Ravus-York)
    1 Warrior(Channel Coast)

    Spoiler Iberian Military :

    3 Archers(Spread out)

    Spoiler Norway Scouting Expedition, The Land near the Vikings :

    1 Galley
    1 Axeman

    The cities that were Christian so far;

    Current builds;
    Liverpool = Spearman
    London = Christian Temple
    Ravus-York = Settler
    Nottingham = Granery
    Norwich-Cull = Granery
    Birmingham = Granery
    Kent = Granery

    Workers and land development;
    Britian = 2 workers, nearly all land is developed. Workers only have to finish their tiles and they are done. Where to send them next?
    France = 2 workers, Modest devlopment around Ravus-york and nothing in Nottingham. Road is being placed to Iberia
    Iberia = 2 workers, no development yet. Currently the horses and copper are being worked on. The Fish near Norwich-Cull also do not have a workboat.

    Current Resources;
    1x Crab
    1x Deer
    2x Fish
    1x Stone
    1x Iron
    1x Sheep
    2x Cow
    1x Wheat


    As the English people saw... we were not ready for a war with our closest neighbour.


    It was also noticed now that the Russians had somehow lost their holy city! Many hoped that the foriegn religious power had become entangled in another war with a mystery civilization.

    There was now 11 turns left for Arya to quickly change his plans to a war footing! It also changed the themes for the upcoming elections.

    Party Shifts
    Spoiler :
    Cull states he is contemplating creating a party of Ninja Pirates... what they will support is suspect but it would probably be spying and pillaging.

    Arya and the new player JMUG states they will create their own more agressive religious party next election.

    It is also hinted their is a Coalition called Aegis being formed that has Ilduce’s Consortium in.

    The War Plan: Shift to War-footing
    Spoiler :
    #2388 shows Arya’s first layout of a reaction to the Roman war.
    #2393 shows Whosits strategic response.

    These initial plans were gone over and reworked to come up with the best option. Most party grudges were forgotten in the looming shadow of war. Unlike the threat of Russian agression. Rome itself was right on our door and had allready sent a catapult into attack. (showing off their advanced unit.)

    Most of the politicians hoped that the Romans did not have Iron to make their dreaded Pratorians... So far in history their had been no sign of them...


    There was some discussion of a mass produced sword army and a army supported by catapults (a technology we do not have) and a pillaging force.

    Whosits explanation quickly showed the benifits of catapults while Ravus’s option to use the lone Axeman as a suicide pillager was also accepted.

    A main point was also the temptation to leave the undefended Nottingham to burn, fortifying the much more important Ravus-York instead. The Opposition was strong in this regard and all agreed to at least send some archers to defend this new city, but the majority of the force to protect the holy city of Ravus-York.

    Naval plans were simply to fortify a newly built Tireme in the Iberian / Carthagian strait so that no secret ships could sneak through.

    Theocracy was also now considered as an option... however we would also need to decalre ourselves Christian, something we hadn’t done yet, to get the full potential. This would be two turns of anarchy to enact both. Two turns is a long time in a warzone.


    JoeMacUnGee appeared here with his plans of a religious right group. Arya has the same idea and the two (after a brief period of shock of both proposing the same party at the same time) agreed to create one together.


    During the last few moments of Arya's term while waiting for the last turnset to be posted many of the politicians waxed about “better days" and many talked about the past and wether the old leaders did better or worse jobs.

    The bad news came in Post #2753. Even though the pictures came later this was basicaly the herald. The War was going badly.

    Official Arya Plan - Part 3
    Spoiler :
    1. Build granaries in all cities that dont have one. Whip it out ASAP. Whip cities down to a MAX of 2 POP, preferbaly no lower than 3POP.

    2. All cities on the continent, are to build ONE archer, after the granary if they need one, then work on their specialized builds. In CN, after the archer it will build Spears. In Birmingham, axes will be built continually. Nottingham will not need firther orders, although if it finishes both the archer and the granary it shoudl work on axes. Ravus should build archer-axe-archer-chariot(if we get HBR)-axe, and whip out the first archer ASAP.

    3. Construction should be traded for right away. If nobody has it besides rome, then switch the research to it. Finish metal casting after we get it. Once we get construction, switch CN to Cats. If horseback riding is available for trade, trade for it as well. If it is traded for then after the current builds in Ravus switch to horse archers.

    4. London should build 4 swords, then a galley(triremem if we have metal casting. If we dont, build a trireme ASAP when we get MC), then 3 cats. Liverpool should build 2 swords, 4 axes, and 2 cats. They should be shipped to Ravus-York. Once this is completed, Liverpool should build in a pattern of axemen-sworsdmen-cat, and london should build gaklleys and triremes. Tha total amount of troops for the offensive will be 6 swords, 4 axes, 5 cats, and whatever other assorted offensive troops we have on the continent at that time. Once antium is taken, wait for reinforcements to replace any losses and increase the force, then march on rome.

    5. The galley in the channel should deliver the axemen and swordsmen to nottingham IMMEDIATLY. Then bring the 2 archers in dover to nottingham as well. all should fortify there as there are no improvements in danger. Once it finishes with those archers, it should bring the archers from the 2 cities on the british isles to Ravus-York to assist in the defense. The galley along the norway coast should load the axemen there and bring it to denmark. The axemen will unload and pillage everything it can. Scout out the cities if possible. Aim to pillage the resources like iron so as to delay further production of powerful units like Praets. Once the galley is done, send it to the eastern Iberian coast to watch for roman naval vessels. The galley from the channel should keep ferrying troops made in the british isles to Ravus york in prepariton for the counterattack.

    6. The archer in the city ruins of Chinook should head ONE tile northeast of where it is, and fortify to block the path into Iberia. The archer in Birmingham should go to Ravus-York ASAP. If roman units are in the way, let it fortify in the forest northeast of the gold. The archer from CN should fortify in the forest northeast of the gold no matter what.

    7. All workers in danger of capture should retreat to a nearby city(mainly Ravus-York).

    8. The warrior in normandie should head to ravus-York to be upgraded to an axemen. If the lone roman cat is still nearby once upgraded, and if there are good battle odds, send the axemen to attack it.

    9. OB should be pursued with carthage and egypt, as well as zulu adn vikings.

    10. Once we have 6 swords, 4 axes, and 5 cats, plus assorted other troops, assault antium and take it. Do not pillage it. Send any mobile units into germany to pillage what they can. if an assault on antium is successful, continue on to Rome after losses are replaced and reinforcements arrive. If captured, raze Rome. Then seek peace with rome, but do not give up antium. This is all in the future, not in my term. These plans will be forwarded to the next president as a suggestion for the continuation of the war.

    11. If the galley sent to the eastern iberian coast sees little action, scout rome and the rest of italy.

    Arya Administration - Part 3
    Spoiler :

    The Pictures are found in post #2700

    Spoiler The War fogged Italy :

    Arya had tried to get a lucky sneak attack in against the Antium fortress. All the brave men died... The war would not be over quickly. The Italian lands were unknown to us and we could only guess at their holdings

    Spoiler The Roman Praetorians :

    Then Roman Praetorians were cited as seen in Germany.

    Spoiler :

    All seemed lost untill Russia and Vikingdom also declared war on the Roman threat. There was still hope. The Russians were our equals in military matters, although the Vikings remained as mysterious as ever.

    Spoiler The Barran Gaulish Defence :

    As you can see even with Ragnar and Peter recognising the threat of a military agreesive Rome our chances were looking dim for holding Gaul due to a lack of units. The Previous leaders had focused on wonders and expansion more then military and now was the moment of reckoning.

    Eventually Arya decided to end the term by allowing Lighthearter to decide the fate of our French holdings through a narrative. The posts are shown in order below. While their was initial hope... in the end things went badly. Ravus-York was captured and our effect on the Roman Army is currently unknown. We could have badly beaten most of their force or we could have barly hurt them.

    Narrative Battle Posts;
    • #2815
    • #2823
    • #2826
    • #2842
    • #2878
    • #2921

    In the Narrative the Eagles help General Whosit attempt to hold our holy city. Things go wrong and many other secret troops are used against us. In the end Ravus-York is set on fire to stop the Romans being able to use any of the infrastructure. The Eagles once again show their skill with fire.


    In the last end stages people start to wearily plan the defencive of spain. It only has two passages into the penisula and should be easily defendable provided that the main Roman Army was destroyed.

    The English Nation: 375AD
    Spoiler :
    Here is the overview of our lands and financial and Technological status.

    Spoiler Tech Trading Opportunities :

    Spoiler Financial Advisor :

    Spoiler City Planning, Nottingham :

    Spoiler City Planning, London :

    Spoiler City Planning, Ravus-York :

    Spoiler City Planning, Kent :

    Spoiler City Planning, Birmingham :

    Spoiler City Planning, Cull-Norwich :

    The Election: “Imperial March”
    Spoiler :

    Aegis is formed from the Imperial Party and the Consortium. They quickly take into the lead as the only rival Coalition the Green Philosophers vote mainly for the monks in either an act of trust or as some part of a larger plan.

    The Old Coalition of the Future quickly falls apart like many people have long forseen. With the Modernizational party down to one player it is soon disolved and Nukeknockout joins the Imperials, further increasing their lead. For a time all is static with the unaligned parties of the Monks, Ninja-Pirates, Liberal Marxists and Faith and Strength zealots weighing their options.


    Post #2641 shows a Sabotage that comes out of nowhere! Our fishing boats in london are scuttled. Most instantly assume Roman Sympathisers untill cooler heads start to ponder the deeper meaning of these actions. Mathnerd takes up his magnifiying glass and becomes a detetective to discover the culprit. For awhile accusations ran rampant. Eventually though many agreed that the only people likely to have done it were, Ravus, Arya, Ilduce or Cull.

    Lighthearter declares that if we had the funds we could pay for a inquisition to root out the perpretrator. (the money needed for this is never specified)

    #2729 is the second sabotage event and it is revealed that Cull has been behind it all! This causes shock in some people and grudging exceptance of Cull’s new choatic stance. There was some talk of retribution but in the end it was revealed that these were merely fake sabotages by Cull that didn’t effect our holdings. He too merely wished to show his hand at using the opposition acts. Most were still put out and many assumed he would no longer be able to politically influence events in the election from lack of trust.


    The LMP initially joined the Aegis group untill undisclosed problems within forced them to leave. Ofiicialy it was because of problems with Ilduce being a Co-Leader of the Coalition. They pulled out in a official looking post in #2897. Whosit Realised this and later he and Ilduce agreed he should asume sole command of Aegis to gain more votes.

    Thus in #2988 Whosit becomes the sole leader. As soon as he did so Mechaerik from the LMP voted for him, happy that Ilduce was no longer leader and trusting in Whosit.


    Some half plans were thought out for the future administration. The Use of theology and religion to boost experiance was pondered as if we couldn’t outnumber the Roman army perhaps we could simply be better trained.


    Stingray, a friend and ally of Mathnerd appeared here. He voted in favour of the Philosophers and the monks but later events annoyed him and made him leave. Hopefully he will return and become a valued player. Many other party leaders offered to let him become part of their own party.

    Civplayah, a new politician also appeared. As what appears to be a cautious person he quickly joined the Monks then settled back to watch the elections with only a few words here and there while weighing up his potential rivals.

    Sometime after Domination started to post again, people started to bring outside agenda’s into the election. Aparantly some of the Politicians played some kind of war game called IOT in their spare time and some hard feelings were brought over into it. This flared up when Domination started making IOT jokes like the one in post #2907. It got worse in #2913 when he created a party that was a reflection of one from the war game. This cofused some players as they had no idea what IOT was and why there was suddenly a guy calling for war against a place called Florida. Somewhere we hadn’t even been yet. All this while we were at war with Rome. While allowed to make a party Lighthearter warned against IOT talk that wasn’t applicable in Realpolitik. Dom then called LH a facist and continued anyway. Obviously Domination was a troll. Eventually after he also dragged another IOT person in just to vote, he annoyed and insulted people enough that his party was disbared and his votes not counted.


    With the distraction gone things turned once again to the election, the longest one yet. Now that Aegis had a sole leader it started to point out the same flaw in the Faith and Strength party as they had duel-leaders in Arya and JMUG.

    #3015 shows Cull stepping away from his extremist position and offering to join a winning coalition as a independent. Seeing as people were so cautious in this election some started to ponder if th NPP’s votes could help their coalition win.

    In this election it became obvious that people were now performing a lot of their negotations out of sight via Private Messages to each other. It was also shown that people kept trying to sabotage! In post #3081 another enemy of the empire attempted to destory our iron mine. Mud-slinging started to occur here between the FaS and the Aegis group in particuler. Aegis called the FaS religious crazies especially JMUG and disliked Arya attempting a second term in power. The FaS disliked the fact that Ilduce was with the Imperials and believed themselves to better suited to power then the so-called-bankers.


    With only a day left in post #3133 Arya unvealed his master plan, a coalition between the FaS, LMP, Monks and Ninja-Pirates. The LMP joined up and quickly brought the votes up to nearly even with the Aegis group. All they needed was the Ninja-Pirates or Monks to swing things for them, The Aegis group started to also increase their moves towards co-operation, however Cull held his Ninja-Pirate Party back and the GP’s refused to join either of the war-like parties. For awhile theis new Coalition of Destiny Had no clear leader. But eventually Aysee agreed to take the stand.

    Cull then points out that if unpleased with Ravus’s actions, he can join the opposing coalition as a balancer. The clock started to tick down to the last hour when Ravus got back online. Quickly summing up the situation he decided that as they where, neither of the coalitions were diversified enough to be successful. He also had a diabolical plan...

    He joined the Green Philosphers making the election a draw and casting his last vote for the Ninja-Pirates! Now Cull would have to decide the election between the 3 coalitions and would be on the administration and not sabotaging everything as opposition leader. Ravus also decalred his desire to become a peaceful Opposition Leader himself so that the war-term could be completed peacefully.

    Gruekiller appeared and also cast his lurker votes further adding tension to the last ten minutes.

    But now Cull had full power over the future of England. He teased the coalitions with the idea he could join the Green Philosophers. But in the end he joined Aegis on the agreement he got a powerful position. Thus the election ended with one of the smallest administrations yet holding only slightly over a 3rd of the votes. Aegis won by the smallest margin.


    Ravus posts his reasons for acting as he did in post #3243. He wished to create a smaller administration with Whosit so that the Aegis could be given Emergancy powers and Decalre Martial Law. Doing so would stop the sabotages of english lands and help out in the war effort. The Aegis would be small enough that if they abused their given power they could be overthrown.

    The final tally is posted in #3256 and can be considered the end of the Arya Administration, there is some confusion over who would be declared opposition leader. MathNerd had allready been publicaly stating he was planning for it himself, Ravus wished to have it to create peace. Aysee could technically take it as the leader of the CoD and Arya wished for it himself as he opposed the idea of EP and ML.


    However with yet another Sabotage attempt in post #3279 It looks likely that some powers may have to be enacted so as to keep the peace untill the war is over.

    The Whosit Administration is still being organised, and after such a close race it may take some time for things to settle down and all the Ministers to be chosen. Hopefully the people of England can come through this time of war with General Whosit leading the way. For if we break and buckle now the English way of life could be over.

    EDIT: The Sabotage was against Stonehenge!

    EDIT 2: The Whosit Administration

    President: Whosit
    Vice-President: Ilduce
    Prime(Interior): Minister Cull
    Premier of Iberia (Area 3): Sonereal
    Minister of Scientific Growth: Nukeknockout
    Minister of Faith: JoeMacUnGee

  6. Lighthearter

    Lighthearter President of the United States

    Apr 29, 2010
    The West Wing
    Nice with the books. Though you might want to mention that the latest sabotage is against Stonehenge.

    Just so you know.

    Wait the character limit is 30,000?? COOL! Now I really can look into that idea . . . .:mischief:

    - Lighthearter
  7. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010

    My reaction. Seriously? Stonehenge was Ravus, and I if I dare say, with my assistance, his masterpiece, one of the strongest moves ATM. And now some idiot wants to destroy it? Prime candidates for me are ilduce, Arya, Ravus, and myself. Of course, I know I didn't do it. So who did?

    Fine. I'm watching you, puppeteer. Make one wrong move, and POOF. Get it?
  8. Whosit

    Whosit Entropic Knight

    Apr 7, 2009
    Perpetual Fog
    I'll see what I can do. I'll ask Lighthearter for an official statement on the current status of the Night Eagles. I know they took some losses during the battle of Ravus-York, but I think they should be able to spare some men, unless the aftermath was worse than I thought.

    Ravus: Great books, as always. You do the work no one else wants to, so even if they're a bit biased, no one has the right to complain. :lol: I understand Cull's actions (and your recent ones) a bit better now. I missed some of the details during all those chaotic postings.

    These positions still need to be filled:

    Premier of Britain: Manages cities/workers on the British island.
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Keeps tabs on AI attitudes, trade options, and the like.

    Arya has publicly refused the latter position, so it is open to anyone else who is interested. PM me if you wish to apply. If these positions are not filled by the time LH is officially back (Thursday evening) I will simply take those responsibilities myself so I can get started on the real work ahead of us.

    A sabotage of Stonehenge will not be tolerated! I know we need to wait for LH to officially resolve the attempt, but I intend to launch an inquiry if the perpetrator does not turn himself in. Stonehenge is an important part of English culture! Literally. I'm not sure what the motivation might be, but I do recall someone objecting to trappings of the "old faith" now that Christianity/Ravusanity has been founded.

    I also hope that the Opposition can determine its leader by Thursday evening as well; it should make things go a bit smoother.
  9. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010
    Thank you, Mr. President for your support against the people who would dare harm Stonehenge.
  10. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    Techinally, I was gone less than half a day and yet someone's tried to sabotage Stonehenger. Seriously guys? :lol:

    If people are going to go around and sabotage the holiest site of England, then clearly something must be done including increased security and some security forces guarding strategic resources.

    By the way, can we get rid of the "Area 3" and "Area 1" stuff for now? In the series, it made sense because they renamed conquered territory but Iberia, France, and Britain are majority British. By the way, thank you for the books Ravus.
  11. JoeMacUnGee

    JoeMacUnGee Warlord

    Jul 6, 2010
    Aha! Minister of Faith! First off I'd like to call for a national day of prayer. We're going to need all the help we can get vs. the Romans.
  12. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    Actually, this is something I could behind. Christians and non-Christians alike can get behind it their own way. Or, people get fearful. Then again, we need to remind the people in Iberia and Britain of the atrocities Rome commited in Ravus-York. ;)
  13. Ravus_Sol

    Ravus_Sol God-Emperor of Mankind

    Nov 26, 2009
    Ughhhh i didn't even know wonders COULD be sabotaged! Why would anyone do that? Stonehenge can't be rebuilt! And as for the whole new-religion thing i made them both!
    (Aside; if i wake up on a cross i'm blaming you mechaerik! Yes you, i've been watching you with your cross lust!)

    I'll edit the Stonehenge thing into it later as well as the administration cabinet and the opposition leader when it's decided.

    If there is anything myself and Cull can agree on at the moment it's that this is a bad move by anyone, i assumed it was a sabotage against Whosit in revenge but this is against both of us obviously. I know you want to sound everyone out first Whosit but please consider Some of the Powers soon.

    Lighthearter... if Whosit just happened to decalre EP and Martial law like, right NOW. Could it help stop the Stonehenge sabotage attempt?
  14. Aysee

    Aysee Winter is Coming

    Dec 8, 2009
    Really, whoever is insisting on sabotaging can just stop. Like right now. Stonehenge is just carrying it too far.

    Oh yeah, Ravus, you spelled "Emergency" wrong in all your books. It's a e not an a;)
  15. civplayah

    civplayah fronter

    Sep 3, 2007
    North Carolina
    Wait, what? Who sabotaged Stonehenge? I'm trying to keep up, but this has more posts per day than IOT!

    By the way, thanks for including me in the story! I'll try to contribute more, once I get used to this game.
  16. Whosit

    Whosit Entropic Knight

    Apr 7, 2009
    Perpetual Fog
    Well, hopefully once you catch up it won't be too hard. Though I must admit: If wasn't able to check the forum as often as I can, it would probably be a lot harder for me to figure out what's going on, and I still get lost from time to time! :lol:

    Anyway, we should be in a "relatively" quiet lull period until my administration finishes forming (still looking for a Minister of the British Island!) and we wait for LH to return.
  17. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    Which leads me to believe normal buildings can be sabotaged too which will make things interesting if someone forms the Luddite Party once the first factory pops up in London.
  18. west india man

    west india man Immortal

    Aug 29, 2008
    Wasn't their leader mythical? :p
  19. ilduce349

    ilduce349 (Financial, Philo)

    Jun 12, 2008
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
    Sorry to go ot, but in code geass area 1 was the southern states, which is where the capital is. The areas are the occupied lands in the anime, but in the manga, they are the provinces.

    How dare you suspect me, the vice president, of committing such an atrocity. I'll grant that Stonehenge is one of my least favorite wonders in game but I don't want it destroyed. If you look at any civilization game I have played, you will no that I would never try to sabotage a wonder. (I always have 20+ wonders in my capital by the end of the game, I would never want to loose a wonder, I am always really mad when my capital is not the greatest city in the top 5 cities/wonders scree) I would never (intentionally) destroy a wonder. The only time I don't raze a city when on the offense in civ 4 is if there is a wonder in it. I am offended that you would accuse me of the sabatoge. The real suspects are:
    MN, Cull, Arya and Ravus.
  20. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010
    Recent developments by certain parties have forced me to propose something I feel I will regret. A charter that would allow absolute powers, to our most esteemed President, Whosit, former General of the English Army, that would allow him full power unprecedented on any scale of our mighty past, with the knowledge that once the power is no longer needed, it be behooves the President to give it up, for a lack of any better term. May all party leaders, from Aegis, to the Coalition of Destiny, to the Green Philosopher Coalition, even to those parties still yet unaligned, hear my call, and sign this charter.

    As is my right of an official party of the England, I, leader of the Ninja-Pirate Party, do therefore sign this charter, the Great Charter of English Emergency Powers, and do hope that all parties, from everywhere on the spectrum of political England, do support this.

    OOC: Fun, fun, fun. What in-terms would this add, Lighthearter if this charter would to pass?

    @civplayah: Don't be intimidated by its length, or its speed. Read the books, handily linked on the first page(believe the new one isn't yet thought), and if all else fails, PM one of the more addicted players(Cull, MN, Whosit, Arya, etc.) to hopefully get an unbiased account(probably want to PM several players if you do do this), and even if that doesn't work, PM Lighthearter himself. (Dons firepoof suit)

    Now back to your regular IC stuff!

    IC: Starting off with some oldish new stuff talked about.

    Approve. Would even allow some Ninja-Pirates to assist the already-spread thin special ops group known as the Ninja Eagles.

    Disapprove. What about those who are atheists, or those you still worship the gods of Stonehenge, such as myself? Or even a minor religion in England, such as Buddhism? Within England, we practice freedom of religion. Religion and church are separate. Unlike in the states of Russia, or Rome, we actually allow our people to decide their own fates. Even assuming that the Stonghengers would be allowed to attend their own religious ceremonies, still shows favor to those who are religious.

    This action is made by a party who detests the Monks, probably Ravus/me. Wouldn't see how civplayah would go into this. This we can agree on. These people will pay for even trying to destroy the holiest of holiest places, Stonehenge itself!

    Yes, you are vice-president. However, this was clearly a move against the Monks, and former Monks, being Ravus, civplayah, and myself. Two of which are in the opposition, one of which is opposition leader. As for myself, we have never gotten along well. To destroy the opposition leader's religious shrine, as well as one of your frequent rivals, would be a strong psychological move against us. How does being vice-president effect his at all?

    As for "Civilization games", what's that? A history of your games that has little, if any relation to Realpoltiik. That's your second, and last arguement in your defense. I believe that I have refuted both arguements. Care to try again?

    Now here is your list:
    --MathNerd: Maybe the idea is that since he's part of the opposition, practically leader of the other major coalition against you in the election, as well as a potential oppsistion leader(although I do believe that Ravus has took that position).
    --Cull: No need to say anything here. I'm a well-known sabotage person in the past. However, I have reformed, as well as my party. Also, seeing as this is the holiest of holiest place for us Stonghengers, why would I even try to destroy it? That is my defense, however I do recognize myself as a witness.
    --Arya: Stated numerous times he wanted to destroy things, cause general chaos to get his way. I can see this, and I'm in agreement. Nothing much to say here.
    --Ravus: Now here it gets tricky. My guess that if he did it, was to force/convince Whosit to accept Emergency Powers. I think this is a very bad strategy, but won't elaborate here. Seeing as we both agree to Ravus being a suspect, nothing much to say here.

    I've covered EVERYONE on your list, now its time to cover everyone on mine.
    --Cull, Arya, Ravus: Stated above.
    --ilduce: Copied from above, in response to Ravus:
    EDIT: You better not be like this when they see this wall of text.

    Spoiler :
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