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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Game 3 Thread

This war decides the game. Alex and French too backwards. Doubt Ragnar can do this. Castles acckk.
AI building chariots en masse just so baffling ..ha
Wow Ragnar taken out quite a few units and a city but Justin has better units.

Alex so much land but way behind.
I am more concerned that Justinian has yet to translate his tech + wonder lead into military success. Everyone else has low peace weight and reasons to envy Byzantine land. Are cataphracts enough for a 3v1? Guess we're about to find out...
Alex will declare at pleased. Wonder where his stack is? Justin not looking great.
Alex to attack rag barb city?
:lol: Rags using strategery with two-sided attack. I assume those units came from the crappy city in the east he captured from barbs
Oh nice! Degaulle went free religion. Alex will kill him! :D
Ok, I called this game too early, there was certainly more fun to be had.
So glad that Justy got pulled down.
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