Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Game 3 Thread

Sullla so shocked but he rarely makes any risky picks in survivor
Sullla checks up on his picks.png
I think Zara and Alexander are 50/50 on this map, with the latter running over the former not so unlikely. Sadly, Justinian built Shwedagon and founded five religions yet could not make a big move in time to counter Hellenism. I think this had a lot to do with that early Barbarian archer, if you recall. Justinian would have settled to the northeast, but the archer scared him, making the coast with iron less attractive. De Gaulle's disappointing performance should also be noted.
I was predicting justin first to die due to 2 war mongers at start. Kinda what happened here. Just not first.
Lymond your Ragnar pick is better now than going for Justi, i think :D
Might get second who knows.
Unfortunately second place gets ya a big pile of jack squat :lol:
Sullla sounds like he's gonna cry over poor Justy :lol:
Removing AP last season or so changed dynamics quite a bit too since
Ragnar / Alex swapping out of vassalage...? Not too likely I say.
Maybe alex goes back to Theocracy?
Other than that, Ragnar is safe I think.
Degaulle near assembly line.
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