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Apr 18, 2002
I'm home, where are you?
An idea from Steph, it didn't seem to get started so I thought I'd go ahead and start one.

Please don't post unless you are posting links to unit threads you have created.
MarineCorps has been gracious enough to help out by posting the links to units whose creators are no longer here.

Unit creators can post links to their creations (all in one post please). And then you can just post one link in your signature, a link to this thread.

I'll Start off...

From Earliest to Latest
Made with Moray and POVRay

Fokker E, Sopwith Camel, Albatros D5
Gattling Mecha
Nieuport17, SE5.a
Palisade and Gun Nest
Fokker D7, SPAD13
Mark IV Tank
Renault FT17
Arabian Caravel modification
WW1 Howitzer
AV7 Tank
Kha-Go Tank
Lancia IZM Armoured Car
Dropship (Aliens)
Space Fighter
Advanced APC (Aliens)
British Jump Carrier
Leopard 2 Tank

Made with Poser

Industrial Swordsman (Matador)
Chin Spearman
Angel (Female Future Infantry)
Chin Swordsman
Norman Knight
Elves (Sword, Bow, Spear)
Wild Griffin
Uruk Hai
Infantry (Jin Roh, WW1 Trenchcoat)
Medieval Wall
Robin Hood
Spells (3 fire, Gas, Lightning)
Belgian Resistor
Germanic Spearman
Modern Soldier
Resistors (pitchfork, submachine gun)
Cobra and Eagle
Eagle Rider, Large Eagle, King Cobra

Started making my own complete models
Poser and 3DSMax

Ashigaru, Bushi, Kensai, Samurai Spearman, Samurai Archer, Man-At-Arms
Otomo Swordsman
Meso American Warrior
Meso American Spearman
Mongol Horde
Native American Spearman, Swordsman
Incan Slinger and Inti Warrior
Bow, Dart, Spear, Mounted Skinks
Roman Legion
Pike, Sword Saurus
Skink Settler/Worker
Roman Army
Native Americans (Warrior, Iroquois Archer, Iroquois Brave)
More Pandas (Settler, Worker, Warrior, Stone Thrower)
Victorian Secret Service (Sherlock)
Pterodactyl (Large, Small, and Terradon Rider)
Gnolls (normal, Scout, Knight)
Industrial Legion
Angels (Elohim, Seraphim)
Bond UPDATED Single versions of the Bond figure.
Zulu Cavalry
Modern Legion
Saurus Musketeer
Panda Rocketeer
Samoan Clubman
Alpine Ranger
Martial Artist
Goblin Hewer
Pegasus and Unicorn
Woodsman (three variations)
Spaceman Spiff
Gnomish Workers

Made completely in 3DSMax

Some links point also to threads at the CDG. Remember that you have to be logged in at the CDG forums to view or download attachements. In some cases several units are in one thread (unit packs).

Ancient Units

Assyrian war chariot
Celtic war chariot
Chinese war chariot
Etruscan war chariot
Mycenean & Trojan war chariots

Medieval Units

Ottoman Knight

Chinese "Tiger" warrior
Hospitaler Knight
Teutonic Knight
Knight Pack
Knight Pack II

Industrial Units

Greek, Mexcican and Ottoman rifleman
Chinese rifleman, Russian and Senegalese WWI infantry
Chinese, Greek and (another) Russian WWI infantry
Greek Guard and Sikh WWI infantry
French, Italian and Japanese WWI infantry

Japanese Lander (WWII marines)
WWII US marines, WWII Chinese infantry
WWII ANZAC infantry
WWII paratroopers: Japanese, Italian, UK, US

Prussian cavalry
British cavalry
Bengale lancer
Modern cavalry

Modern Units - Jets

A10Thunderbolt II F4Phantom F14Tomcat F15Eagle F16Falcon F18Hornet F22Raptor F86Sabre
Dagger MB339 MirageIII Pucara SeaHarrierFRS1 A4Skyhawk SuperEtendart
Eurofighter EF2000Typhoon Rafale Tornado SaabJ37Viggen
MiG15 MiG17 MiG21 MiG29 Su27

Modern Units - Helis

AH64D Longbow Apache
UH60 Blackhawk/HH60 Pavehawk
Eurocopter Tiger
Lynx Puma Seaking
OH58D Kiowa Warrior
UH1 "Huey"

Modern Units - Ships

Aviso69 corvette
General Belgrano cruiser
Sumner class destroyer
Type21 frigate
Type22 frigate
Type42 destroyer

Hermes jump carrier
Invincible jump carrier
Leander class frigate
County class destroyer
Sir Bevidere class landing/logistic ship

Modern Units - Mechanized

AMX13 LVTP7 Scimitar
Oerlikon AAgun Rapier SAM RolandI SAM

Fantasy & Science Fiction Units

Warhammer Knight

Nine Futuristic Infantry Units
Five Futuristic Mechanized Units
Five Futuristic Tanks
Three Futuristic Submarines
These units are modelled and rendered with pov-ray 3.1 or later. The ones marked with asterisk (*) are my personal favourites. 317 units total :hammer:

"Unit Maker of the Month, March 2006 / Unit Maker of the Year, 2006"
"Unit Maker of the Month, April 2007"
Ork Warboss
"Unit Maker of the Month, December 2007"
Ork Warlord

Ships (46):
Greek Trireme
Roman/hellenistic siege quinquereme
Ancient Egyptian Galley
Chinese Junk
Phoenician Bireme*
Roman Trireme*
Haida Canoe
Baode luan - giant junk
Egyptian Galleass*
Updated Cog/Kogge v1.1
Kublai-Khan ship
Korean Turtleship - updated version 1.1
Three Corsair ships
Native american ship
Heavy Galleass*
Two Medieval Galleys
Golden Hind & English War Galleon* (here is a spanish galleon which is the same ship but without sail details - made by capman)
Polynesian Frigate
War Tiger Paddleship
Two clippers*
USS Constitution & Generic heavy frigate*
Paddle-wheel ironclad*
Steam Tiger ironclad*
Minoan war transport
Pirate Frigate
Chinese Castleship
Three Incan ships *
Mayan macaw galley *
Two Mayan ships *
Minoan Galley
4 Asian (Atakabune, Tekkousen, Cargo Junk and War Junk) and 2 European (LaReale and Venetian Galleass) ships

Siege Units (12):
Rocket launcher (my first unit :) )
Heavy / siege cannon v 1.1
Roman Ballista/Scorpion
Hellenistic/Roman siege tower
Medieval Bombard
Medieval Mortar
Wurfrahmen 40 - rocket launcher*
French WW1 field cannon*
20-pounder Parrot (ACW field gun)
Two cannons from the ACW-era*
Hotchkiss mountain gun

Ground Units (8):
Leonardo Da Vinci's Tank
Sdkfz 251 - troop transport*
Ancient Walls
Roman Archer
Roman Auxiliary infantry *
M2 Team *
Chainsaw Maniac
Mike Rush - garage owner

Airplanes (7):
Gloster gladiator biplane*
Bristol Beaufighter
Messershmitt ME110 Bf*
B-25 Mitchell*
Mitshubishi M3G "Nell"
B-29 Superfortress*

Fantasy & SciFi -units - sorted by races (244):

Warhammer Fantasy

Amazon Serpent Priestess*
Kislevite Kossar (archer)
Empire Steam tank*
Flying Carpet

Dwarfs & Chaos Dwarfs:
Dwarf Gyrocopter*
Dwarf deathroller*
Dwarf Ranger
Dwarf miner*
Dwarf Archer*
Dwarf Longbeard*
Dwarf Ironbreaker*
Dwarf Hammerer *
Dragon Slayer *
Dwarf Beheader
Whirlwind war-machine
Lava Elemental
Chaos Dwarf Hero*
Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
Bull Centaur
Dwarf Ironmask*
Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss*
Great Taurus
Dwarf Settler
Dwarf organ cannon*
Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker cannon
Dwarf Bolt Thrower
Chaos Dwarf Hull Destroyer
Chaos Dwarf Great Leveller
Dwarf fireship (Ierendian armoured fireship)
Runesmith *
Chaos Dwarf Tenderiser
Dwarf Quarreler
Dwarf Thunderer
Dwarf Flame Cannon

Skeleton Archer*
Bone Giant*
Skeleton Spearman, Tomb Guard
Tomb Swarm*
Liche Priest*
Undead Spearman, Grave Guard
2 skeleton halberdiers*
Skeleton Chariot*
Skeleton Horseman*
Undead liche*
Wight Cavalry*
Ghost Warrior
Phantom Warrior & Beast
Eerie Ghost
Fell Bat
Screaming Skull Catapult*
Black Pearl-ghostship*
Black Galley & Black Corsair
Skull Chucker *
Carrion *

Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits*
Hobgoblin Bowman*
Hobgoblin Wolf Rider*
Hobgoblin wolf-bowman*
Hobgoblin Shaman
Hobgoblin settler and worker
Night Goblin Fanatic
Black Orc*
Orc sword, spear & boar rider
Boar Chariot*
Orc Settler
Hobgoblin Spearman
Goblin/Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
Rock Lobber
Orc Hulk smasher
Goblin doom diver *
Stone & River Troll *
Forest Goblin Spider Rider *
Orc Archer
Orc Shaman *

Beasts of Chaos & Hordes of Chaos:
Ungor (spearman)
Tuskgor Chariot*
Dragon Ogre
Shaggoth *
Chaos Hell Cannon*
Chaos Ironshark
Slaanesh Hellship*
Chaos fury (a colour-converted harpy)
Keeper of Secrets
Great Unclean one
Lord of Change*
Gor (warrior) *

Elves (High, Dark & Wood):
High-Elf Phoenix Guard
Wood-Elf treeman
Dark Elf Black Guard
Wood-Elf Dryad*
Wood-Elf Witch *
Dark-Elf Witch
High-Elf Witch *
Wood-Elf Waywatcher *
Dark-Elf Assassin *
Elven Bolt Thrower
Dark-Elf Black Ark of Naggaroth
Dark-Elf Deathfortress*
Dark-Elf Doomreaver*
High-Elf Dragonship*
High-Elf Eagleship
Wood-Elf swanship
Dark-Elf harpy *
Dark-Elf Cold-one Chariot *
High-Elf Silver Helm *
High-Elf Shadow Warrior

Doomwheel *
Stormvermin Warrior
Ratling Gun *
Grey Seer
Night Runner
Rat Tank *
Warpfire Thrower
Warp-lightning cannon *
Giant rat & Bilge rat
Vermin Lord *
Plague Censer Bearer *
Warplock Jezzail
Rat Warrior
Digging-Rat animation

Hobbit Axeman
Hobbit Archer*
Hobbit Flailman*
Shirriff of the hobbits*
Hobbit Spearman* & Gaffer
Hobbit Swordsman

Warhammer monsters:
Ogre Bull*
Ogre Irongut*
Stone Giant*
Stone Elemental
Dragon Turtle*
Turtle Transport
Fen Beast

Warhammer 40,000

Imperium of man & space marines:
Space Marine battle barge
Five Space Marine naval ships
Imperial Hellhound & Hyperios*
Imperial Vulture Gunship & Valkyrie Dropship*
Baal Predator
Landraider Crusader*
Furioso, Venerable & Mortis Dreadnoughts* * *
Imperial Comissar

Chaos, the Lost & the Damned:
Chaos Space Marine Battle Barge
Traitor Basilisk, Chimera, Hellhound, Hydra & Chaos Hyperios*
Two Chaos Predators & Two Chaos Vindicators*
Two Chaos Landraiders*
Chaos Dreadnought*
Hell Blade & Hell Talon

Ork Stikk Bomma*
Ork Storm- and StormierBoyz *
Ork Kommando
Flash Gitz *
Sooside bomma
Ork Zzap Gun *
Rokkit Launcha *
Ork Big Shoota *
Ork Burna *
Ork Slugga
Ork Shoota *
Ork Warboss *
Ork Transport
Ork War Trukk and Wartrak *
Ork War Buggy and Wartrak Scorcha *
Ork Flak Trukk, Gun Trukk and Blasta Trukk *
Ork Looted Basilisk & Chimera **
Ork Outrider and Battle Fortress *
Ork Deth Kopta
Ork Feral unit pack: Hunta, Madboy, Trappa & Wildboy
Ork Cyboar Boy, Skarboy & Loota *
Ork Warlord, Nob & Blood Axe Kommando ***
Ork Mekboy & Bigmek
Ork Kroozer & Battlekroozer

Miscellaneous fantasy:
Lava giant
Sea giant
Magic spell effects: Chaos, Death, Life, Nature and Sorcery
Naga Warrior *
Naga Archer *
Naga Sorceress *
Boulder-bomb - a fantasy "cruise missile"
5 different flags
Sea monster
Numenor ship
Flying Castle*

Miscellaneous sci-fi:
Manbot *
Mechpriest - elongated chaos dwarf sorcerer
Brotherhood of Steel Vulture & Valkyrie (Fallout)

Lambda Shuttle

Desert Skiff



Republic Transport

Jedi Starfighter

Geonosian Fighter

Super Battledroid



Hailfire Droid

Droid Control Ship

Tank Droid

Republic Attack Ship

Homing Spider Droid

Corellian Corvette

Seperatist Bounty Hunter

Protocol Droid

Jedi Knight

Separatist Transport

Jedi Master



Rebel Transport

Heavy Stormtrooper

Trade Federation Transport

Star Destroyer

Clone Trooper

Droid Fighter


Slave I

Death Star
115+ Units!

Get my units here:

Final Fantasy Type Sci-Fi/Fantasy Units:

High-tech Final Fantasy style Airship
Makou Cannon from FF VII
FF IX/XI style Steam Powered Airship & FFIV Red Wing variant
Death Machine and Sweeper Mechs from FF VII
Shinra GrossPanzer tank from FF VII
Yevon YAT-97 Artillery Droid from FF X
Meteor "ICBM" a la FF VII
FF Style Airship Mk II
C&P Ramuh Summon
Mithra Ninja from FF XI
Wutai Ninja (Yuffie Kisaragi) from FF VII
Highwind Airship from FF VII
Windhurstian Cardian from FF XI
Shinra SOLDIER from FF VII
Galbadian BGH251F2 IronClad hover tank from FF VIII
Al Bhed Machina Hunter from FF X
Commander Cloud Strife of AVALANCHE
Final Fantasy/D&D style Female Ranger w/Longbow
Viera Sniper (armed with longbow) from FF Tactics Advanced
Esperling (Terra Branford) from Final Fantasy VI :trophy: Unit of the Month, November 2008
HildaGarde III airship from Final Fantasy IX
Elvaan (Elven) Settler, based on FF XI Elvaan and FF I Elves
Viera Settler based on the Viera from FF Tacics: Advance and FF XII
Chocobo Knight :trophy2nd: (First ever unit competition, Feb 2006)
Gelnika Transport Airship from Final Fantasy VII
Imperial Sky Armor from FF VI
White Mage (c&p attack for the Princess
Alexandrian Holy Knight (General Beatrix) from FF IX
Ivalician Mediator (Female Musketeer) from Final Fantasy Tactics
Mithra Ranged Unit Pack (Cat-Girls from FF XI)
Galbadian Elite Soldier (Final Fantasy VIII), model made by muffins, animations and such by yours truly
Forest Owl Resistor a.k.a. Rinoa Heartily (Final Fantasy VIII)
FF Firearm wielding Elvaan unit pack
Archadean Air Dreadnought from Final Fantasy XII :trophy: March 2007 Unit of the Month!
Chieftess Rikku of the Al Bhed from Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy Style Advanced Airship Mk III
Cardian Paladin (Final Fantasy XI)
Viera Unit Pack
Final Fantasy Hero Party (MUnit covers FF VII-X)
Final Fantasy X (Lord Mi'ihen's) Crusader
Final Fantasy/Steampunk Style Sniper
Cetra Archon, based on Aeris from Final Fantasy VII :trophy2nd:
Final Fantasy style Female Archer :trophy2nd:
Ultima/Alma Beoulve from FF Tactics:trophy2nd:
President Rufus Shinra from FF VII:trophy2nd:
Final Fantasy mod King Unit Pack #1: Bold Princesses (Fiona, Sarah (FF III), Ovelia, Garnet & Ashe
Yuffie Kisaragi, FF VII Advent Children Version
Gunner unit based on FFX-2 Yuna
Final Fantasy Sniper unit loosely based on Ayane from FFXI
Elvaan Archer and Elvaan Ranger
Birtday unit pack (Elvaan Gunner v2, Elvaan Sniper v2, and two Plaground Mod units (Lady Jessica and Girl Agent)
Alexandrian Soldier from Final Fantasy IX
Alexandrian Guard from Final Fantasy IX
Chocobo Rider :trophy: December 2012 Unit of the Month
AVALANCHE Freedom Fighter from Final Fantasy VII
Queen Reina Tycoon of Tycoon from Final Fantasy V
Sorceress Edea Kramer of Galbadia from Final Fantasy VIII

Misc Sci-Fi/Fantasy Units:

Tesla Tank
WH 40K Ork Looted Leman Russ Tank
Victorian Sci-Fi Land Battleship (Super-extra-heavy steamtank)
Alt-History/Victorian Sci-Fi Land Ironclad (steam tank)
Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter Star Fighter
Brotherhood of Steel Airship from Fallout
Beastman Settler for the Beasts of Chaos civ from the Warhammer Fantasy mod
Anime-style Magical Girl:trophy2nd:
Hikaro's Unit Recycling Plant, containing 17 Female units: 5 Swordswomen, 2 Archers, 3 Mages, 6 Gun users and 1 Gun and Sword
Alice from Alice in Wonderland
Kämpfer, gender-bending Anime-style Magical Girl:trophy: Unit of the month, Nov 2011 (3-way tie!)
Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura)
Useless Girly Unit Pack: Magical Girl Warrior, Amazon Marine, Updated Damsel for Playground Mod, Lady Jessica King Unit Final Upgrade from Playground Mod, Female Ninja and Schoolgirl w/Sword.
Chai Xianghua from the Soul Caliber series
Amazon Anti-Tank Infantry based on Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Langann
Archon (Angelic Being)

Real Life units
Fixed/tweaked animations and INI files and pediaicons for Steph's American Conquests and Cossacks unit conversions
Gatling Gun
Kunoichi (Female Ninja)
Female Samurai
Female Sniper/Modern Infantry
Captain Jack Sparrow/17th century pirate :trophy2nd: Silver Medalist in the Jan 2007 Unit maker's competition (it was one heck of a tough competition, too)
Late 19th/Early 20th Century US Infantry
Classic Nurse
Modern Princess

More to follow....
Every unit I made can be found, with previews, here

- GIDustin
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