Yor Religious (or Non-Religious) View

Hooray for the 2343253324326th thread on this very matter!

Anyway, I'm Soloralist.
I'm a Protestant Christian - Baptist, to be precise.

And every post is a repost of a repost of a repost.
A god is as a god does..
No really..I'm a spiritualist..( whatever the hell that means.)
There are definitely greater ( or at least more knowledgeable power out there) however I don't believe in predetermination ..we are as we will be...everyone has their own beliefs..I won't knock anyones..I simple want to say..do what your conscience dictates..we all know the difference between right and wrong. Do what your heart dictates to you, it is seldom wrong.
I'm your run-of-the-mill, average, friendly, neighbourhood Daveist.

I do not like the term atheist, since it is such a negative name (non-theist ... really. "What are you?", "I'm not him"), so I would rather be reffered to with a more possitive term, namely Daveist. Since I believe in my Uncle Dave, your uncle Dave, everyone's uncle Dave. ((c) GC)
What a coincidence, ADG! For me, science is my religon.

Is there anyone here who has science as their railgun, perhaps? Maybe some of the athiests? :p

(Christian-Protestant-Lutheran, to answer the thread.)
Agnostic. I have not seen anything that would be good enough to convince me that a god or several gods exist or do not exist.
(Christian-Protestant-Lutheran, to answer the thread.)
Being a Scandinavian, did you even have a choice? :p
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