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PHAW 1.5: Rise of the Queen Mother Reprise (WL)

Well done all. Glad I didn't have to 'just press enter' on this one.
Oz, you're a genius! Well, compared to me, at least. As soon as I read that you changed from Rifling to Compass, my home was filled with the sound of my palm smacking my forehead. Way to GO!
So, feel free to throw something at me, but I was kinda hoping you'd all find some way to fumble at the goal line. :sigh:

Oh well, great read, fellas (and Frank). :goodjob:
yup, great job all!! truly a fun experience, but I do think B's AI is not fit for All War ~ Thanks to everyone!! :goodjob:

you should zip the replay file and load it up.

edit: @ Zophos: i drafted you into PH07. Let me know if you want to flee to canada, i.e., not play.
Does anyone what to play a really tough AW game. We could resurrect the no tech, stuck in dark ages SG from last year.
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