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Jan 9, 2003
SGOTM 26 Sign up Thread

Sign up NOW for the next SGOTM, featuring a map and scenario created by Noble Zarkon.
This Thread is just for Sign Up. Indicate your team preference and flexibility to be assigned another team.
The game is described in the Announcement II Thread.


The timetable for this game will depend on the release schedule for the new BUFFY version 005 mod.

Current Sign-up Lists
The table below will display your stated team preferences as you are added to the database. The number of players in each team is shown in brackets, as are non-playing advisers.
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Homes Slices. Not flexible to be re-assigned. These are my homies. ;)

Looks like we build barracks at the outset. Oops, wrong thread. :blush:
Hi... I am not able to devote enough time to be a teamleader, but would like to participate. If any of the Unusual Suspects team cares to take charge, I'll be on that team. If not, put me as unallocated for now. This is my stable genius way of saying... we'll see. But yes, I will join a team, and I will announce the lucky winner on the last sign-up day. Unless I make upo my mind or change my mind before then. And that oughtta be worth a Nobel Prize, right? Yes, bigly.:stupid:
If the Phoenixes will forgive my complete uselessness in the last game, I'd be glad to join them this time and actually contribute. I'd totally understand if they don't, though.
Unusual Suspects
Spoiler better late than never :
Was going to say Unusual Suspects or Scrubs = new team of new players. But with kcd on board, let's get the band back together. :band:

I've been a poor example. I encouraged NZ to get the game ready and make it so I could play. Then I took my time to sign up.

Just living up to my signature.
Welcome. I've added you to the Unallocated players list.
Any thoughts on timeline here?
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