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Jan 7, 2003
I don't know if I ever shared this ? I made it around the time Dom Pedro II announced his Ostrich units.

Arts are from Zoo Tycoon.


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Hey - just saw this. Might use it in X-Mod - depends on if I have room for it. It would only be good for a food bonus and perhaps an Ostrich Farm and/or pen in The Great Zoo, though, since DPII never made those units. :(
I will probably also use your Cane Plantation, Hunters Lodge, Royale Pack, and Barley farm as well. Those first two might visit Maui, too :)
You will of course, get credit.
I still hope that DPII will pop up one day with his bag full of his previewed units.
Glad to see you'll use some of my conversions in your mod but being the tired man I am now (Birthday two days ago ;)), I didn't understand this little bit "Those first two might visit Maui, too". I hope you'll enlight me.
Well, first off Happy Birthday - I hope it was Supa! :bday:

I too wish for the return of the great DPII.

The visit to Maui comment was referring to my Hawaiian Scenario. Definitely the Cane Plantation, and probably the Hunters Lodge will be in both X Mod and the Hawaiian scenario.
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