StarTrek Unit: Borg Tacticle Cube

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Dec 10, 2003
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This is the Borg Tacticle Cube it has been designed for use in the StarTrek Mod for CivIII Conquests

New animations previews to come. Check back soon.

EDIT: Graphics and descriptions of versions 1 & 2 were removed because they no longer represent the unit animations.

EDIT: Version 1 & 2 zip files were replaced by

I would like to thank The Morpheous for providing me with the 3D model and the tutorials for OpenFX.
Not yet, I just got enough done to post. I know it's big, but TheMorpheous and I talked about the size and it was concluded that the players of the mod will have to understand that Borg ships cover more space than other race ships. Each race's ship that falls within the same class will be the same width/length. The Borg are no exception to that rule. But I will try and see if I can kick Persian behind in anicent earth :)
Originally posted by A Viking Yeti
Nice :goodjob:, very big though. Have you tried it in game?

I made an ingame screenshot:


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I'm confirming with CornMaster's opinion, the ship shouldn't fall.
The explosion looks very good in the first frames, but why it don't expand? It look's like an implosion. I think it's better if the explosion expands a little bit and changes the color and disintegrate.

I rendered a sample explosion, how I think a Borg unit could explode.
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