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Mothra (6th February 2006)


Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
Mothra, the Giant Butterfly from her own movies and her multiple apparitions in Godzilla flicks.

Sounds included.

Mothra has been created for Amejustin's Godzilla scenario but I think she can find her place in the Zelda mod too. Remember Mothula the Boss from the Dark Woods in Zelda 3 and the smaller Mothulas in Wind Waker ?

Odintheking kindly proposed to make a additional lighting attack. If you're still willing, PM me whenever you're ready.

Warning, it's a RAR file
Really, Stormrage ? Wanna talk about the american Mansquito ? :D

Thanks for the comments !

I was so pleased to release this that I've totally forgot the small pedia and the units32 files ! So here they are..


  • Mothra (update).rar.not.zip
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Supa said:
Really, Stormrage ? Wanna talk about the american Mansquito ? :D

Supa, you are quite correct. Stupid monsters are not the province of Japan alone. :D

:nuke: Cheers, Thorgrimm :nuke:
Not weird, cute... :)
And who said I was talking about Mothra?:D I was just agreeing with Supa, Mansquito should get Yank filmmakers to hide their heads in shame.:D

As for Mothra, it is weird, but it can grow on you, hell I grew up on the rubber-suited Japanese monsters of the 60's and 70's. So I amy be a bit biased.:mischief:

:nuke: Cheers, Thorgrimm :nuke:
I'm planning to make this one one of these days... Should fit right in in those Japanese movies... :)

Good God! This is the best unit I've ever seen! We need a resource of those 2 tiny singing princesses now.
Supa, you are indeed THE MAN!

This should get the scenario in great shape! And don't worry Gorn, I mad the Twins resource last fall for the scenario. :)
Frostyboy said:
...As a zoologist, I am impressed!!!
Yeah, blue laser beams are abundant in mother nature. :p

Supa, beautiful! :thumbsup:
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