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Baron Samedi and his Voodoo Doll


Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
I don't know why I've been compelled to do these. I guess the idea of a self-stabbing voodoo doll was too tempting. ;) Kinda speed-uniting, it was done in one day.

You don't really see it as civ-scale but the doll is actually smiling by the end of Fortify. It doesn't anymore during the attacks. ^^

Plotinus already made a great Voodoo Doll but I think they're different enough. I hope a mod will spit both of them in a deadlock knives battle someday. :crazyeye:

Whoa. Super Cool. The Voodoo doll looks a lot like Sackboy.

Supa, you've been a unit making machine the last few days!
Yeah, I got some time on my hands lately and I've finally got Micaelus' script. That gives a few niche units. ^^

Thanks for the comments.

And yes, it looks like that LBP dude. Haven't played that game, though.
Supa! On a roll! I love it! Voodoo doctors? More Voodoo dolls? It's amazing!
I haven't played LBP either. Does anybody here know if it's good or not? I heard it's awesome, but I don't want to get a PS3 just for one game.
Haha, very cool units as always Supa. Defintely out of left field :) Not sure who Baron Samedi is but he looks a lot like the Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog. You would definitely have to tie it in with Plotinus's version in game.

Baron Samedi is a Loa in Haitian voodoo.

But this version is by no mean an attempt to make a lore-appropriate Loa. It's more akin to the way voodoo is depicted in movies and literature, especially in the use of voodoo dolls.
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