Oct 9, 2007
New Mexico
After searching the archives and not finding a train I put together this unit for my own games. I did not create the animation or the wav. These are fragments found in the RR Guns Dora & Leopold from the French Barbarossa. I make the civlopedia and units32 ikons from drawings I found on a CAD site. They look very much like the animation. Each unit represents about 140 trains of about 80 cars. Enough to move one 1914 Army Corps. I use the unit to handicap the human player. The AI gets RailRoads but for long range redeployment the human player must use Trains.


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Am trying again. The two buildings I posted, Fighter Command & Bomber Command look all right. So something when making the ZIP file? Checked new attachment. Looks OK.


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They're good. They made me think of "La Compagnie des Glaces" (1980-92, The Company of Ice), a French post-apocalyptic series of novels set on a snow-ball Earth where humanity survives under domes and where societies are organized around the omnipresent railway companies.
Good stuff. Maybe the movement for Rail artillery? Wheeled, only move on roads?
My trains are wheeled, transport 4 units and move 6. I allow +4 for units moving along 'secondary transport lines' (roads). So on roads a train moves 24 squares.
The train is necessiary because I severely limit the human players railroads. In my TGW the Germans start with no railroads and 9 trains one of which transports the two German RR Guns, which are immobile. The Germans get two railroad construction units which cannot be replaced and build 'high speed rail' at a rate of two turns in a grassland square. This makes the Germans very careful as to where they build their railroads and trains are always needed to transport units frm the railheads to the front.

The computer, unfortunately, will not use trains so the AI starts with a robust rail network.
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