Gorosaurus (12th September 2007)


Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
A Dinosaur Kaiju.. Very old school-looking dinosaur but for the tail and, of course, attackA. AttackA and B can loop on their own, if one doesn't suit your taste.

It comes in two sizes, the one previewed here and a smaller one.

It's for Amesjustin's Modzilla.


Model by Scott Ayers.
Thanks for the comments !

ozymandias > I don't know. I don't see any use for it right now. And Firaxis already made some more or less 'correct', but funky, carnosaurs.

Ares de Borg > No, afaik, it has nothing to do with the Gorgosaurus. Gorosaurus is a fictional carnosaur-like kaiju from two or three Toho movies. Perhaps the authors drew their inspiration from the Gorgosaurus but I doubt it.
Uh, why ?

But the base for this unit was indeed an Allosaurus model by Scott Ayers.
I forgot to say it but I've finally learnt to use UVMapper. Pretty useful tool!
I think I`ve read somewhere that Allosaurus means "Big Honkin` Lizard That Jumps Around".

Actually, it means "Strange Lizard".. But, yeah, a big honkin' lizard jumping around is certainly a strange lizard. :D
Wow, awesome.
Goro was best in Destroy All Monsters, but his was still good in King Kong Escapes.
wow...I have no idea what I would use this unit for, but it is fraggin awesome...the texture looks like scales even at civ scale...

Seriously Supa, one of (if not the) best units Ive seen on these forums...:hatsoff:
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